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How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services?

Are you searching for how many jobs are available in consumer services? Or is consumer services a good career path? In case you didn’t know, customer service is a dynamic industry.

Customer service is the help a company gives its customers when they have product problems.

Since around 2020, there have been more than 2.9 million job vacancies in the consumer service sector, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The BLS says that customer service agents and retail salespeople are two of the most common jobs in the field. And over 6.9 million people work in these two fields in total.

Every company wants to improve its relationship with its clientele in some way. Thus, the field of customer service encompasses a wide variety of jobs. As a result, many jobs are available in the customer service sector.

This article will give a quick and clear explanation of career opportunities in consumer services.

You will get to know how many jobs are available in consumer services. Also, the benefits and drawbacks of working in this field. It would be best if you went through the article with us to find out more.

What Is A Consumer Service?

What Is A Consumer Service

Consumer service is the support or service you offer to a consumer after they have purchased and used your products. It assists clients in having a pleasant and effortless experience.

Delivering a positive client experience is crucial. Building strong connections with your clients is the secret to providing good customer service. Customers will feel valued if you thank them and offer a nice, friendly space. A satisfied client is likelier to make repeat visits and spend more money.

Excellent customer service includes timely, simple, individualized, and compassionate services. Businesses with good customer service take the time to learn what their customers want.

What Is The Function Of Consumer Services?

What Is The Function Of Consumer Services

Customer services’ role in a company might vary from one to the next. The following is a list of the most usual functions of customer service.

  • Service representatives’ main job is to answer general and specific customer questions.
  • Manage customer issues, and suggest proper solutions and alternatives within the allotted time. Then follow up to ensure there are no issues anymore.
  • Generate sales leads.
  • To please consumers, determine and check their demands.
  • Establish long-lasting connections and credibility with customer accounts.
  • Maintained client contact records, organized client information, and filed documentation.
  • Observe communication protocols, rules, and regulations.
  • Resolve challenges and address technical issues.
  • Executing transactions and orders.
  • Delivering details on a business’s products.
  • Engaging with customers.

What Are The Salaries Of Those Working In Consumer Services?

What Are The Salaries Of Those Working In Consumer Services

How much you make in the customer service industry depends on your experience, education, location, and skills. Earnings per year can range from $26,880 to $79,610. If you are at the top, you can make about $19 an hour; at the bottom, you can make about $14 an hour.

You will get more attention if you have a degree and work experience in this field. People who have a bachelor’s degree and have worked before are more likely to get the job than people who only have a high school diploma.

How much you make also depends on where you live. If you live in a major city, you will have greater earnings from customer service than if individuals live in a smaller town.

To apply for a job, you must have a degree from a college or university. Having relevant work experience is a plus. If you can do both of these things well, you may have a lot of options.

How Many Jobs Are Available In Consumer Services

If you have good communication and persuasive speaking skill, then the consumer service job is for you. Do people wonder how many jobs are available in consumer services? This is hard to answer. Almost every business has consumer service options. Here is a list of a few best consumer service jobs.

  • Receptionist

The receptionist is a professional who maintains a company’s front desk. They are often the client’s initial point of contact. A receptionist’s tasks and duties include:

  • Welcoming guests.
  • Guiding them around an office.
  • Providing them with refreshments while they wait.

They also organize trip plans, mail, make copies, and keep appointment schedules.

Receptionists manage the office’s files and document client and partner contacts. They may distribute receiving and outgoing mail.

  • Account Manager

An Account Manager handles each department and satisfies the demands of its customers and consumers. They respond to customer issues, fix those issues, and keep a good communication between the two parties for upcoming transactions.

Entry-level account managers visit appointed clients. Also, conduct sales development conversations with existing and potential clients. Consults with customers and identifies the optimal business issue resolutions.

Daily responsibilities for account managers may vary. They must set up meetings, communicate with customers, go to specific venues, and more. This adds a lot of excitement to work but makes it difficult to juggle different responsibilities and focus on tasks.

Account management is the second most demanding job. According to research, around 73% of responders described the profession as “very stressful.”

  • Host/Hostess

A host or hostess handles welcoming visitors into the restaurant, reserving seats, and giving them a menu. A good host or hostess may provide a remarkable dining experience.

When customers are ready to dine, the host is often responsible for leading them to their table. They ensure they have menus to peruse before a server takes over.

They have to seat customers and keep track of reservations. Hosts are usually only seen in restaurants where people sit down to eat. People who want to provide their guests with a beautiful eating experience should be pleasant and welcoming.

A host or hostess should be aware of how their activities may affect the kitchen, every server’s position, and the bar. They Should remain careful about what is happening in these sectors.

  • Call Center Representative

A contact center agent, or a call center representative, accepts consumer calls and responds to their queries. They provide timely, accurate responses to callers while describing potential solutions. They are making sure that customers are receiving proper support and respect.

They must listen to callers and check or confirm the information. When necessary, they have to manage angry customers. They work to establish strong relationships of trust and reliance with customers. Also, build a good connection with other individuals of the contact center personnel.

They may use software, databases, programs, and equipment to make their task easier. Additionally, they may suggest to customers the goods and services that would fit them the best.

  • Bank Teller

A bank teller is the one who handles clients’ regular financial transactions. They could comprise checks, direct deposits, withdrawal activities, and funds transfers.

They help in handling issues or account irregularities and inform clients about bank products and services. They also try to respond to queries. Data input, storage, and reporting about customers, bank supplies, and financial transactions guarantee the accuracy and completeness of data.

Bank tellers are in charge of maintaining, balancing, and resolving irregularities in cash drawers. Their responsibilities include rolling and wrapping money to keep in bank vaults or drawers.

They contribute to developing a neat, orderly, and professional look in the workspace. They may use software to track bank data and provide reports. Also, observe all financial and security policies and procedures of the bank.

  • Technical Support Engineer

A technical support engineer manages hardware, software, or other technological equipment issues. It helps to ease effective communication. It is an IT job that includes providing technical support.

A technical support engineer’s duties include investigation, assessment, diagnosis, and solving customer complaints. They will identify and report issues with the company’s internal systems. They detect issues through hardware, software, and system configurations following established guidelines.

Professionals in technical support assist in managing, maintaining, and fixing IT systems. The job also includes identifying hardware or software errors and resolving problems over the phone or in person.

They need to assist customers in creating accounts and installing software. They also help in establishing network settings to ensure optimal app performance. Moreover, provide consumers with step-by-step directions for overcoming technical challenges.

  • Customer Service Manager

A customer service manager or CSM ensures customers are happy with the service they receive from a business. They supervise and inspire the customer service team. Develop customer loyalty initiatives. Also, establish benchmarks for quality service to ensure the company meets its customers’ needs.

A CSM’s tasks include:

  • Answering and directing incoming calls and queries.
  • Resolving customer issues.
  • Developing sales leads to paying clients.

To become a customer service manager, you need to be empathetic, creative, and good at solving problems. You also need to communicate well, solve conflicts and have a service mindset.

  • Flight Attendant

The flight attendant’s job is to ensure that passengers are safe, secure, and comfortable. The flight attendant’s main job is to ensure that all passengers feel safe and cared for before, during, and after every flight.

A flight attendant must be ready to assist passengers in the case of an emergency. This job includes passenger management, first aid, firefighting, flight deck security, and evacuation.

Flight attendants help people by checking their tickets and showing them to their seats and cabins. Providing food and drink for the passengers. Putting away trash and stowing away cabin necessities like food and equipment. In an emergency, the first things to do are to help and direct passengers and follow the necessary steps.

  • Hotel Concierge

In the hotel sector, concierges are responsible for making visitors feel special. They help a guest relations officer answer questions and deal with problems from visitors. They help guests by telling them about the available facilities and activities.

A concierge is a specialist customer care agent, often a guest relations manager or service worker. Some upscale office and apartment complexes may have openings for such workers.

Employees in this position are responsible for meeting the requirements of various guests and clients. They try to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Although a hospitality degree is not required for the concierge role, it is preferable. Successful concierges excel because of their people and customer service abilities.

They pay close attention to detail and are great listeners. Also, offer the service according to a customer’s demands and requirements. They’re prompt and polite when responding to visitor queries through phone or email.

Maintaining a clean and organized lobby is one of the primary responsibilities of a concierge service. They help visitors arrange transportation and activities, such as dining and sightseeing. Serve as the point of contact for visitors needing help from the kitchen, cleaning, etc.

  • Retail Store Manager

Retail managers are sometimes called store managers. They are in charge of everything that goes on in a store daily. Also, manage sales, workforce, supply, and managing resources.

Their jobs include motivating sales teams, developing business plans, and making marketing programs.  They help educate new employees. Ensure staff and marketing initiatives are on the same level. Keep sales cycles active, like the holidays, by developing and maintaining a calendar.

Determine how they can raise awareness of their retail shop. Develop a method of product offerings and in-store services. Maintain the right amount of inventory and make sure it’s stocked. They use buying plans and stay in touch with suppliers to achieve their sales goals as possible.

Advantages of Working in the Consumer Services Sector

Advantages of Working in the Consumer Services Sector

Working in customer service will allow you to take advantage of several opportunities and perks. Find below a summary of how consumer services may improve your life.

  • Excellent for developing professional ability that you can use in various careers.
  • Possibilities for stable income.
  • Get advantages like paid vacation time and health insurance.
  • Chance of making a difference in people’s lives.
  • Customer service workers often learn how to communicate and get along with others, as well as how to deal with difficult situations.
  • Various employment options are available.
  • An excellent career in consumer services is for individuals who like interacting with people.
  • Jobs in sales and customer service give everyday opportunities to engage with others.
  • Working in customer service can be exciting for people who like to explore.
  • A variety of possibilities to broaden one’s knowledge and get new skills.

Disadvantages of Working in the Consumer Services Sector

Disadvantages of Working in the Consumer Services Sector

Although there are many advantages to working in customer service, not everyone is perfect for this position. The disadvantages of working in customer service are:

  • Working conditions may be stressful and challenging at times.
  • You may encounter demanding clients with the service.
  • It might be challenging to strike a good work-life balance in this industry since many jobs need people to work late into the night or on holidays.
  • Many entry-level jobs in consumer services pay a little more than small wages.
  • Since every day involves dealing with a new client, working in consumer services may be difficult.

Final Verdict

If you want to know how many jobs are available in consumer services, then it might be clear to you that many opportunities are available. People who can communicate well may find it a pleasant career path to pursue.

You can’t be effective in customer service if you lack the necessary skills. People who don’t feel confident in their ability to speak up in public may find it challenging and stressful.

Those with the necessary skills might consider this field a viable career option. Let us know which career path encouraged you the most and why. We will love to hear from you.


Where can I get job in consumer services?

To find a consumer services position, you may use job search engines, company websites, online job boards, and other resources. Consumer service agencies may assist people in getting jobs in this field. There are many job boards, such as,,, etc.

Linkedin is an excellent way to find a job that matches your education, skills, and experience. You can also connect there. Also, look for consumer service job postings on popular sites like,,, etc.

What are the primary consumer service categories?

In the area of customer service, there are several work opportunities. All employees remain in one of five groups, which include:

  • Communities and forums.
  • Support by phone and email.
  • A self-serve resource.
  • Service centers with walk-ins.
  • Live chat help.

What skills are necessary for customer service?

Consumer services need specific skills. One requires compelling communication capabilities to deliver excellent service. They must be patient, adaptable, and empathic. Consumer service providers must accept responsibility and maintain self-control. Along with these skills, they must have good management and communication skills.

What is the best job for customer service?

Many kinds of jobs are available in the field of customer service. Many jobs pay well, such as working in a call center, as a bank teller, concierge, help desk analyst, receptionist, or account coordinator.

What do consumer services workers do?

Pay attention to the issues that clients are reporting and resolve them. Tell people about the products and services the business offer. Perform tasks such as taking orders, calculating costs, and handling invoicing and payments. Take a look at each customer’s profile and make any required adjustments.

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