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Infusionsoft Traffic Funnels: Save Time and Increase sales!

Infusionsoft Traffic Funnels-Save Time and Increase sales

Are you seeking a tool that can assist you in growing your internet business without spending a lot of money? Infusionsoft Traffic Funnels may help you with that. Infusionsoft, also known as Keap, provides sales and marketing automation to more than 125,000 customers, including CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, and payments.

Keap provides goods for every level of your company’s development. You’ll discover a Keap product that removes confusion, saves time, and helps you develop your business, whether you want to initiate basic or upgrade to one of their most complex models.

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Infusionsoft Traffic Funnels: A Comprehensive Guide

To go through all the aspects of Infusionsoft, I’ll start with the fundamentals and let you know what you need to know to design an efficient traffic funnel. Let’s move forward!

What Is a Funnel in Marketing?

A marketing funnel is a flowchart that depicts how a prospective customer progresses from learning about your company to buying a product or service. Various levels of customer involvement with a brand are included in this approach.

The notion is that, like a funnel, marketers throw a wide net to collect as many prospects as attainable and then gradually nurture prospective consumers through the purchase decision, narrowing down these possibilities at each stage of the funnel.

To develop a marketing funnel, you must first understand your target demographic and the buyer’s path. Then you must figure out how many steps there are to identify the most successful marketing strategies.Here you will find the keys to successful social media marketing. You may use a CRM system that keeps track of improvements after that.

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft was renamed Keap Max Classic in January 2019 after 20 years and thousands of enterprises. Keap reflects the strength and dedication businesses demonstrate every day to make progress, support, and develop. Max Classic is a robust CRM system that includes extensive marketing and sales automation, customized campaigns, and robust app connectivity for enterprises and teams.

Keap provides sales and marketing automation to over 125,000 customers, including CRM, marketing automation, sales automation, and transactions.

Keap has helped businesses improve sales for over 20 years with proven sales and marketing knowledge. Their CRM and sales marketing solutions help save you money and get much more accomplished with less effort, allowing you to expand your business. They also give assistance, mentoring, and partner assistance to empower you in increasing your business at any level.

A Walkthrough To Infusionsoft Traffic Funnel

Before creating a traffic funnel, you should familiarise yourself with the Infusionsoft interface. Here are the specifics of Infusionsoft UI for creating an effective traffic funnel.


The dashboard is the central hub features widgets that allow you to quickly view important data and current activity, tasks, and appointments. You can quickly change the dashboard widgets by dragging them or by clicking more, and you can turn on or off features.

Keap Dashboard

The first eight widgets are growth widgets, which provide vital information about your firm and aid you in identifying where you should concentrate your efforts to grow it.

Recent activity displays the most recent activities in chronological order. This panel allows you to jump right to a specified task.


The contact center panel has basic contact information and several quick action buttons. You may send text messages, emails, tags, and notes and create new tasks from here, along with other features.

Keap Contact

If you want to see a contact’s most recent activity, you may look at the chronological order of the most recent activity. You may find more contact information on the right side of the clock symbol.

To add or import contacts in the contacts, go to People and select Add or Import Contacts from the dropdown menu.

Keap Add or Import Contact

You may import contacts from various places, including Google Contacts, QuickBooks Online, Mailchimp, Constant Contacts, and more.

Keap Import Contact


  • Forms

Internal and public forms can be found under the Marketing part of the forms. Internal forms are produced when you manually enter new contact records into the keap. Public forms are web pages on your website that people fill out on their own, such as landing pages or self-hosted choices.

Choose one from the menus that best fits your needs to create a form. Assume you’re going to make forms for your home page. When modifying the structure, you’ll go through four steps: create, style, automate, and publish.

Keap Internal External From

We may add new files, reorganize them, delete them, or toggle them in the build section, along with other options.

Keap Build

After building the form, click “next” to design it. This option allows you to modify the background and button color and the orientation of the displayed company logo.

Keap Style

After you’ve finished styling, click “next” to begin implementing automation. You may send follow-up emails to your contacts automatically. Within 48 hours of creating forms, the automated system will send follow-up emails to the audience. You may also develop your automated processes.

Keap Automate

After automating the forms, click “Next,” and you’ll be sent to a keap-hosted link. By embedding a code provided by Keap, you may add the forms to your website.

Keap Publish

  • Landing pages

Setting up a landing page is another technique to capture leads. A landing page is a web page designed to complete a particular marketing goal, such as collecting leads or making an immediate sale. The landing page builder allows you to pick from various templates and edit them to fit your needs.

Keap Landing Page Build

To market various products and services, you may develop as many landing pages as possible. To create a landing page, you have to pick a template, alter it to your needs, and publish it.


In the communications section, you may send text messages to contacts under Calls and Texts. Choose Contact and begin typing.

Keap Call and Text

In the Email Broadcast area, you’ll see a list of previously sent broadcasts and open and click rates. Click on one of the broadcasts to get more information.

Keap Email Broadcast

To make a new broadcast, go to the top right area and choose “New Broadcast,” then “Email.” You may choose from an extensive range of templates, personalize them, and deliver them to your contacts.


Keap has two forms of automation: easy and advanced automation.

  • Easy Automation

When you click on Easy Automation, you’ll get a list of all the automation you’ve already built in your keap app. You may filter the results to discover specific automation from the many available. You may utilize some premade automation on the right side of the interface straight away. However, build new automation by clicking the (+) icon and then on the easy automation.

Assume you’re starting from scratch with automation. You may fix what will be automated when someone purchases anything.

  • Advanced Automation

Advanced Automations Builder allows you to personalize the sales and marketing processes to produce reliable, consistent growth through sophisticated nurturing sequences, customized response triggers, etc.

Keap automation

You can develop even more comprehensive automation with advanced automation. For example, a company’s website contains a contact us form with a dropdown menu for the user to pick their industry. Assume they have nurturing sequences for various businesses and want to tailor their promotional messages to the specific industry.

Keap advance automation-infusionsoft traffic funnels

Keap features a web form for sophisticated automation. The form utilizes a distinct route for users to follow based on the dropdown options when the form is submitted. Keap will transfer the Contact to the e-commerce sequence if the custom field industry matches e-commerce.

Keap advance automation

Advanced automation allows you to create automation for events such as when a specific link in an email is clicked, when an email is opened, when a tag is applied, and much more.


Sales teams generally utilize pipelines to monitor deals through a predefined sales and fulfillment process. Because various items may have distinct sales procedures, you may create as many funnels as possible.

Keap Pipeline

A pipeline comprises many phases that you may configure, such as new leads, qualifying leads, quotes submitted, quotes accepted, and so on. Under each step, you’ll see the individual deals that your team members are operating on.

A deal consists of the following elements: the deal’s name, the transaction’s worth, the deal’s Contact or contracts, and the members of your team who are working on the deal. There’s also a projected close date, options for notes and emails, and a history of deal activity.

Keap Deal Details

To move a transaction from one step to the next, click and drag it to the next relevant stage. Using automation to move a deal from one step to the next is a valuable resource when dealing with pipelines.


The reports area has various information to help you monitor the sales and marketing efforts. Each report has comprehensive search parameters to assist you in knowing precisely what you’re searching for.

Keap Sales Reports

Reports are divided into basic sales reports and reports that track specific marketing initiatives. They will also give you analytics to assist you in visualizing your sales and marketing efforts to determine which initiatives are capturing leads and where you might focus your attention ahead.

Keap analytics

What Do Infusionsoft Traffic Funnels Do?

Leveraging Keap’s marketing and sales automation tools, you can save time and increase sales. Waste less time when you are individually following up with clients or repeating email after email and more time communicating with customers and developing your business without disruption. The Infusionsoft Traffic Funnels may assist you in several ways, including the outlined points.

  • Save time by automating time-consuming chores like lead collecting and follow-up so you can focus on your business.
  • Deliver prospective customers SMS and email follow-ups immediately after submitting an application on your website or social media.
  • Without having to do anything, drive leads from the contact page to scheduled appointments.
  • Whenever clients make an appointment, they will immediately get automated reminders.
  • New leads initiate a new deal in your sales funnel, followed by emails regarding offers and promotions.
  • When your clients forget to pay an invoice, automation will notify them, and once they’ve fully paid, they’ll receive a thank you email.
  • With Keap’s Zapier connection, you can link to around 2,000 applications. Keap can connect your third-party applications to trigger highly profitable (and creative) sales and marketing automated systems.
  • Using sophisticated segmentation, deliver the right information to the right person.
  • Make an automation to keep leads involved until they’re willing to buy.
  • With advanced automation, new leads may be tagged, tasks assigned, and emails sent based on client activity.


Keap offers three different price plans: Lite, Pro, and Max. For 500 contacts, the Lite, Pro, and Max plans cost $59, $129, and $199 a month, respectively.

Keap Pricing

For solopreneurs and small businesses, the Lite plan is ideal—it includes essential CRM, automation, and email capabilities to help you keep managed, automate follow-up, monitor leads, and complete more transactions.

The pro plan is ideal for expanding customers with unique requirements—create automated, consistent sales techniques and marketing strategies to save time and increase revenues.

The Max plan is appropriate for established enterprises with teams requiring a powerful CRM system. With powerful marketing and sales automation, configurable campaigns, e-commerce, and app connections, this revolutionary beta experience propels your business forward.

For individuals with complex e-commerce and sales team demands, Max Classic, previously known as Infusionsoft, is appropriate. Consider Max Classic to be the same product with a new identity and a steady stream of interesting product updates.

Final Words

A funnel can aid in the identification of problematic products or services. When potential consumers leave the funnel, you can track them back to the stage where they departed, which shows the reason. This information may be used to develop an effective marketing plan. The simple drag-and-drop sales pipeline in Keap allows you to transfer leads quicker, complete greater sales, and keep track of all your deals in one spot.

You can also capture leads using built-in landing pages and add them to your contacts using smart segmentation. If you’re thriving for a convenient approach to building your business, Infusionsoft traffic funnels are the way to go.

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