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Best WordPress Hosting Convesio-A Game Changer

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

The hosting provider is transforming with its next-generation managed service, which will maintain your website scalably, quickly, and never go down. Best WordPress hosting convesio is getting increasingly popular among various WordPress hosting options.

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio adds significant capabilities to your websites, such as automatic scalability and self-healing servers. They provide various free services like backups, spam prevention, and SSL certificates. All while using a single dashboard rather than many websites to simplify things.

Is Convesio, however, able to keep its promises? What distinguishes this managed WordPress hosting convesio from others? Above all, how does convesio hosting for WordPress works?

Best WordPress Hosting


What is WordPress Hosting?

What is WordPress Hosting

WordPress is a free and fully accessible content management system (CMS) that is used to power more than 30% of the internet. WordPress makes it possible for beginners and experts alike to develop, update, and administer blogs. WordPress hosting is a type of web hosting designed to support WordPress websites efficiently.

WordPress hosting provides the highest performance and reliability of any WordPress site. Professional WordPress hosting is tailored for all sorts of WordPress website projects, ensuring the fastest possible functionality and reliability. WordPress’s open-source strategy has made it the platform of preference for building and managing websites all over the world.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is a solution that handles all of the technical details of administering WordPress on your behalf. This form of hosting includes daily backups, WordPress updates, website uptime,  flexibility, as well as excellent security and performance for your site. This form of hosting reduces the workload and assures the seamless functioning of your website.

The hosting company handles all responsibilities to keep the WordPress website functioning effectively with a managed WordPress hosting plan. These services may involve the installation and configuration of themes and plugins and the addition of content to the blog’s pages and posts. Access to additional site-building resources and general support is also included with managed hosting.

The hosting provider of managed WordPress hosting also performs routine tasks like backing up and updating WordPress sites. Managed hosting services may also involve the installation and configuration of critical aspects like plugins and themes for the overall functioning of the site and its scalability as it grows. Managed hosting services often provide round-the-clock technical and customer assistance to assist with such duties.

What are The Advantages of Hosting a WordPress Site?

Advantages of Hosting a WordPress Site

WordPress hosting that is professionally managed delivers excellent speed because of its high compatibility with WordPress and includes several WordPress management features. Even though different hosting companies offer different benefits, we will discuss the advantages of WordPress Hosting as a whole.

Security and backup

Premium protection and restoration features are available as part of WordPress hosting services. One of them automatically takes website backup periodically so that you have enough restore points in case of a disaster. The program which monitors the website for malware and security threats notifies you to take necessary action.

Cloud-based hosting

One of the most major benefits of WordPress Hosting packages is that they are Cloud-based. Cloud Hosting offers scalability and a high level of dependability considering the lack of a single point of failure. As a result, the benefits of Cloud Hosting are passed on to WordPress Hosting.

Pre Installed WordPress

With WordPress pre-installed, you won’t have to waste time downloading and installing the CMS on the server. You just purchase the package and start working on the website. This helps you save time and reduces the likelihood of compatibility issues.


Hosting WordPress ensures that the infrastructure, hardware, and software settings are all compatible, working smoothly. If you have a compatible device, you will not experience performance difficulties or system freezes.

Automatic update

Every update includes plenty of updates and bug fixes. WP Hosting’s automatic update feature ensures that you are safe in this aspect. It’s possible that the website you’re hosting isn’t compatible with newer WordPress versions. Disabling automatic updates is as simple as flipping a switch in such circumstances.

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio: Features, Configuration, and Pricing Plans

Best WordPress Hosting Convesio- Features, Configuration, and Pricing Plans

Overview Of Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio

Managed WordPress hosting Convesio is a highly scalable platform built on Docker containers that provide managed hosting for agencies. It stands out from the competition with features like automatic upgrades, dependable and quick service, high-performance, and free domain name registration with every plan.

It’s on a goal to transform the way people think about and manage WordPress hosting. Thanks to its groundbreaking high availability features, administrative tools, and scalable architecture.It may have developed a good alternative for sustaining or establishing an online website with economical solutions unlike any other out there.

Every website hosted by Best WordPress hosting convesio comes with a database cluster, a load balancer,  and an expandable file system.

Best WordPress Hosting


Features of Best WordPress hosting convesio

Managed WordPress hosting Convesio allows you to create an easy-to-use website. Load balancers, database clusters, and Docker containers are not required additionally as Convesio handles everything. Its simple interface enables users to develop large-scale sites with auto-scaling and self-healing capabilities. Convesio describes itself as a one-stop-shop for all things WordPress. Let’s discover its amazing features.

Quick Caching

Page caching is a strategy for turning dynamic material into static content that can accelerate up your WordPress website by 2 to 5 times. Convesio features a server-level caching layer that performs the following functions:

After the initial load, it duplicates the page and shows it as a cached version to the users. It provides lightning-fast performance and prevents the installation of any other plugins. This is because the page’s content is generated each time a visitor requests.

Speed Optimized

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio is a server built on the fastest networks from Google and Amazon. It specializes in parallel databases and can both respond directly to queries in memory and use standard servers for requests that aren’t within the local network’s range. Convesio uses HTTP/2 and compression to give fast speeds and reduce data bandwidth. It’s an attractive solution if you require quick loading times or enhanced security.

Auto Scaling

A method of dynamically changing the number of active servers (computing power) in a remote system is automated or auto-scaling. Convesio launches many containers that scale and descale resources automatically, removing the need for a system administrator. When traffic becomes too high, it automatically launches multiple containers and distributes them over numerous geographical areas.

High Availability

You can have many instances of a service operating on various computers in a load-balanced container. If your primary servers fail, it might benefit your business. It pleases clients while also aiding your analytics!

Security Monitoring

In the case of a malfunction, the company’s management checks the code to ensure it is safe. Security features allow you to alter the code, settings, and environment variables to prevent malware. Convesio employs cutting-edge security methods to assist you in monitoring and scanning for any security risks. The company keeps a close eye on security threats.

Clustered Database

A database cluster is a group of databases controlled by a single database server function. Strong MySQL servers power Convesio’s sites. MySQL is a database management tool that enables multiple users to control and construct databases, processing website requests efficiently.

Thanks to many MySQL servers, your WordPress site will be supported by special forces. You may relax knowing that if one goes down or is hacked, another is always ready to take its place!

Application Monitoring

Best WordPress hosting Convesio provides you with the ability to observe your websites at the WordPress application level. APM collects log data to assist developers in tracking program availability, defects, resource use, and variations that negatively affect the end-user experience. Application performance monitoring (APM) assures that programs run smoothly. Convesio will go over each update and look for any errors.

Version Backups

You can rapidly back up, clone, or restore your site using Convesio. It backs up your data automatically. you can set data backups every 3 hours to 15 days. This automated backup method adds to the security of your internet data by storing them in a different place.


The technology is clever enough to automatically determine what information goes where and how it can be scaled. If something goes wrong, the auto-scaling system quickly deploys a new content copy, enabling everything to restart seamlessly and without disruption!

No Lock-In

Managed WordPress hosting Convesio maybe your best alternative if you’re seeking a transparent website hosting service. It never binds you to any commitments and allows you to migrate your website with any other web hosting provider with only a few clicks.

Affordably priced with a money-back guarantee

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio is one of today’s most reputable and cost-effective web hosting companies. It enables a one-month free trial without collecting any financial information. Consequently, there’s no need to worry about signing up for a costly plan if it doesn’t work out.

24/7 Customer Support

Users may never have to wait more than 5 minutes for a response from Convesio. They are available 24/7 to assist you with your website and guidance as needed. The staff here is so sure of their abilities to lead the way with an unmatched response, so they don’t want you to be concerned about the technical intricacies.

Database access with phpMyAdmin

You have several choices when it requires maintaining your database using phpMyAdmin. Imports and exports and SQL queries are all available, allowing you to reach where you would like to go faster than ever before. This program is not just simple for novices or those new to databases, but anyone searching for a more practical approach to handle their data can enjoy the benefits of it right away.

Easy WordPress installation

Managed WordPress hosting Convesio can change the way WordPress sites are built by making them quick and straightforward. You won’t require any technical skills by optimizing every stage of the process, including the configuration of Load Balancers, Docker Containers, and Database Clusters.

Novice friendly

Some hosts are excellent for newbies who are just getting started with their website, but Convesio provides a user interface that enables it even simpler. The company’s straightforward control panel structure and sleek customer portal allow you to install WordPress in three clicks with no effort. Using the dashboard, stay on top of everything that keeps your site up and operating.

Free Migration

Best WordPress hosting Convesio will assist you in transferring your WordPress blog from any webserver to Convesio at no additional charge. Its skilled team works fast and effectively, completing the project in less than 48 hours.

Security Features of Convesio

Designing for Security

Best hosting for wordpress Convesio deploys each website to its own wholly separated Docker container. Unlike shared hosting, where a hacked website on the same server might corrupt yours, you have complete control over your website.

A Comprehensive Security Solution

Patchman, Human Presence, and a variety of additional security tools are in place and working around the clock to keep malware and bots out of your website. Patchman is a server-based vulnerability and malware detection and remediation system. Users do not need to install, administer, or be informed of it because it operates in the background.

Patchman scans for defects and retrieves security updates from new releases, which it then backports to all previous versions. Also, malware is promptly recognized and separated.

Human Presence has created a behavioural assessment system that can detect and remove 99 percent of harmful bot spam.

  • It is more efficient than other popular ones such as Recaptcha, Akismet Anti-Spam, or Honeypot since web page viewers are hidden.
  • Forms, comments, and reviews are all protected.
  • Stops your website’s data and content from being scraped, as well as for analytics spam.

Powerful HTTP/HTTPS compliance tools, region-based access restrictions, virus screening, and a large variety of security measures and regulations are all under your control.

The infrastructure of the best quality

Built on Google Cloud and AWS, with performance and security leaders, procedures, and operational processes on standby to respond to attacks 24/7.

Speed Optimization Features of Convesio

Page load time and PageSpeed scores are critical to maximizing your website’s performance, conversion rate, and position in search engines. Speed up WordPress and increase your PageSpeed score to a minimum of a B and decrease your load time by at least 40%. Best WordPress hosting Convesio’s fast and easy WordPress optimization service offers an affordable way to improve your site’s performance.

Speed optimization comes with various options, including the following:

JavaScript Optimization: Reduces and compresses unwanted JS files to eliminate render-blocking.

CSS Optimization: Eliminates and compresses unneeded CSS files to minimize rendering issues.

Compression and Minification: Reduces the size of your CSS and JS files by compressing and minifying them.

Image optimization: Shrinks the image to 40kb when retaining its quality.

Global CDN: Cloudflare is a global content delivery network that may help a WordPress website operate better and be more secure.

Professional Services Of Convesio

This isn’t your typical maintenance and support service. WordPress speed optimization, safety, complicated alternatives, and emerging best operations are all things they can assist with.

Expertise – Experienced SysAdmins and developers will look after you. They employ industry-leading software development tools as part of their toolkit.

Project Management: They can customize methods to fit your current workflows.

Communication: They believe that effective communication is the difference between a successful project and failure.

Best WordPress Hosting


Convesio WooCommerce Hosting

Managed WordPress Hosting Convesio may make your website work quicker than it has ever worked before. They keep in mind how frustrating it is when you lose your potential customers .

Since their assistance team handles everything for you, you won’t have to worry about their solutions.

Even if your WooCommerce store receives a lot of traffic, it will stay functioning without falling. The autoscaling technology instantly deploys a new container, assisting in the surge of your site and protecting you from surpassing capacity while also allowing you to maintain your money!

Convesio Woocommerce hosting works as follows :

  • Docker Technology Is Being Used To Deal With high WooCommerce Operations.
  • WordPress is hosted in Docker containers with dedicated resources similar to a VPS.
  • Extra containers are immediately launched when more resources are required to distribute the load and ensure WooCommerce runs smoothly. Convesio may implement containers on physical servers as well.
  • The additional containers are decommissioned after resource levels have returned to normal.
  • Set auto-scaling within a minute with no need for a SysAdmin.
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Cloudflare Enterprise.
  • During Black Friday-style activities, page load speeds stay quick.
  • WP Admin is very speedy, allowing you to adjust your SKUs quickly.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise integration fine-tuned to operate with WooCommerce.
  • Pay for more resources just when they’re required.

Pros and Cons of Convesio Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting Convesio is a genuinely global team of professionals devoted to providing outstanding service to its clients.

Every web hosting company has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. So, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of using this WordPress hosting service of Convesio.


  • The 99.9 percent uptime of Convesio means that your website is always readily available and easily accessible, with no traffic loss.
  • Convesio allows you to host two websites for free for a month. However, You might not be able to utilize all of the features at this period.
  • Convesio runs your app inside a container using Docker, consuming little resources and scaling rapidly.
  • Convesio’s servers are located worldwide, so that you can expect fast surfing and improved website performance across devices. Also, it contributes to a better user experience.
  • To learn more about its services, you may request a 30-minute consultation.
  • You can discover how to use Convesio WordPress management by watching the tutorials on YouTube.


  • Convesio is a little pricey in contrast to its competitors for the features and functionality it provides.
  • For small firms, Convesio is too costly.
  • Cloudconvert may modify the file when converting document files if you don’t have all of your fonts installed.
  • Only a WordPress website may be hosted on some Convesio hosting plans, limiting performance.
  • You may experience significant performance concerns if you use the Basic plan. However, the other container number did not appear to make a huge difference.

Method’s To Build Website On The Best WordPress Hosting Convesio

Step 1: Get Your First WordPress Website Up and Running

Get on Convesio’s site, click “sign up,” and after that  “ start a free trial.” It’s a simple process with no requirement to enter your payment information.

  • After you’ve signed up with Convesio, you’ll see the dashboard. Select “New Site”.
  • A pop-up will appear .
  • Choose from menus from the most recent PHP version, location, database type, WordPress version, and web server type.

Convesio create new wordpress

  • And then choose “deploy”. It’s expected that this process would take up to 5 minutes.

Convesio wordpress Deploy

  • You’ll notice four options once you click “manage”: “site dashboard, log in to wp-admin, visit the site, set the website name, and remove the site.”

Convesio wordpress manage

Step 2: Configure your domain, SSL, and caching options.

In the second stage, you’ll get a traffic summary, disk use information, page performance score, and more, and you’ll require IP address information to link your domain to Convesio.

Convesio does not offer domain registration. Therefore you’ll have to register a domain from another company

  • To add a domain, click “add domain.”

Convesio wordpress Add domain name

  • Copy and paste the domain name you purchased.
  • Visit your domain registrar.
  • Add an A record to your DNS server and direct it to your IP address.

Convesio wordpress Domain Load balancer

  • Select “Add SSL certificate” from the drop-down menu.

Convesio wordpress SSL Manager

Convesio wordpress SSL

  • Activate automatic backup. If you like, you may also alter your PHP version.

Convesio wordpress enable auto backup

  • Specify the number of containers and enable autoscaling.

Convesio wordpress Auto scaling

  • Caching should be enabled.
  • That concludes our discussion.

You can take care of many technological features with all of the capabilities offered. Of course, if a specific feature or option isn’t accessible, you may contact the support team right away; they’ll be pleased to help!

Instructions To Configure Convesio’s Auto-Scaling

You could be using Convesio and setting up auto-scaling in less than a minute. Let’s get this thing going!

Choose the Most Efficient Plan

Best hosting for WordPress Convesio’s most recent version includes capabilities for various settings and databases that might come in handy if you’re operating a setup that relies on a specific technology. All plans provide scale, but it’s critical to pick the correct one for your site’s requirements.

Activate Auto-Scaling

Go to the dashboard and click on settings to activate and set up auto-scaling. You’ll find a variety of options here, as well as an auto-scaling option. You can configure the minimum and the maximum number of containers with auto-scaling.


Convesio wordpress Auto scaling

Advance Auto-Scaling Settings

Click on Advanced Options to configure advanced auto-scaling options. A pop-up box will open, displaying choices for scaling up and down the site based on CPU, Memory, and PHP consumption. You may also define a countdown period for auto-scaling.

Convesio wordpress Advance auto scale settings

WordPress Containers Portion

You can see a list of all active containers on the WordPress Scale Service dashboard. You may see a number of both running and ended containers on the dashboard.

Convesio wordpress container during traffic surge

Test Your Website’s Performance

Convesio tests how a website operates under high traffic using Docker containers. A user carried out two tests, one with a single container and the other with a duel container. Regardless of the number of queries, an optimum load test response time is over 235milliseconds (RPS).

Convesio wordpress Performance Test

PageSpeed Insights from Google

You may test any content with a featured picture or 140 KB each on any device. The average score on this test is 99, which is a fantastic performance.

CDN Performance Test

You may evaluate your speed in each section using the CDN Performance Test. It determines the best and worst-performing sites throughout time and a worldwide average of all locations.

Pricing and Plans of Convesio

Convesio’s pricing structure is the most economical in the industry. For agencies, Convesio hosting is a budget-friendly and dependable WordPress hosting solution. They provide customized solutions and scalable, high-performance web hosting services, which include a free, no-downtime transfer of your site to their servers. Convesio comes with three different pricing plans, including basic, Business, and Enterprise.

There is no setup cost for the basic package. The plan offers 5 GB of disk space, 512 MB of RAM, 50 GB of bandwidth, and customizable scalability.

Convesio wordpress Starter plan

It is indeed a fantastic alternative for individuals who are more focused on performance than function – Convesio, for example, offers CDNs internationally via Cloudflare and a fast embedded cache at this pricing range.

There are three price choices for the business plan: level 2, level 3, and level 4, costing $150, $300, and $600, respectively.

Convesio wordpress business plan

There are three pricing options for the Enterprise plan: $1000, $1600, and $2400.

Convesio wordpress Enterprise plan

Comparison of Convesio WordPress Hosting to other Hostings

Convesio is a wholly tailored WordPress hosting system that focuses on performance, security, and scalability. The website has been built to perform properly in every way. Because of a technology called “Defense,” the components are also protected from hackers. When this system becomes active after 90 days, it begins to work. Best WordPress hosting convesio employs cutting-edge technology to ensure that your website is constantly up to date.

Convesio vs Bluehost

Bluehost is a well-known hosting service that most people utilize. This service is growing in popularity across the world, particularly among freelancers who need a lot of storage and want to host their sites on multiple servers.

The issue is that, although offering low-cost (and often even free) pricing, you can’t demand them to be better than many of the premium providers.

Convesio vs Hostgator

Dual CPUs and up to 30GB of RAM are available with their VPS option. Even if they have excellent hardware, there are many superior alternatives. However, even if they have excellent hardware, much better WordPress hosting options are accessible.

Convesio is the way to go if you want a more seamless WordPress experience. They have consistent uptimes and quick website response times, which is enough to satisfy any client. Why not investigate this option if you’re seeking something more from your provider? It’s easy to purchase from them; all it takes is approximately two minutes of your time, plus $6 for registration, and you’ll have a fully functional account.

Convesio vs Godaddy

If it comes to launching WordPress sites, Godaddy is an excellent option. The only issue is that you’re paying extra for a service with many great features and benefits. Godaddy has limited hosting alternatives; if you’re willing to start a blog site, We recommend exploring elsewhere.

Convesio, on the other side, has become familiar as the best hosting for WordPress Convesio and hosting solution providers around, and they’ve kept their costs affordable, to begin with. By purchasing a shared hosting package, you can get started with them for as little as $1 per month. You’ll get free Let’s Encrypt SSL support and access to the WP engine if you utilize this platform to work with WordPress.

Why not test managed WordPress hosting Convesio if you’re keen to work with some very renowned CMSs, such as Magento and Joomla? You might not be frustrated if you choose them because they are amongst the major suppliers in the industry and offer service 24/7. With just a few clicks, you can have your website up and running.

Convesio vs Siteground

The rating of each company is based upon a number of criteria, and one of those is uptime. The problem is that a server with a lower uptime rating will ultimately lose clients to a server with a better uptime rating. Note that we are not attempting to compare any of the companies mentioned; instead, we want users to make the right decision for themselves in order to ensure that everything is fair and square.

Assume Convesio scored a 10/10 for uptime, whereas Siteground received an 8/10. It’s also worth mentioning that each service’s rating is determined by a variety of variables, one of which is uptime, which is frequently a deal-breaker for most customers.

People prefer to work with firms that are fast, responsive, and dependable. To put it differently, why continue with your current provider if none of those features is available?

Convesio vs Kinsta (Best hosting for WordPress convesio!!!)

Look no farther than Kinsta if you’re seeking excellent reliability and outstanding service. Kinsta has nothing but positive things to say about this firm. The preferable part is the cost of their products, and I can see they pay attention to the minor aspects. So far, clients have had a positive experience with them.

Kinsta is by far indeed one of the most excellent WordPress hosting providers. It’s tough not to recognize that they don’t stand a chance compared to Convesio! Their hosting packages are of the highest quality and provide unique features that you won’t find anywhere else. So, if you’re seeking the greatest, look no further; this is most certainly your best option (Best WordPress Hosting Convesio) therefore. Don’t hesitate to check out their website!

Best WordPress Hosting


What Is Different About The Best WordPress Hosting  Covesio In 2022?

Convesio is a brand-new platform created particularly for WordPress. Each feature of the platform has been intended to enhance speed, security, and scalability. They don’t use cPanel, Apache, Nginx, or other standard technologies for WordPress hosting. They’ve constructed their load balancer and caching layer, with all services operating in Docker containers.

Best WordPress Hosting  Covesio is a Web host provider for the future generation. Unlike typical WordPress hosting services, Convesio overcomes shared and VPS hosting limits by delivering a multi-tenant, redundant Docker Container-based environment. A redundant file system, database cluster, scalable PHP Runtime, and self-healing architecture support any site operating on the server.

Convesio’s price is dependent on utilization, comparable to Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure. Every website can function in a single container or multiple containers based on customer demands. On all containers, they provide monthly and hourly rates. Every website includes auto-scaling activated, which means that if the website has a traffic spike, the platform will immediately scale it up and charge you for extra containers at the hourly rate.

Recommendation and Final Verdict

With managed WordPress hosting Convesio, you can forget about server maintenance, security, efficiency, and uptime monitoring. The architecture was built from the bottom up to host high-performance, scalable WordPress sites. You can configure a WordPress site with load balancing, a MySQL cluster, and an unneeded file system in less than a minute. Best hosting for WordPress Convesio can be your ultimate choice if you seek a transparent website hosting service. Convesio is an excellent choice for businesses searching for a dependable and secure hosting platform. Overall, Convesio is deserving of the title of best WordPress hosting convesioright now.

Convesio offers WordPress plans to lead you in the proper direction. Don’t just consider my word for it when you can test Convesio for free and discover why it’s the best WordPress Hosting option for your business website.

Best WordPress Hosting



How is Convesio Different?

Scaling is embedded in Convesio’s DNA. They chose Docker over traditional technology to construct Convesio because it is far more suited for the purpose. Other companies have planned and built systems that may work well but are also complicated and costly. How much would a web hosting solution that can manage 1,000 visits in a single day and 1,000 in a single day cost? They offer the best expandable WordPress hosting solution on the market.

Is Convesio’s client support Adequate?

Convesio’s customer care system is available to you 24/7. They are here to help you with your technological issues without wasting your time.

Is Convesio Hosting Legit?

Convesio has become one of the most trustworthy and cost-effective web hosting companies available today. It includes a free one-month trial without requiring payment information. Consequently, there’s no need to worry about signing up for a costly plan if that doesn’t work well.

Where are Convesio’s Servers Situated Geographically?

Clusters of Convesio are now located all over North America, Europe, and Australia.

Does Convesio offer Trials?

Yes, Convesio provides two free trial sites with 24/7 support, various data center locations, and free basic migration assistance. You may also compare speeds with a free trial.

Is there an Affiliate Program for Convesio?

Yes, Convesio offers a fantastic affiliate program that pays you 100% commission for the first month a customer stays with them. Following that, you’ll receive a 20% commission as long as your referrals pay for their subscriptions.

Is Convesio the Ideal Managed WordPress Hosting?

Convesio is among the top website hosting companies because they offer auto-scaling and self-healing technologies that aren’t available from other prominent web hosting companies like Bluehost, HostGator, or Siteground.

To know more about Best WordPress Hosting, read this article.

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