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Biteplay Review: Is It The Best Youtube Ads Tool In 2022?

Biteplay Review

Growing your client base by making videos on irrelevant topics or running sponsored advertisements might cost you a lot of time and money. The best way to save time and money is to find and communicate with audiences interested in your work or product. This is what Biteplay does for you. This Biteplay review will explain to you how you can use this wonderful tool to build your audience and how much it is worth your investment.

Biteplay YouTube Growth Hacking


BitePlay Review : What is Biteplay, and how does it work?

What is Biteplay?

Biteplay is a YouTube software for subjective advertising strategy. It enables increased ROI on YouTube advertising by targeting potential customers with appropriate advertisements. It may assist advertisers, entrepreneurs, company owners, e-commerce, and SaaS firms alike. Biteplay assists you in creating precisely focused ad campaigns on YouTube by allowing you to seek to monetize YouTube videos. In 5 minutes, you may make a personalized laser-focused audience. Several features include Keyword search, Influencer search, Auto Import, and Ad Placement search. It allows for the discovery of contextual placements.

A viral Prediction is a tool for determining the top trending topicsPower Tracking for video analytics, Smart Lists, Bulk requests, Conversion tracking, and so many others. Biteplay is a YouTube marketing toolbox that assists you with content discovery, video advertising, and YouTube influencer cooperation.

Features Of Biteplay

  • Video Search

You may search for YouTube videos here by keyword, similar videos, channels, and trending videos. For instance, suppose you have a certain keyword. Enter the keyword into the bar and choose the maximum result you desire. When you click on the search icon, you will be shown results for that specific keyword.

Biteplay Navigation

The advanced search option provides extra keyword filtering choices. Exact match, minimum views, license, negative keywords, search priority, safe search, and more features are available in the advanced search

Biteplay Advanced Filter

To discover results similar to a video, put the video URL into the search box, and you will see related results. You may look for Trending videos by category.

  • Find Influencer

Biteplay Find Influencer

Influencer marketing is effective when you want to reach out to your potential clients and make them aware of your product. Biteplay allows you to search for keywords and uncover similar niche influencers.

  • Saver List

Biteplay Saver List

This function lets you save searches for videos, channels, keywords, and other personnel in the dashboard to make your job simpler. 

  • Keywords

Biteplay Keywords

You may use this option to search for keywords in a specified language. You can fix YouTube or Google as the search engine for keyword results. Without any difficulty, export keywords according to your requirements.

  • Tag Generator

Biteplay Tag Generator

Tag Generator involves searching for tags based on specific keywords. Some of the results may not be relevant to your search terms. You can remove them and export tags as per your needs.

  • Video Checker

Biteplay Video Checker

This feature provides detailed information about a particular video. If you paste a video URL into the box, you will obtain relevant results for that video, such as likes, dislikes, and views. It also enables relevant keywords and their ranking in the SERP.

  • Video Info

Biteplay Video info

Video info lets you enter a video URL. It will display relevant data such as comments, likes, dislikes, and publication dates. You can also see how the video ranks for various keywords by clicking on SERP.

  • Power Tracker

Power tracker comes with three options, including Topic Tracker, Conversion Tracking, and Tracker.

Biteplay YouTube Growth Hacking


Topic Tracker

Allows you to keep track of a particular category or topic. It will notify you when a new video matches your search criteria becomes available. You may also set up email notifications to stay up with trends, investigate competitors, or track videos to display with your advertisements.

Biteplay Topic Tracker

Conversion Tracking

Allows you to measure how much income you generate vs. how much money you spend on advertising.

Biteplay Conversion Tracking


Allows you to track various videos and channels. If you wish to keep an eye on specific video channels, you may do so here on the tracker. Simply clicking on a video or channel link will take you to a new page with all of the channel’s or videos’ essential information.

Biteplay Tracker Channel

Additional Options

Biteplays “Others” options include four distinct alternatives: Video Maker, Academy, Video Tutorials, and Referral Program.

wave. video is a partner of Biteplay serves for Video Maker and provides 300+ assets to smooth video-making tasks. You may make your adverts with the video creator here.

Academy provides a complete overview of various forms of video advertisements, campaigns, targeting, and many other topics to educate you on the fundamentals.

Biteplay Academy

Video Tutorials explain how Biteplay works, including all of its interface features and how to utilize them.

The referral program allows you to advertise the platform and earn a commission.


  • Discovering relevant YouTube videos is the most cost-effective service of Biteplay and gives the best ROI for YouTube video targeting.
  • Biteplay is the ideal tool, both fairly priced and feature-rich, for assisting YouTube advertisers in running adverts on videos that their target audience is viewing.
  • Biteplay makes it simple to identify ad-supported and relevant YouTube videos to a topic by putting the topic into the search box, sorting out from the videos, downloading and uploading a relatively similar set of videos to Google Ads.


  • There is no method of searching for solely monetized videos.
  • The user interface is a little challenging to grasp at first.

Bitplay Pricing

Bitplay offers both free and premium versions. They provide a seven-day free trial program that you may use for free. Their beginning package is $99 per month, while their Pro program costs 199 per month with all of the features. The agency package costs $399 with additional services.

Biteplay Pricing

Final Verdict

Biteplay is the ideal tool if you don’t want to lose your target audience. This Biteplay review will provide you with all of the information you need to reach your target audience. I hope this Biteplay review helps you improve your ROI campaign.

Biteplay YouTube Growth Hacking


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