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7 Best Email Marketing Tools For Startups

7 Best Email Marketing Tools For Startups

If you want to promote your startup, you must use email marketing. But It’s not easy to pick the best email marketing tools for startups. The marketing tools you choose will significantly impact your email marketing.

Regardless of how many hours your intended audience engages on social media, they all have an active email account that they check regularly. As a result, you can expect email marketing to help you raise your sales and conversions.

Before deciding which email marketing platform to use, there are a few things to think. This post was created to inform you about email marketing, its benefits, and the best email marketing tools for startups available to help you expand your business efficiently.

What Is Email Marketing?

The practice of delivering marketing messages via email, usually to several individuals, is known as email marketing. It entails sending advertising products, promoting business, encouraging purchases or donations by email.

You may use email marketing to deliver personalized and targeted content to your audience. This might assist you in establishing genuine connections with your consumers. It can also aid you in developing the efficiency of your advertisements. It is nonetheless essential not to misuse email marketing.

There are several different methods of email marketing. Some of those are newsletter emails, acquisition emails, retention emails, and promotional emails.

Several elements must be considered while creating a decent email. Some points to be considered are a solid subject line, relevant information in the email, an appealing email template, and so forth. Have a look at these email marketing best practices to learn more.

What is The Importance of Using The Best Email Marketing Tool For Startups?

Startups may quickly and affordably develop their businesses via email marketing. Email marketing is simple to use, provides you with complete control, and helps you communicate directly with your consumers. It has a good return on investment. Owning an email address is more common these days than it was previously. It’s almost a need to keep up with technology. 

Email marketing tools allow you to create more tailored and meaningful emails compared to specific tools. One can build their own email list and target potential customers according to the audience’s demographics.

Your email marketing success is determined by the tool you choose. The deliverability of your emails is ensured by using the best email marketing tools.

List of Best Email Marketing Tools For Startups

There are many diverse types of email marketing solutions available. I’ll recommend a handful of those that are highly converting and can help you grow your business.



ConvertKit is a platform that helps individuals make money online by building insights that allow them to increase their audience, engage with their prospects, and make money by selling digital goods and services online.

Personalize the email much more by providing your subscribers personalized information that meets their specific needs. To advertise your future campaign, you may develop stunning landing pages. Using free email register forms, you can make an excellent first impression. 

Using simple, well-designed email templates that regularly appear in your subscribers’ inboxes allows you to establish credibility and demonstrate knowledge with your target. 

ConvertKit You can deliver well-timed, customized messages to the individuals in your email list with their visual email automated systems. It allows you to stay on the right track and develop your online business.


This tool offers three main price options: free, creator, and creator pro. You can manage 300 subscribers using the free options. Also, you can avail a 14-day free trial. They also provide a 30-day money-back guarantee. The size of your subscriber list determines the price of creator and creator pro.

Convertkit Pricing


  • Excellent landing page editor for social media campaigns and webpages 
  • A comprehensive tracking system for controlling funnels and sending targeted emails to users.
  • Subscriber management system with a lot of flexibility.
  • Great punctuality


  • When compared to other similar tools, it is somewhat expensive. 
  • It’s not ideal for handling a large number of clients.



GetResponse is a comprehensive email marketing platform with options to create web pages, deliver emails, and have intelligent automation capabilities.

GetResponse has a variety of tools, including email marketing capabilities. You can distribute one-time emails with information and promotional deals. Develop automatic email series to nurture and follow up with your subscribers. Extend the website’s reach and distribute content through email and social media with an automated blog digest. You may adjust the time if you want to send emails to the right people at the right time.

This tool allows you to modify emails quickly using their professional quality template and save a lot of time. Additionally, you may build and manage your template collections.

Getresponse guarantees 99.9% deliverability and conveys relevant information to all of your audiences. A/B testing the subject line will help you make the most of your email marketing strategy. If you want to boost click-through rates, you can also experiment with different call-to-action buttons.


GetResponse offers three alternative price plans: monthly, 12-month, and 24-month. Based on the size of your email list, you may pick the best option.

GetResponse Pricing


  • Solution for robust auto-responders.
  • Functions for email marketing are simple.
  • E-commerce integration has been upgraded.
  • Include landing pages and conversion funnel.
  • Provide funnel for webinars.
  • A considerable number of templates are available.


  • If you cancel a yearly plan, you will not get a refund.
  • Data analysis tools need improvement.



AWeber is a commonly used straightforward tool for email marketing on the market. Aweber is a marketing automation platform for small enterprises and entrepreneurs.

AWeber’s campaign management features a drag-and-drop editor, so you won’t have to worry about coding. It offers over 100 email template alternatives as well as good customer support. They provide excellent registration forms which you can A/B test and quickly expand your email list. Depending on customer behavior, you may send out automated follow-up emails.

AWeber features a slew of integrations with various tools that are certain to come up on your e-commerce path, including PayPal, Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce, and more. Email statistics include click-through rate and openings as well. Discover which products people are most attracted to, and then classify your lists depending on the results of email marketing campaigns.


Aweber offers three distinct price options. Aweber offers both a free and a paid version. Which package you need to choose is determined by the size of your email list.

AWeber Pricing


  • There is a free plan available.
  • Access to a vast number of the template.
  • A reasonable and affordable price.
  • It includes a landing page builder.
  • It works with a good number of third-party tools and apps.


  • Many of the templates appear to be out of date.
  • While delivering an e-newsletter, you can’t include or remove multiple portions at once.



Mailchimp’s fully-featured marketing solution enables small businesses to promote more effectively and expand quickly. They serve as the foundation for your customer connections, providing AI-powered, user-friendly tools that anybody can utilize to succeed.

Mailchimp has a drag-and-drop email editor, autoresponders, subscriber segmentation into groups, and essential analytics monitoring. It also makes it easy to set delivery times depending on the user’s timeslots and geolocation.

Mailchimp allows the integration of different other platforms. Despite their efforts to develop new distinctive features, it still falls short of standing out among competitors.


Mailchimp is a free subscription that enables users to send emails to up to 12000 to 2,000 subscribers. Different important features for email marketing are not included in the free plan. Pricing of Mailchimp is as follows :

Mailchimp Pricing


  • Free plan available.
  • Includes built-in editor that is clean, simple, and effective.
  • This tool presents in-depth reporting.
  • With the free program, you may use a variety of marketing tools.


  • The ability to track campaigns is minimal and complicated.
  • When compared to other tools, it is rather costly.



Sendinblue is an email marketing tool that uses a modern and easy interface to help you build your brand. Sendinblue’s free subscription comes with email templates, automated workflow, mobile assistance (for the first 60 days), and up to 300 emails per day.

This tool has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email builder. It provides a variety of professional-looking designs that you can edit to build stunning landing pages. You may run A/B tests on your subject lines and choose the best one based on the results. 

They also provide a customizable subscription form that you can personalize to your brand’s tone. Email marketing metrics include email click-maps, Google analytics integration, and geo-tracking. Your mailing lists are simple to maintain. Contacts may be imported, exported, and edited. 

Their Email segmentation feature allows you to divide your subscribers into groups based on their demographics, activities taken, and lead scores. There are a lot of email automation capabilities in the automation features.


A free and a premium plan are available. The pricing of SendinBlue is determined by the number of emails sent instead of the number of your email. So it wouldn’t matter if you have ten or one million members; you won’t have to pay anything more.

Sendinblue Pricing


  • Drag and Drop editor, which offers a variety of customization options.
  • Tracking in real-time.
  • Transactional email functionality.
  • CRM and subscriber Management.


  • This might require some time to set up an account for the very first time.
  • Importing data can be a time-consuming operation.
  • Access to various templates is available in paid service.



The HubSpot Marketing Hub is a full-featured digital marketing platform. It offers a lot of adjustable features to meet the demands of both large and small enterprises. CRM, email marketing, and campaign automation are all neatly integrated.

Build and deliver professional emails using HubSpot’s email marketing tools, and adjust to increase performance. Create sophisticated email campaigns that look great on every screen. They provide a drag-and-drop editor to change the appearance, calls to action(CTA), and brand image.

A/B tests may help you figure out which subject lines receive the most views and which information gets the most leads and sales from the email campaigns.


Free, Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the four packages of HubSpot Marketing Hub. It’s one of the most expensive promotional solutions, especially for the Enterprise edition. The starter, professional, and enterprise plans each cost $45 per month, $800, and $3200, accordingly.

Hubspot Pricing


  • CRM integration is enabled.
  • There are several social media management options accessible.
  • There is a free plan with a variety of features.
  • It’s easy to use and know.
  • There are more than 300 third-party application integrations.


  • Customer services are not available in the free plan 
  • Categories of Pricing is Complex



Drip is an email and SMS campaign automation tool for expanding e-commerce businesses looking to improve their email marketing. Drip allows you to design your custom lead capturing forms without coding a single line. Their drag-and-drop feature will enable you to create skillful forms without difficulty.

This tool allows you to automate SMS and email marketing to advertise your goods and services. They also include an A/B testing function that allows you to try out different subject lines and see which one performs best for your campaign.

Automation workflows allow you to build workflow while removing the stress of campaign management. Automation Workflows will trigger replies depending on what a client does when you’ve put them up. You may follow people and categorize them to help explain their progression using the built-in reporting features. 

Drip helps over 100 firms improve their workflows by adding extra features. You can integrate various other platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, ClickFunnels, Instapage, Kajabi, etc.


The drip price is determined by the number of email addresses on the mailing list. You can opt for an email-only package or one that includes both email and SMS.

Drip Pricing


  • Ecommerce-friendly features
  • For e-commerce, it has a lot of features.
  • The trial period is without cost and does not require a credit card.
  • There are numerous integrations.
  • Robust CRM functions. 


  • There is no direct phone support.
  • Massive cost for limited emailers

Final Words 

It’s not simple to find the best email marketing tools for startups. There are numerous alternatives available. Select the ideal one for you based on your budget, company objectives, and the tool’s features.

The majority of email marketing tools have similar functionality. Some tools come with unique functionality.This post intends to assist you in choosing the right tool for your startup.

I’ve just included a few tools in this article that are professional and reliable choices for your email marketing. To find the best email marketing tools for startups, compare the rates and features of several email marketing service providers.


What are the functions of email marketing platforms?

Email marketing is a robust marketing tool that uses email for advertising your company’s products or services. It is a type of marketing via email platforms. Incorporating it into your marketing automation activities may assist keep your audience aware of your recently launched goods or offers.

What is the widely used email app?

Gmail is the most common and highly used email service on the globe. It holds a variety of options for users while still being relatively simple to use. The UI for Gmail is a defining quality.

What are the best email marketing tools for startups?

Followings are essential for various purposes among a large number of tools.

Sendinblue– an acceptable email marketing solution for a startup with a limited budget. 

Mailchimp-Good for growing business.

GetResponse –  user-friendly.

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