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CrawlQ Review: The ultimate AI content Generator in 2022!

CrawlQ Review

In the technology era, high-quality, unique content is precious. Unfortunately, developing such content takes time. CrawlQ AI solutions offer a variety of choices to help you with content development and market research. Check out this CrawlQ review for more information. So, without further saying a word, let’s get right to the topic.

CrawlQ Review: Functionalities, Pros, Cons And Pricing Overview

What is CrawlQ AI?

CrawlQ is an innovative content generation and market research tool powered by artificial intelligence that provides highly customized, personalized copy to enhance conversions. It uses AI-powered technology to identify your target audience, market analysis, and the creation of high-quality content.

Consider CrawlQ’s AI-assisted Market Research tool to assess product-market fit and business ideas. You have complete freedom to run as many target audience tests as you wish.

CrawlQ will guide you through determining demographics and crafting copy that emotionally engages your target market.

How Does CrawlQ AI Work?

Market Research

CrawlQ assists you in narrowing down your analysis. You can go deeper into sub-niches, micro-niches, and your perfect prospective story to engage with your most influential target audience in only a few minutes. For example, health is a niche; personal care is a sub-niche, and skincare is a micro-niche.

Define niche semantics, psychographics, sales objections, and even desires, fears, obstacles, suspicions, failures, mistakes, and even your product’s emotional hooks and what keeps people awake at night as part of your investigation. CrawlQ also analyses the user’s intent, so the AI’s behavioral analytics ensure that your text addresses users’ particular focal spots. CrawlQ’s internal AI Engine, ATHENA, will work automatically for you once you’ve gained insights into your market segment.

Steps to Use Market Research

Market Spying Wizard :

  • Type in the keyword topic on the market research dashboard.

CrawlQ market research dashboard

  • Examine the list of relevant topics and the search results. Then, click on each link on the left of the search result to discover semantic and psychographic-related results.


CrawlQ search results

  • Other options include social media research, video research, new story research, question and information databases, book and product searches, and book and product reviews. Go through all of these to achieve your quality content.

Search Intent Discovery

  •  Type the term topic into the search box and hit enter.

CrawlQ Search Intent Discovery

  • Review the search results and a list of similar trending topics.

CrawlQ Keyword Question Graph

  • To investigate relevant information, click on each option, such as keyword query graph, comparison graph, preposition graph, information intent, transactional search intent, and commercial intent.

Market Research and Resonance

Market research and resonance can help you automate content creation. CrawlQ gives you various tools to help you discover and streamline your analysis. This function also aids in the creation of relevant content.

CrawlQ Market Research and Resonance

Content Automation

CrawlQ has a wide range of tools to meet your content development needs.

CrawlQ’s may use sales CopyWriter to create sales content, Text Re-Writer can compose or redevelop blogs, and Text Summarizer can make social media scripts from extensive information.

You no longer have to pay a copywriter to have all of your sales letters, scripts, webinars, email autoresponders, and landing page content. CrawlQ writes unique content for you quickly and effectively.

Not to mention the robust text editor, which allows you to swiftly create and finish your project before saving it as a PDF or MS Word file.

Steps to create content

  • To begin creating content, create a workspace by giving it a name and entering a domain name.

CrawlQ Workspace create

  • CrawlQ will ask the niche, sub-niche, micro-niche vertical, and ideal prospect summary on the next page to fill up and get going.

CrawlQ workspace

  • Then you’ll have two options: Quick AI gains or a deep dive. You can choose from four quick AI gains options: blog and article writing, sales writing, text rewriter, and text summarizing.

CrawlQ Quick ai gains

  • Let’s say we’re going to make a blog and an article. After clicking, you must fill out the beginning content concept, country, and the script’s type: Authority headlines, authority blog tools, and authority meta descriptions or title cases of scripts.

CrawlQ Authority headline

  • There are four different alternatives for authority headlines. Choose any of these based on your preferences. Then, when you click next, they’ll ask you for the main topic of interest for your keyword, as well as who your target buyer persona is, and a variety of additional questions.

CrawlQ niche or example

  • Finally, they will give you the generated content page after clicking generate.

CrawlQ generate

  • The generated content page comprises many variations of your queries and content-related metadata.

CrawlQ generated content


  • CrawlQ is an AI-powered application.
  • It is like a copywriter who can create professional-level content.
  • You may generate separate buyer personas by conducting background research on target audience terms.


  • The user interface may appear to be a little complicated for newcomers.
  • Before creating content, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of keyword research.
  • To fill in all the blanks, you’ll need a lot of time.


CrawlQ has two payment options: monthly subscription and annual subscription. Here is the crawlQ pricing plan in detail.

Final Words

This CrawlQ review demonstrates how useful this tool is for market research and creating automated content using artificial intelligence. In addition, this tool is essential if you want to produce your unique copy of the content.

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