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10 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools In 2022

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

To remain competitive in the market, you must be informed of your competitors. Therefore, the best Facebook ads spy tools are a need. You may learn a lot about your competitors’ advertising techniques by spying on their adverts. You must use the best Facebook Ads spy tools to learn more about a successful ad campaign.

Spy tools may tell you what Facebook Ads other competitors are using and how they’re using them so that you can learn from them. You’ll also be aware of their offers to their target market.

Many internet tools exist, but few of them will help you achieve your goals. As a guide, I’ve compiled a list of the best Facebook Ads spy tools. Please stick with us!

What are Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

Spying on competitor’s strategies are one of the most important keys to successful social media marketing. That’s why you might need a spying tool.

The Facebook Ad Spy Tools are intended to show you precisely what your rivals are up to and how they effectively use social advertisements in their businesses.

Ads that have done well in the past and are now running include –

  • Ad copy
  • Targeting choices used in the Ad(location, age group, etc.)
  • Ads are promoted via a series of funnels and landing sites
  • How frequently and when their adverts were seen

Pay-per-click advertisers employ Ad Spying Tools, a software, to increase the money they make from their advertising campaigns. Spying on your rivals’ Facebook advertising campaigns is common among Internet and affiliate marketers. Some Ads Spy Tools allow you to obtain Facebook Ads creatives that other companies have utilized.

How Do Ads Spy Tools Work?

Ad spy tools are classified depending on the audience and ad layouts. Social media spy, native spy tool, search spy tool and display spy tool are some types of ad spy tools. Spying tools work in the same way. You may use keyword searches, analysis, and research to spy on adverts. Here’s how you can accomplish it.

Keyword Search :

You may use this feature to look for a keyword related to the campaign you’re considering.

Analysis and Research :

It will display similar advertising from the search engine and social media results pages while looking for a given keyword for analysis and study. Since competition research contains customer feedback, it may aid in building a more precise and attractive Facebook marketing campaign. It might also help you save money, time, and effort on split testing and advertising.

Effective Ad Campaign Design :

After monitoring the Ads for a certain period, the spy tool analyzes which parts of the Ads are successful and why. These tips may be used by businesses when creating Facebook ad campaigns.

Why Should You Use The Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools?

According to Facebook’s report in the second quarter of 2020, they now have over 9 million advertisers, increasing from 7 million the year before. As a result, Facebook marketing will likely become more competitive.

Running advertisements that connect with your target demographic will require much more effort, except if you have a solution that tells you what has been performing for all other companies in your niche.

The Facebook Ad Spy Tools show precisely what your opponents are doing and how they effectively use social advertisements in their businesses. They’ll present you it all, from the creatives to the ad content to the targeting choices and customer records that have proven successful for their company.

To clone advertising, one should not utilize Facebook Ads Spy. Instead, People should use it to become motivated, gain knowledge, and identify rivals’ weaknesses. All of this will help you build more effective marketing.

Benefits of Using The Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools

You may use a Facebook ad spy tool in a variety of ways. Listed below are the benefits of using the best Facebook Ads spy tools.

  • You may analyze your rivals’ efforts to see which landing pages they use in particular GEOs, what their sales page text looks like, and explore their goods and service quality.
  • You may analyze what your rival is publishing, what CTAs and backlinks they’re using, and how effectively the consumer connects with varied ad material.
  • You may take inspiration and analyze what’s performing long run and what’s popular today to design your unique individual campaigns that confirm your distinctive market presence.
  • This potential to reverse engineer competing ads can assist you in finding unique offerings and design options.
  • Facebook Ad Spy Tools can help you get insight into the marketing environment and give you a detailed grasp of what’s happening.
  • They let you examine your rivals’ strategies so you may discover a similar one and defeat them at their own game.

10 Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools In 2022

We know why is social media an important part of inbound marketing. Strategically attracting new customers is key to business success. Facebook, a popular social networking site, may be utilized for inbound marketing if we promote our products and services efficiently. This requires Facebook Ads spy tools.

The following is a list of the best Facebook ad spy tools.

Facebook's Ad Library

The Ad Library is a searchable repository for political, social, and cultural advertisements. The Ad Library allows you to search for promotions that are currently running throughout all Meta Products. It provides advertisement information. You may search for advertisements that are presently active on Meta Products for all ads.

From the advertiser’s Page, you may search for an advertiser to see the active advertisements that are now running. Ad creative and wording appear while browsing a Page’s active advertising. When someone hits “See Ad Details,” they’ll see more details related to the advertisement.

People can observe when an advertisement began running and whether or not it is presently running at the same time.If an advertisement was live but later rejected, it will be marked as “disapproved” inside the Ad Library.

Users may see a range of the number of impressions obtained by the ad (example: 1K-5K). Viewers may see a number for the ad’s cost ($1,000-$5,000), not the specific number. Users may examine the percentage of persons of each age or gender who visited an ad. People may access the data about the place(s) where the advertisement was displayed.


  • You may quickly look up any advertiser’s name or keyword.
  • Find when a competitor’s Facebook page was established.
  • A helpful tool for amateurs and professionals.


The Ad Library is available to everyone and is free to use.


PowerAdspy is the top Facebook Ads Spy Platform available, and it comes with a massive data center with millions of examples of Facebook ads.

This enables us to develop the most effective advertisements for our target demographic. When referring to paid social media advertising, we all need to evaluate competition ad factors like relevance, reach, engagement, and copy. A random search might be perplexing, but PowerAdSpy provides three primary areas to start searching for ads: domain, advertiser, and keyword.

You may find several filters in the site’s interface. You may use this Filter mode to focus on your competitor’s plan. CTA (call to action), Location, Language, Age, Ad Type, Gender, and Ad Positionare all options for filtering. This is quite helpful in determining audience targeting and advertising intent.

PowerAdSpy provides data on social engagement, ad viewability, location, age, relationship status, and sex. You may also view the present ad’s landing page, essential information and redirects, outbound links, and a list of countries. This will provide helpful targeting information you may utilize in your marketing.


  • It’s a breeze to locate and examine sales funnels.
  • The filters are handy for refining the search parameters and getting super relevant to your campaign.
  • It has a call-to-action filter, which gives great insight into what actions advertisers are asking of users.


Power Ad Spy offers three distinct price options: free, basic, and standard. Their Basic and Standard plans are $49 and $99 monthly, respectively.

Social Ad Scout

The Social Ad Scout user interface has been designed from the bottom up to process and transmit your search queries at the utmost possible speed, which is just a few milliseconds.

One may narrow down search results based on text, URLs, redirects, demographic data, geographical region, the kind of advertisement, performance metrics once viewed, and the type of device.

Since Social Ad Scout provides insights into the demographic, location, gender, platform, and kind of ad depending on the search results, it is simple to target the appropriate audience. If someone else beyond your target viewed the ad, you’d know precisely who you’re trying to reach.

Social Ad Scout gives complete details, including timeframes, when and how frequently the audience viewed an advert, how it performed, who’d seen it and how often, the platforms it was seen on, and so on.

Social Scout’s pretty flexible UI, built to handle new marketing formats rapidly, includes every ad style, from photos to videos to content. Ads will no longer be updated at predetermined intervals. New adverts appear immediately on the interface. You may browse advertisements in just a few seconds.

The notification feature is available for those who have watched a specific ad and want to keep track of it for future reference.

Every ad served by Social Ad Scout is saved and made accessible to users through servers. That is why you can see the original advertisement that your competitor removed.


  • Appropriate for individuals that prefer to separate and focus on their competitors.
  • It allows you to analyze your intended audience in great depth and create effective Facebook Ads.
  • This application handles a wide variety of ad formats.
  • Actual landing pages are shown, which you may save.
  • Adverts from across the world are displayed.
  • It employs residential IP addresses to bypass cloakers and reaches the target connection.


Social Ad Scout has two primary membership options: Premium and Agency. The premium plan would cost $147 a month and is only applicable for one user at a time. Small organizations, teams, or businesses might benefit from a suitable agency plan. Up to two people may share a membership for $127 a month each.


SocialPeta has a massive ad library, with over 200 million creatives along with a wide range of businesses. Around 100,000 viewable advertisements are also available to assist you in locating the most popular creatives in seconds. There are remarkable ad intelligence statistics, such as downloads and profits for up to 60 days.

The creatives, such as information, ad content, wording, and so on, may be analyzed using Social Peta. The analysis is helpful to handle at every stage, from the development of creative work to the delivery of creative work, from assessment to the targeted advertisement, and ultimately batch research.

Social Peta provides information about Facebook ad costs. They offer you information on Audience Interests and CPM, CPC, and KD recommendations. You may learn about top countries’ CTR, CPM, and CPC benchmarks. Find out about CPA secrets such as purchase, activity, accomplishment, etc.

Using Social Peta, you may get ideas from the Ad Creative Spy. They operate in 69 countries and 70 major networks, with 1.2 billion original works upgraded in real-time. And if you’re worried about running out of content, SocialPeta can help you overcome that problem, too!

To keep up with the competition, you must keep an eye on the market. They have access to a robust database that aids in the analysis of many features of competitive advertisers, such as inventiveness, publications, channel launches, multimodal firms, and other factors.

Advertiser ranking patterns are examined. If this is the case, it has just released a feature that calculates the cost of advertising. One crucial factor is that, in the face of intense competition, you might become unstoppable regarding market promotion.


  • Each piece of information may be seen in a visual format.
  • The database is frequently updated.
  • It’s simple to understand and utilize.
  • It has accessibility to advertising data in 46 countries/regions.
  • Filters are included to accelerate the process of narrowing down the results.
  • This tool has a built-in live chat feature with premium assistance.


You may sign up for SocialPeta’s 3-Day Free Trial to stay updated on the most popular ad campaigns and products. However, no price details for this product or service have been made available by SocialPeta.


AdPlexity allows you to filter adverts using keywords. If you search for a specific term, it will provide related ad campaigns. It also enables you to filter popular advertising by checking for what the advertiser has made or what tool affiliate marketers are utilizing. However, using this filter option, you may view all the advertisements now running by publishers. In addition, you can check out the affiliate network’s current promotions.

It allows us to track how long the campaign has been ongoing and how well the campaigns are doing. Their features show you how the campaign performs on various devices and which ad drives the most website traffic.

This technology is mainly used for a single landing page. Users may download landing pages with their requirements, such as pictures, CSS, Javascript, Media, etc. It will show the deal that has been advertised on the landing pages.

Adplexity aids in learning about product strength, top-rated items, and those that will eventually become outdated. This tool instantly determines the historical price growth of any item, which is an essential component of any e-commerce store.


  • Constantly up-to-date information
  • They have extensive databases.
  • AdPlexity Native is the best way to develop the most successful native advertising strategies.
  • The UI is user-friendly.
  • Extensive, concise, and detailed search filters.
  • Desktop Adplexity gathers data on effective desktop campaigns from several sources.
  • Everything you need to know regarding mobile ads will be at your fingertips.
  • Bidding is open on the prices.


There are many different price options available with AdPlexity. Following is a list of their pricing plans:

  • AdPlexity Mobile $199
  • AdPlexity Desktop $199
  • AdPlexity Native $247
  • AdPlexity Push $149
  • AdPlexity eCommerce is $199.
  • Adplexity Carriers $149

However, there is an amazing opportunity to grab! Adplexity is offering up to 30% lifetime discount to all sorts of products. To know more visit their offer page.


Adult serves as a gateway to many popular adverts from various networks. By researching the graphics, ad language, and effectiveness of competitors’ commercials, you may create a significantly more profitable and successful campaign of your own. Some of these advertisements are just more efficient and useful than others. Investigate what other marketers are doing and use their expertise to your advantage.

Whenever you register for an Advault account, you have access to the primary dashboard seen above. The program is now tracking over three million adverts. Taboola and Outbrain are the two most prominent brands in this field.

AdVault also analyzes adverts distributed by ContentAd, RevContent, Gravity, and MGID. All of them operate similarly. Therefore AdVault would appeal primarily to marketers that currently use content discovery networks.

However, the information provided by AdVault might also be beneficial for regular ad networks. You may use the Spylog to search through the millions of advertisements in the AdVault system. By choosing any of the specific ads, you will be sent to a comprehensive page regarding that specific ad.

The “ad strength” number is also notable, especially over time. This shows how often the audience viewed the ad yesterday compared to all other network advertisements.

If an ad is effective, you may use the accompanying landing pages to improve your (affiliate) marketing. You might also monitor an advertiser regularly, producing effective advertising in your niche. LeadFinder provides information on the approximately 28,000 advertisers in the AdVault database, such as names, phone numbers, and email addresses.


  • The UI is simple to utilize.
  • It contains coverage for 13 native advertising networks and 20 countries.
  • Ads may be found using keywords, URLs, tag lines, and publishers.
  • Advanced filtering options include advertising network, language, location, device, duration of the advertisement, minimum AdStrength, Minimum AdTimes Seen, Minimum number of publishers, minimum Facebook engagements, range of dates, redirects/non-redirects, and plenty of other things.
  • Capabilities for saving adverts and images
  • Comprehensive data on the ad network, first seen, last viewed, times have seen, country, device, site location, and strength is provided.
  • Easily detecting direct advertisers and affiliates.


AdVault offers two pricing options, Networks, and Pro. However, the Pro plan is the most popular among them all. There is a monthly fee of $1499 for the network plan and a monthly fee of $97 for the pro plan.


Armando Biondi, Carlo Forghieri, Massimo Chieruzzi, and Pat Matthews founded AdEspresso. They intend to make Facebook Ads available to everyone, automating what procedures they could and teaching anything else.

While Facebook Ads may be very successful due to its hyper-targeting at unbelievably cheap pricing, it still needs its users to be skilled marketers to succeed. Before purchasing AdEspresso, HootSuite found its advertising platform difficult due to its concentration on social media and content promotion.

AdEspresso’s goal was to make Facebook Ads available to all, automating what procedures they could, and instruct on everything else.

AdEspresso offers four primary functionalities. Ad generation, split-testing, analysis, and optimization are included as features. In addition to the Powerful Editor’s functions, it has much more.

One of the best aspects of AdEspresso is finding new intersections between two groups, which natively is hard or impossible to achieve on Facebook. They also enable you to develop customer profiles and save them so you can categorize your adverts based on them. You can create three advertisements for distinct campaigns.

Split Testing Demographics requires just three clicks to generate hundreds of variants, which you can change or build using their clever robot.

AdEspresso supports dayparting, which is helpful if you understand when your intended customers will likely be surfing. They can also dissect productivity hourly during the week, which is quite helpful for dayparting. As an option, you may add tags to your advertisements or campaigns to gather the information for the tags you’ve added.


  • Manage the time, placement, and target of the advertisements.
  • Various platforms are supported.
  • Significantly faster and more efficient than any ad managing tool in the industry.
  • Improve advertising campaigns and receive excellent guidance based on previous advertisements.
  • There is no need for specialty, and the configuration is fast.
  • Effortlessly automate the generation and maintenance of advertising campaigns.


Adespresso offers three price options: Starter, Plus, and Enterprise. The Starter, Plus, and Enterprise plans cost $49, $99, and $259 per month, respectively.


With a few mouse clicks, Anstrex Native is the only application that enables you to publish efficient landing pages straight to the server with affiliate links. The extensive search and filtering features are terrific, allowing you to access a massive quantity of competitive data sorted by ad network, location, tool, language, affiliate network, and other criteria.

You can switch between native advertisements, push alerts, pops, and dropshipping tools. All scraped advertising is shown in a continuous display mode on the dashboard by default.

Device Filter allows you to filter advertising depending on the device on which they are being offered. Anstrex is a platform that lets you filter advertising by Alexa rank, variety of units (for retailers), pricing, and numerous interaction data. You may narrow native adverts to WordPress, WooCommerce, Adsense Arbitrage, and more.

Anstrex exclusively displays pop-up advertising from Android applications, Chrome Extensions, WordPress, and other websites. The default listing is chronological, with the most relevant advertisements at the top. You may also filter the results by the platform on which the ad is placed.

Landing Pages are one of Anstrex’s most vital points. You may not only download landing pages with a single click but also customize them using the Comprehensive Landing Page Builder.


  • The most affordable tool with a plethora of functionality
  • Anstrex has credible datasets.
  • Offer Much information comparing other spy tools
  • It has a no-risk trial period.
  • It also makes it easier to download and customize the landing pages.
  • It displays a high-resolution image of each advertiser’s Page.


Anstrex has three different pricing plans, which are as follows: Anstrex Native, Anstrex Push, and Anstrex Dropship, with respective prices of $69.99/MO, $89.99/MO, and $0.00.


BigSpy is an advertising spy tool that can be accessed on the web and is aimed to assist people and companies in generating original ideas for marketing campaigns.

BigSpy’s UI is straightforward and user-friendly. You may easily find or get specific information on an ad’s engagement, including the number of likes, shares, and comments and the ad’s popularity.

BigSpy has a good image for its extensive collection of creative works. You need not spend time searching for creatives. BigSpy offers you several choices and ideas for creating a spectacular advertisement. BigSpy’s innovative features will keep you ahead of the game.

BigSpy allows you to monitor your ad on several platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, AdMob, Yahoo, and Pinterest. Using this unique solution, you may be successful on the top seven platforms.

BigSpy comprises all ad types, niches, and countries. It enables you to watch all of your opponents’ advertising activity, so you can quickly locate their advertisements and track the success of their ads with only a few clicks.

It also offers ad research, ad trends, and the ranking of advertisers. You will have access to the specifics of the advertising and will be able to employ specified creative to market your goods or services.


  • BigSpy offers a straightforward UI for both novices and professionals.
  • It is not tough to identify and evaluate particular features.
  • It also gives a tutorial and demo on the webpage, making it easy for novices to test the tool with assistance.
  • BigSpy has an extensive database, streamlined filtering, and in-depth analysis.
  • Get access to the marketing data of the items you are monitoring on.
  • BigSpy provides online assistance for those who encounter difficulties.


BigSpy has three price options: $9 per month for the Basic plan, $99 per month for the Pro plan, and $300 per month for the VIP Enterprise plan.


SpyFu allows you to check up on individual opponents and discover all the keywords they buy on Google Ads. You can also check how many hits their keywords receive, monitor bids on keywords you’re keen on, and monitor progress in your ad expenditure over time.

PPC Analytics helps you identify keywords the opponents are not bidding on so that you may claim them as your own.

Keyword research tools assist you in uncovering content and keywords which your competitors are using to rank higher than you. SpyFu’s dashboard and user interface are both exceptionally well designed. You can also enter keywords that you presently use to view all of the most successful keywords in the same category.

The dashboard’s top seven tabs provide fast and straightforward access to your keywords, SEO tools, PPC analysis, monitoring, and reporting. SEMRush is SpyFu’s strong competitor.

In the event of a technical problem, you may contact the tech staff via live chat or phone utilizing dedicated lines for US and foreign clients.


  • The entry-level plan is an excellent deal.
  • Simple to use.
  • Competitive strategy is his strong suit.
  • A robust collection of capabilities.
  • Ideal for SEO and PPC research.
  • Reasonably priced.


SpyFu offers two price plans: basic and professional. Their basic plan is $49 per month, and their professional package is $79 per month. They also have a limited-time deal where the basic plan is $9 per month, and the pro plan is $49 per month.

Final Words

Best Facebook Ads spy tools enable you to more efficiently and strategically communicate with your target audience. Keeping an eye on your competition will not only provide you with new ideas but will also assist you in avoiding adopting strategies that were unsuccessful for them.

Access to specific information on advertisements enables one to choose the appropriate technique and create a successful advertising campaign.

I have written this post to assist you in finding the best Facebook Ads spy tools, which will help you enhance the company’s growth. I hope you have enjoyed the article. Let me know your opinion about the spy tools you admired the most.


How can I Spy ads on Facebook for free?

It is possible to spy on Facebook advertisements using numerous technologies. However, very few of the monitoring tools allow free spying. Free and paid options are available for certain products. For example, the Facebook Ads Library and Power Ads Spy programs on the list I’ve reviewed offer free plans.

How can I spy on my competitors?

You may check certain things to keep tabs on your competition. Assess your competition by listening to what they say on social media. Analyze your competition’s website traffic, effectiveness, and SEO strategy using tools. You can check your competition’s social media presence and tactics.

Is spying on competitors illegal?

It is not a crime to spy on one’s opponents to gain new insights, ideas, and information on the efficacy of their tactics. You may be considered illegal if caught attempting to steal or replicate advertising campaigns.

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