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Impact Radius Review: Best Affiliate Network in 2022

Impact Radius Review

What if you could diversify your source of passive income? Sounds good? Yes, it is conceivable. Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular these days. It helps you generate passive income in the long run by publishing compelling content. But finding and partnering with the best affiliate program is challenging. It is preferable to join an affiliate network to discover your ideal affiliate program. If you want to know more about affiliate marketing go here.

Impact Radius is an affiliate network platform that allows you to engage and partner with the program of your choice. The impact has evolved into one of the most effective affiliate networking systems to date. Let’s go through Impact Radius Review to learn more about this platform. Stick to this content to create Impact as an affiliate!

Impact Radius Review: Everything You Need to Know

What is Impact Radius?

The impact is a partnership management platform that allows you to build and expand your program. Affiliates, key business partners, publishers, mobile apps, and more are part of their partnership program. Impact radius was the earliest program of impact. Now they shift their name to impact.

Impact radius is a digital marketing technology firm to provides digital marketing goods, which was launched in 2008. It was founded by a team of marketing experts who were responsible for creating Commission Junction (now CJ),, and LeadPoint.

Impact serves as an intermediary between the advertiser and the media partner. It is transforming into a SaaS technology platform having business development partners, social media influencers, and paid media partners. They developed a bridge between advertisers who are trying to maximize their ROI and affiliate marketers who are searching for customer data, attribution modeling, and cross-device tracking. They are breaking away from the traditional affiliate network paradigm and creating a better environment for partnership programs. In 2019, they launched “Partnership Cloud,” which focuses on enterprise management. They are now working on the enterprise’s management of client companies.

Impact Partnership Cloud  Functions and Partnership Types

Thanks to the impact, advertisers and publishers can simply interact with one another. In 2019, they created Partnership Cloud to better manage all of their partners better. You can now manage and scale up your partnership with Impact’s  Partnership Automation program.

Impact’s Partnership Clouds Functions :

  • Discover and Recruit

With the help of powerful automation technologies, you may find your preferred global partners without wasting hours. Step ahead with competitive and content-based discovery to establish your ideal team partners. You may use Impacts discovery tools to look at competitive traffic, prolific content creators, people working as  Amazon associates, and know about influencers.

Discover and Recruit

  • Contract and Pay

 Impact enables the creation of e-contracts and paying partners automatically. Simple process to reward a partner for bringing in new clients or money. Create self-enforcing contracts and pay seamlessly across borders.

Impact Contract and Pay

  • Track

No matter how many devices clients use, Impact provides consistent and accurate ways to track partners across web and app properties. Consider taking a look at the report or graph. They provide cross-device tracking to see how your partners interact with you to buy products through various channels.

Impact radius Device Analysis

  • Engage

Partner engagement tools allow you to give your partner the exact service they are looking for. Increase partner productivity and track performance with 40+ standard performance reports.

Impact Engage

  • Protect and Monitor

 The sophisticated and straightforward click-fraud technique helps to eliminate affiliate fraud. They provide real-time insight, which allows you to identify suspicious traffic sources. Leverage layered detection methods that let you stop funding for fake installs.

Impact radius attribution risk

  • Optimize

Impact allows you to optimize your partnership to increase efficiency and drive growth. Unleash your partner’s strength and potential of the partnership program using Partnership Cloud’s partner insight reports.

Impact radius optimize partnership

Partnership Types

Impact supports different types of partnerships. The media partners promote the deals to increase conversion rates. Media partners can subscribe to an advertising deal feed to receive updates about promotional discounts.

Impact supports

Impact  Affiliate Network Inspection

Let me define “affiliate network” and “affiliate programs” before going over Impact’s affiliate network review. An affiliate program is a program that is run by a company, such as Amazon’s affiliate program. They let publishers sell their items and pay them a commission if their products are sold. Amazon runs its programs by itself.

A network of affiliate programs is referred to as an affiliate network. This platform is amazing to network with different businesses in the niche sector. Instead of having their own platform, affiliate networks provide organizations with a platform to execute their affiliate program. It saves money because they don’t have to manage another platform for affiliate programs.

Reasons to choose affiliate network :

  • Easy access to various brands’ affiliate programs.
  • Negotiate with brands for chances to send them lucrative traffic.
  • Simplicity in partnership with brands allows you to scale.
  • Metrics allow you to see how much your content influences brand engagement. You can use your data to talk to brands about raising your commission rate.
  • Lots of brands to work with their affiliate program

The impact affiliate network is a platform that brings together a variety of businesses to build a partnership program. You can register for free and connect with a variety of worldwide brands.

What does Impact Radius Offer?

Impact radius focuses on various stages of enterprise management and lists its digital products accordingly. They provide more than 500 offers to their affiliates to choose from. To manage all the partnerships on the same platform, they offer four solutions –

  • Cross-device solutions :

Track and analyze your customer’s interactions across several devices using cross-device solutions. Impact gives you a complete picture of each customer’s purchasing journey, including desktop, mobile app, and mobile web.

  • Branded interface :

Their onboard sign-up links allow exclusive onboard partners, not in the public affiliate marketplace.

  • Fraud protection :

Impacts computer learning algorithms, professional data scientists, and fraud detection technology save you from fraud. They protect you from fraudulent actions such as cookie stuffing, faking app installs, and manipulating the attribution process, along with other things.

  • Comprehensive Tracking :

Cookie blocking is aided by multi-layered tracking. This comprehensive tracking event removes or deletes cookies, accurately tracks customers’ behavior utilizing a digital blueprint, and assists visitors in being a conversion.

Impact Radius Payout Terms and Options

Impact offers three payment alternatives to finish the payment process: Automatic Clearance House (ACH), which handles automated money transfer and electronic payments, cheque, and international bank transfer. A $5 processing fee is charged for cheques, while international bank transfers require a fee that varies depending on location and bank.

Impact Radius Payout Terms and Options

Affiliates can set the threshold amount limit, which can range from $25 to $5000.Also, affiliates can fix the withdrawal date. When the threshold limit is achieved, payment will be made automatically on the fixed date. The minimum threshold amount changes depending on the payment option specified.

How Reliable is Impact Radius?

Impact Radius has an excellent reputation on the internet compared to other affiliate networks. You may hardly come across any bad feedback. People admire their user-intuitive interface and inventive features despite their limited customer service and stringent selection procedures. They offer simple website navigation, statistical analytics, comprehensive tracking, and various other services.

The dedicated affiliate management interface is well-liked by users. You may partner with and cross-sell your items using large databases of companies and affiliates. This is a versatile platform for managing contracts and commission schemes more efficiently. 

What is exceptional About Impact Radius?

You may probably guess that Impact has left a lasting and pleasant effect on its customers. Their deals set them apart from other affiliate network platforms. The following are some of the factors that distinguish them:

  • The website interface is user-friendly and intuitive.
  • The website has a simple navigation system.
  • Statistical reports that aid in the analysis of data. Reports can be accessed at any time without any restrictions.
  • There are a lot of affiliate programs to choose from if you want to be a part of one.
  • There are numerous tools and resources available.
  • Tools are innovative and make work easier.

How To Sign Up With Impact?

The impact has a simple sign-up method that is also free. To begin the registration procedure, you must first create an account on the Impacts website. To sign up, follow these steps:

  • On the upper right side of the website, click the sign-in button. This will direct you to the next page.

How To Sign Up With Impact

  • As you create a partner account, click on the partner option given below.
  • After then, you must enter your name, email address, username, and password, as well as agree to the Impacts affiliates network’s terms and conditions.

Successfully created Impact radius Account

  • It’s done! You have successfully created your account, and ready to go.

You’ll be able to access your account as a viewer in the dashboard after it’s been created. You can apply for a brand’s affiliate program after successful verification. Follow these procedures to complete the verification:

  • Create a detailed public profile to increase your chances of being accepted into a brand’s affiliate network. Provide all of your company’s details.
  • Verify your email address by clicking the link in the email that was sent to you.

Impact Verify

  • You can apply for an affiliate program with a brand after verification.

How to Find Brands in Impact?

To view the brands on the dashboard, you must first validate your email. In Impact,  thousands of worldwide businesses are looking to advertise their products. After completing the email verification process, users can apply for the brand’s affiliate program. Login to the dashboard and click on” Brand”. There you will find all the brands. Also, you can filter brands based on your niche by selecting categories as well.

How to find Brands in Impact

Finding Affiliate Programs

You’ve completed the verification process for your account. It’s time to apply to be linked with brands. Click on “Brands” to choose a brand. You can use brands directly available in the Impacts affiliate network.  If you’re not sure about the brand, you can start by browsing the categories on the website’s left side. Selecting categories is an excellent way to start because it gives you the best results for your specialty.

The following are some things to consider while selecting an affiliate program:

  • Payout

The payment tells you how much money you’ll get as an affiliate. It will be based on a percentage of the sale or a fixed fee for each sale. Click on additional details to learn more about the program’s payment. It’s crucial to be aware of the payout because it affects the value of your work.

  • 30 Day EPC

Earnings Per Click (EPC) is an abbreviation that stands for the average earning of a brand for 100 clients. This option tells you how many people are likely to visit your website and how much money you can make from a brand.

How To Apply For Programs

You can apply for programs once you’ve completed your study on the niche and related brands. Apply to programs that pay well and have a higher EPC.  Accept the brands’ terms and conditions and select the “Apply” button.

You must wait for the brand’s approval after applying for programs. Brands will accept you if you have added compelling content relevant to their product to your site. Consequently, there is no guarantee that all brands will approve your application. Within 1-2 business days, you should receive the application status.

How To Find Your Links

An affiliate link is a unique URL that enables brands to track the sales of particular publishers. You’ll be given the option to build affiliate links if brands approve their affiliate program. Affiliate links can be created in three different ways: HTML, Iframe, and Tracking link.

Distinct text and banner links:

Banner: Graphics accompany HTML links, which direct visitors to the merchant’s website. Make sure you copy the HTML URLs to use the visual picture as an ad or wizard.

Text Link: This code can be used in the website’s text or buttons. It’ll show up as a hyperlink. Tracking links can be included in the linked text or buttons of a website.

Iframe: The process of displaying one website document within another is known as iframe. For using links into iframe, you have to choose the iframe link from the website.

You’ll be paid a commission for each sale when customers click on your links, whether they’re HTML, iframe, or tracking links.

Create Links and  Ads on Impart

To create links and ads on impact, follow the steps given below:

  • Create advertisements by logging into your impact dashboard and selecting the “Brands” button.
  • Click on Brands > My brand.
  • Now choose the brand for which you want to create an affiliate link.
  • When you click on a brand’s name, the following pop-up will appear. Click on “More “> Ads.

Create Links and Ads on Impart

  • Then you will find the ” Manage Ads ” page where you can manage ads by selecting a specific brand.

Impact Manage Ads

  • Select “Get Code” from the lower right side of the website. There will be three sorts of codes available. Choose the codes based on how you want to use them on your website. Select HTML codes to display links as the banner. Click the tracking link for the button.

Impact Radius Get Code

Deep Linking in Impact

Follow the procedures outlined below to generate a promotional link for any specific offers:

  • Copy link of the page which you want to promote.
  • Go to the Impact websites dashboard and click on the create link option on the left side of the website.

Deep Linking in Impact

  • Select the Brand name and paste the link of the landing page.
  • Click on the create button and copy the created link.

Created Impact affiliate link

  • Use the link according to your purpose.

Pros and Cons of Impact Radius From Customers Review

The impact has a great impression among different well-known affiliate networks. Even though it has a lot of positive feedback, some users faced issues as well

Pro and cons from noticeable feedbacks of users –


  • Easy navigation and intuitive interface.
  • Easy access to link building and content creation.
  • Availability of different tools.
  • No technical issues.


  • Difficult to get brand approval.
  • Some partnerships don’t allow personalized promo codes.
  • Customers sometimes face issues related to the withdrawal of payments. 

Final Thought

Impact radius is a well-known affiliate network platform that serves as a link between companies and authors. It is recognized for its easy-to-use interface, innovative tools, statistical reporting, and other features. Their selection process is really thorough. Also, if a brand aligns with you, you must accept its terms and conditions. As the companies check through all of your information, there’s a chance you’ll be initially rejected.

The impact is an amazing platform for both publishers and businesses, in short. It lowers the cost of brands and makes it simple for publishers to join affiliate programs. I hope this impact radius review has been of great use to you and has provided you with sufficient reasons to join this platform and how much you can profit from this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the impact radius?

Impact Radius is an affiliate network platform that performs as a bridge between advertiser and publisher. Marketing experts founded it to sell digital marketing products. Impact radius was one of the impact programs, but they shifted their name to impact.

  • Is Impact reliable?

Yes, you can rely on impact because it is already in partnership with thousands of brands. The website has a user-friendly interface that impresses its users. The service they provide is praiseworthy.

  • How much does it cost to associate with the Impacts network?

Impact’s account creation doesn’t require any extra charge. You can create an account free of cost in no time.

  • What are the Payment methods?  When can I withdraw my payment?

The impact has three payment systems: electronic transfer system or ACH, cheques, and bank transfer. To withdraw your payment, you can fix a threshold amount and a date when you want to receive your payment.

  • Why should I join an affiliate network platform rather than an affiliate program?

Joining an affiliate network platform opens many opportunities for you. You can easily apply for any brands and filter categories of niches to attach with brands. You can research different brands in one place about their commission or payout rate, EPC, and other details!

  • Why should I choose Impact?

Impact allows us to discover thousands of brands with comprehensive tracking tools, cross-device solutions, branded interface, and fraud protection. Manage and analyze all your programs in one place with a  user-friendly interface and innovative tools

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