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380+ Private Story Names: Most Unique Ideas For Snapchat

Private Story Names

Snapchat contains various stories, and private stories are one type of story. The first step in writing a private narrative is to give it a title, and it is critical to select distinctive and appealing private story names to capture readers’ attention.

Snapchat stories are a fast and straightforward approach to engaging with your audience instantaneously. It’s entertaining to keep your audience updated by uploading stories if you’re on vacation or achieved something great.

We’ve prepared an extensive collection of witty, offensive, and funny story names and other story names to simplify the process for you.

Let’s get started with some name suggestions that will perhaps spark your creativity and inspire you to come up with your own creative idea to develop funny story names.

Private Story Names Ideas For Snapchat: Explanation and Examples

What are Private Story Names for Snapchat?

What are Private Story Names for Snapchat

Snapchat is social messaging software that allows people to exchange photos and videos (called snaps) designed to vanish after seeing. It’s branded as a “new form of the camera” since its primary function is to shoot a photo or video, edit it with filters, lenses, or other elements, and connect with friends. People spend more time watching a user’s story rather than browsing across their newsfeed, which has increased the popularity of stories.

Stories are tiny snippets of video and photos that last for only 24 hours. Unlike a newsfeed, where the image remains on the timeline or profile for long periods, stories vanish after 24 hours.

A private Snapchat story is one in which users control who can see it. Snapchat makes it possible to create more personalized stories and share them with only a few people.

Snapchat can be a great tool for social media marketing. Read this article on Keys To Successful Social Media Marketing to know more. If you are interested in unbound marketing, you can read the article Why Is Social Media An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing.

The Importance of Choosing a Unique Story Names

The Importance of Choosing a Unique Private Story Names

On Snapchat’s private stories, the name is the first thing that people see. The distinctiveness of your name activates the neurological function in other people’s brains that provides you with the advantage. Our self-image is thought to be heavily influenced by how others treat us. A distinctive name may impact our development, causing us to become different individuals who are the personality of our own identity.

This is all logical: If you are blessed with a name that no one else has, you become acclimated to, and hence less afraid of, deviating from the norm. The more unique your name, the more probable that you will view and experience the world uniquely.

Private Story Names Ideas in 2022

Private Story Names Ideas

The first way to build a private story is to provide it with a name and it is something to think about. Your creativity to go free and create something exceptional is enjoyable. To come up with memorable, catchy, and funny story names, you must explore beyond the box.

Here are a few examples of Snapchat story names.

Funny Private Story Names

funny private story names

Viewers will invest the time to view your content if you utilize catchy and funny story names. The following collection of funny private story names will have your audience laughing from the start until the end, regardless of their condition.

  1. My room of secrets.
  2. The Meme Squad.
  3. Babies in the wings.
  4. brew yourself an espresso
  5. I’m only the lens.
  6. Adventures of a Kitten.
  7. DR. PHIL’s unboxing video.
  8. The hottest gossip.
  9. I’m Getting Older.
  10. Life in One’s Head.
  11. Ideas.
  12. Meoww.
  13. Boxer’s Camp.
  14. Extra-large size.
  15. I just finished it.
  16. Salad de Tortoise.
  17. It was a fun funeral.
  18. Lion Smells.
  19. It’s hot and humid.
  20. Trash – exactly like me.
  21. You’re my psychiatrist.
  22. I’m not having a good time.
  23. My ship’s captain.
  24. ME’s tale!
  25. Don’t get it mixed up.
  26. With me, it’s always laughter.
  27. It’s great to be happy!
  28. Troublemaker.
  29. The absolute worst of the greatest.
  30. The most intriguing dude.
  31. I’m no longer a child.
  32. I’m the best of my wretchedness.
  33. The one who is informed on.
  34. In the womb.
  35. I’m not without flaws.
  36. Hungry for mischief
  37. I am always spying on you.
  38. The new father.
  39. The worst narrative I’ve ever heard.
  40. Extended size.
  41. Mr. Slacker.
  42. Lion, you stink.
  43. The bed should be rocked.
  44. It’s boss time.
  45. The egg is spoiled.
  46. Burp of Apple Beer.

Creative Private Story Names

creative private story names

To get your audience’s attention on social media, you should utilize distinctive and innovative story names. Here are some names for private stories that are both creative and unique.

  1. You’re entirely my type.
  2. That’s me, sassy and lovely!
  3. My catwalk is the entire planet.
  4. I prompt the ice cream to melt
  5. That’s my favorite posture, right?
  6. My sense of style is on the spot!
  7. I’m a living, breathing wire.
  8. The Original Gang
  9. The Founders
  10. Tea was spilled in bulk.
  11. Gang, Gang, Gang.
  12. It’s all a joke.
  13. Exclusive Meeting.
  14. A ragtag bunch of people.
  15. A melting pot.
  16. The Hot Pots .🍜
  17. My life is like a saga.
  18. This will go away anytime soon.
  19. My shoes are envious of my style.
  20. I understood when to remain calm.
  21. I’m a unicorn with the ability to fly.

Cute Private Story Names

Cute private Story Names

Snapchat’s cute private story names are indeed a fun experience with your buddies. Once you’ve accumulated adequate information, such unique story names may be utilized as a funny story or a fun title.

  1. Hours of joy.
  2. Storytelling at its best.
  3. I despise growing up!
  4. It is never too late to have a good time.
  5. No half-sends are permitted.
  6. Books, Books, and More Books!
  7. Plotline Right now.
  8. Diverse females.
  9. The story of a sassy b!tch.
  10. Who am I now?
  11. I’m at a loss without you.
  12. Conditions & Terms
  13. The Titanic’s swim team
  14. I could talk about it all day.
  15. I guarantee I’m not insane!
  16. Quite a bit, Mona.
  17. Just to be clear.
  18. I am a Martian.

Cool Private Story Names

cool private story names snapchat

You may share great memories with close friends through private stories. We’ve put together a long list of fantastic private story names to assist you in coming up with a name that others will find cool. Since they’re so distinctive in their own way, these names will make your fans amused and connected with each one you publish.

  1. You will not trust it!
  2. It’s far too legitimate to give up.
  3. My life is ablaze.
  4. I’m such a simpleton.
  5. I’m looking for you (to know).
  6. I’m enslaved.
  7. It’s all about you!
  8. Get the fun to begin!
  9. I do not need a man.
  10. You’re all hatin’ on a boss bitch.
  11. This is how I awoke.
  12. The perfect mix of elegance and swagger.
  13. My swag is not for you.
  14. “My tale” is on repeat indefinitely.
  15. Laugh now, weep later
  16. I’m not a snob.
  17. Kisses and cuddles
  18. Something intriguing.
  19. Who doesn’t choose to be a celeb?
  20. Queen of selfies.
  21. Laughter of love
  22. It’s the double trouble.
  23. The King is cool.
  24. Switch off the air conditioning. I’ve arrived.
  25. New Flyers.
  26. Guy? girl.
  27. The dude is cool.

Offensive Private Story Names

offensive private story names

The purpose of offensive story names is to evoke a response from your audience if it’s a surprise, disgust, or anger – something that will end up making them notice you.

  1. What happened to your brains?
  2. I’d given up giving you f*cks.
  3. Look at me as though I don’t care.
  4. Peddler of drugs.
  5. Fifty different hues of evil.
  6. I’ll look after you later.
  7. I’m the boss, and I’ll set the rules.
  8. I’m not a piece of plastic.
  9. How much harm have you done?
  10. You’re a dreadful individual.
  11. I’m not interested in having you in my life anymore.
  12. That does not sit well with me.
  13. You have no right to ask that!
  14. You’re a dreadful individual.
  15. I’m not someone’s property.
  16. Not today, but perhaps tomorrow.
  17. You’re unable to deal with me at this time.
  18. Sh!thole.
  19. Please keep away because stupidity is infectious.

Baddie Private Story Names

Baddie private story names

People utilize a variety of Snapchat story names to make their discussions and videos with friends more confidential. Baddie Snapchat’s funny story names may be used to get the additional flirtatious with the mate.

Below are some suggestions for Snapchat baddie  story names:

  1. I’d like to be your blanket.
  2. Want to take a trip on the wild side?
  3. It’s too late to stop.
  4. You make my heart race.
  5. My favorite spot to visit is you.
  6. Feelings of luxury.
  7. There are no kooks permitted.
  8. It’s just for our eyes.
  9. Make it right by kissing me.
  10. Don’t play with me!
  11. By nature, I’m a badass.
  12. When did I subscribe to your problems?
  13. You’re one of my favorite villains.
  14. I’m addicted to you.
  15. You are the oxygen I take in.
  16. Without you, I’m nothing.
  17. I can see your lips.
  18. I’ll be your own love coach.
  19. Hello, I have a crush on you.

Depressing Private Story Names

depressing private story names

If you want, Snapchat will let you be depressed like the planet’s worst person. You’ll need thought and maybe just a few emoticons to come up with names for your heartbreaking story. This collection of depressing story names can get you going.

  1. It’s completely empty inside.
  2. 50 colors of sadness
  3. Nothing in my life brings me joy.
  4. Please give up on me at this point.
  5. My life is a shambles.
  6. I’m starting to feel useless.
  7. This is too much!
  8. When am I going to be happy?
  9. Why do I enjoy it so much?
  10. I’m incapable of doing anything correctly.
  11. I’m heartbroken.
  12. I don’t even require 13 justifications.
  13. Errors have occurred.
  14. My life’s worst show.
  15. It’s breakdown time.
  16. I’m entirely alone.
  17. The life of (your name) is boring.
  18. Life is a waste of time.
  19. Crying calmly.
  20. Are we alive or simply breathing?
  21. Sadness and a few drinks.
  22. What does it matter?
  23. Big brother is on the lookout.
  24. Praying for death to come.
  25. The suicide squad.
  26. Fake a smile for the rest of your life.
  27. I despise myself.
  28. Laugh now, weep later.
  29. Dinner at a prison?
  30. As if you care.
  31. Kill me now.

Redneck Private Story Names

redneck private story names

Are you pleased to be referred to as a redneck and would like to talk about it on Snapchat? I’ve compiled a list of fantastic redneck name suggestions for your own story. Take a look at these.

  1. What’s the big deal?
  2. My hunting vacation did not go as planned.
  3. Why don’t you get in my truck?
  4. Always with a redneck demeanor
  5. Rusted and busted.
  6. The newest member of the redneck posse.
  7. This is a must-see performance.
  8. My house is on wheels.
  9. It’s all about me, my tools, and my rules.
  10. Ruggedly artistic.
  11. The woods are a place of survival.

Christmas Private Story Names

christmas private story names

Christmas Snapchat stories allow you to display all of your holiday activities. However, you must first come up with a unique name for it. This section is for you if you’re having trouble coming up with a Christmas-themed title for your personal story.

  1. Everything is bright and merry.
  2. At Frost Side, there’s love.
  3. On the naughty list of Santa Claus.
  4. Eat, drink, have fun, snooze, and repeat!
  5. Winter is on its way!
  6. Jingle Bells, jingle bells, jingle bells!
  7. It’s a Santa!
  8. Wonder Woman in the Winter
  9. Holy Party, let the feasting season begin.

Private Story Names For Girls

private Story Names For Girls

Snapchat is extremely popular among females. There’s no way around it! The new Snapchat story names for females will attract almost any woman, irrespective of age or origin.

  1. There is no filter.
  2. Queen of Snapchat
  3. The Girl Who Dresses in All Black.
  4. The Crazy-Cut-Haired Girl
  5. Trouble is on the way.
  6. I’m not expecting a child (Kidding).
  7. What Happened to Make Me So Fat?
  8. My mother’s fave child.
  9. The tea has been spilled.
  10. The Girl Who Despises Herself.
  11. It’s pretty emotional.
  12. The Girl Who Got the Match.
  13. A Love Story of Sweet Potato Toast.
  14. Simply a Lady in Love with Her Man.
  15. She was drained of energy.
  16. Girls Who Are “Bad.”
  17. The Girl Who Took His Smile Away.
  18. I’m Gonna Be Famous.
  19. This young lady is a cat lady.
  20. The files of mystery (your name).
  21. Girl chat.
  22. Only the worst shawty.
  23. It’s private.

Private Story Names For Boys

private story names for boys

Here are some examples of Snapchat story names for males to get you continued!

  1. The Nasty Bedroom Boy.
  2. The circus lifestyle.
  3. The Joke Maker.
  4. Mr. Quiet, Relaxed, and Serene.
  5. A string of disastrous choices.
  6. I’m deserving, baby!
  7. What’s going on, ladies?
  8. The Shy Person.
  9. I’m a nerd.
  10. I’m Too Young To Die
  11. The Boy Who Hated Mondays
  12. The All-Black Boy
  13. The Story of the Boy Who Forgot to Smile
  14. Girl Who Fell in Love with a Bad Boy
  15. The Kisser is the main protagonist.
  16. The Quiet One.
  17. The Coolest Guy in the World.
  18. The Boy Who Enjoys Humor.
  19. Greetings, Lady. I’ll grab some tacos for you.
  20. Haters are going to hate.
  21. Boys and girls, it’s snack time!
  22. Snapchat is the King.

Private Story Names For Summer

private story names for summer

If you’re going to start a Summer-themed narrative, don’t make your reader confused by giving the season an outdated name. Instead, all you need now is a spark of creativity to create something unique.

  1. Hello there, sun!
  2. My life’s brightest days.
  3. Peachy and sandy.
  4. Take a look around.
  5. I’m excited about our upcoming trip together.
  6. I’ve got a sunny disposition.
  7. Sunshine-filled souls.
  8. It’s starting to become warm outside.
  9. In-person, summer is even more impressive.
  10. Have a view of the sea when you get up.
  11. Let’s plan our dream trip together!
  12. Happy dreams and soft drinks.
  13. Seaside Babe.
  14. Nothing beats summer in…
  15. Wild ride FUN!
  16. The heat is on.
  17. With the sun on my face, I’m at sea.
  18. How was your summer?

Private Story Names About School

private story names about school

School private Snapchat story names are a great way to mock daft, geeks, and students. This collection of school story names for Snapchat can assist you in selecting a name that is appropriate for the story.

  1. The school is fantastic.
  2. Sweethearts from school.
  3. When is the summer holiday?
  4. Always falling into the mess.
  5. School is a pain.
  6. I’ll be graduating fairly soon! (Hopefully).
  7. “Stay quiet,” my teacher shouted.
  8. I can hardly wait for a break!
  9. I’m exhausted.
  10. I arrived at school late.
  11. Class Reunion.
  12. I’m thrilled.
  13. That’s what I did this morning!
  14. At school, I was exhausted.
  15. My crush just passed by.
  16. Monsters School.
  17. That’s not something you learn in school.
  18. Take me to Hell in a bag.
  19. My tutor is fantastic!
  20. Who sent me a text message?
  21. I’m running late for school!
  22. Simply Relaxing!
  23. I had a wonderful day.
  24. It’s school time, but it’s also playtime!
  25. Teenagers.
  26. I had to leave.
  27. My teacher is cruel.
  28. It’s time for lunch!

Private Story Names For Book Lovers

private story names for book lovers

Developing a creative and original title for your literary personality might be challenging. Here is a collection of secret story names for book lovers that you may use to disclose the extent of your genuine passion for a good old-fashioned book!

  1. Time for a story.
  2. Dear Diary…
  3. Warning: This is a bookworm’s paradise.
  4. Please do not disturb- I am reading a book!
  5. The Pros and the Bros.
  6. Teenagers with big dreams.
  7. In bed, reading.
  8. The robber of books.
  9. Reading is a lovely pastime.
  10. Books trump people.
  11. Read more and sleepless.
  12. My weekend is BOOKed.

Private Story Names For Disney

private story names For Disney

The Disney-inspired posts will appeal to both children and elderly persons. The below collection of Disney Snapchat private story titles is likely to satisfy a wide range of viewers in a moment!

  1. Always frozen!
  2. Disney amusement.
  3. Cinderella finds her prince.
  4. Nemo for life!
  5. I have a magical touch.
  6. It’s a strange place, after all.
  7. Mickey is a mouse.
  8. In Neverland, it’s snowed.
  9. Disney’s marvelous world.
  10. I have a magical touch.
  11. Disney’s Fantasyland
  12. Cinderella finally gets her prince.
  13. I’m an aviator!
  14. Frozen Fever.
  15. The lion is sleeping tonight.
  16. I have a buddy in me.
  17. Mickey is the best.
  18. Every time enjoyable.

Private Story Names Smoking

private story names smoking

You may use titles relevant to what you’re smoking and how it smells, as well as your preferred variety or vaping store. Some of the most frequent names for smoking private stories include:

  1. I’m on such a high right now!
  2. Clouds are forming above my home.
  3. Juicy juices.
  4. Clear the Lungs, Clear the Mind.
  5. I’m on a cloud with my friends.
  6. A once-in-a-lifetime experience.
  7. Up in Flames. Literally!
  8. I like to chase clouds.
  9. Lung enlargement.
  10. Fantasies in the Fog.
  11. I’m writing and coughing like a maniac.

Private Story Names Alcohol

private story names alcohol

These Snapchat title examples for alcohol are perfect for creating a funny private story devoted to alcohol.

  1. When I drink, I get insights.
  2. Taking a drink from the drums
  3. Drunken Bunny
  4. I was too drunk to bother.
  5. Sip it and pretend it’s real.
  6. I became lost on the floor.
  7. Wine tales.
  8. D.J. mash-up.
  9. Up the bottles.
  10. I just saw Wine.
  11. Give me a try.
  12. Boys with beer bellies.
  13. On the shaky ground!
  14. It’s a nice life, but it’s much better with beer.
  15. Drink beer instead of water.
  16. Having a Drink Under the Stars
  17. Cheers and beers to you!
  18. The Drunken Partner.
  19. My Drunken Night anecdotes.
  20. Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.).
  21. It’s Wine’s time.
  22. The Alcoholic’s Harm
  23. Whiskey Fireworks
  24. On the rocks with a double Scotch.
  25. Wine Delivered to the Stars
  26. Recruit an alcoholic.
  27. I have a double vision.

Dark Humor Private Story Names

dark humor private story names

Dark humor is a means of making jokes regarding critical or disheartening topics like depressed mood, hardship, or death, which can be offensive to some people. Here are some examples of dark humor story names

  1. A bleak comedy tonight.
  2. Life stink, and so do you!
  3. The loser in 50 Shades of Grey
  4. Like me, you’re a scumbag!
  5. We’re all going to be dead.
  6. The Mysterious Turtle
  7. The night belongs to the Panthers.
  8. Confessions Are Anonymous.
  9. Darkness’s King
  10. Darkness’s queen
  11. My friend felt he was having trouble.
  12. Don’t be fooled by the name.
  13. Everyone and everything irritates me.
  14. You’ve seen her before.
  15. Dropped out of beauty school.
  16. The darkest humor.

Spiritual Private Story Names

spiritual private story names

The condition of feeling a spiritual relationship to God or the spiritual realm is known as spirituality. Examples of spiritual story names are:

  1. Holy hacks.
  2. A Mind in Stillness
  3. Peaceful King
  4. Religious Reasons.
  5. Inner serenity.
  6. Becoming a human being.
  7. There is just bliss.
  8. Paradise has been lost.
  9. Recognize your value.
  10. Soul Faded away.
  11. Paradise’s soul.
  12. Sense of peace.
  13. The mind is still there.


You may be aware of the value of social media in the realm of social media. When expressing your thoughts on Snapchat, it is critical to prioritize when selecting story names. I hope you found all of these funny story names helpful in deciding your next story title.

If you have any original private story names that you have found in a private Snapchat account, please share them with us in the comments area.


What Are Good Private Story Names?

Here are some suggestions for good narrative titles.

  • The Trusted Circle
  • Check for clowns.
  • And I’m Well Aware Of It.
  • The demon that cries.
  • The Bed’s Day
  • The Notebook of a Lonely Child

Can You Change Your Private Story Name On Snapchat?

You’ll need to launch the Snapchat app to modify a private story. After that, hit the profile icon, after that setting button (the one with the three vertical dots), and afterward “Story settings.” You may change the narrative, remove snaps, and add friends to it from there.

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