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AppSumo Review In 2022-Is It Legit Or Too Good To Be True?

AppSumo Review

These days online businesses are becoming increasingly popular as a viable means of making a decent life. However, running an internet business necessarily involves using software or digital tools. The majority of the tools are accessible from the developer’s website on a monthly subscription. Many business owners are finding it difficult to pay the monthly membership charge for several products. AppSumo comes with a possible solution for them. This AppSumo review is to let you know those solutions.

AppSumo offers fantastic deals to help businesses on their way to scale up. AppSumo provides various digital solutions at the lowest possible cost and assists businesses in scaling. If you’re not sure how it’s feasible, see this full  AppSumo review. We’ll go through every aspect to show you how to cut costs while growing your business. Let’s get this ball rolling.

AppSumo Review: Is it Worth Buying a Deal?

People are suspicious of the legitimacy of the AppSumo marketplace because of the significant discounts on items. It is obvious to question if this website is legit or not? To clear up any doubt, go through every detail and learn how you may perceive benefit from it.

What is AppSumo?

What is AppSumo

AppSumo is a website and online marketplace of digital goods. It provides its customers with the best deals to have the best experience in their entrepreneurship journey. In addition, they allow customers to purchase desired software with Appsumo in a lifetime deal.

Noah Kagan, a serial entrepreneur, established AppSumo in 2011. Kagan and crucial stakeholder Neville Medhora helped strengthen AppSumo’s email list from zero to 750k subscribers. Since Medhora gained success in the first sale page, he wrote sales pages of the company for the following two years.

Many businesses that operate a lifetime deal in the marketplace have switched to AppSumo as a growth hacking engine. This website has made millions for the entrepreneurs who use AppSumo and saved billions for its consumers. 

How Does AppSumo Work?

AppSumo makes a  software deal available as a lifetime deal for a discounted rate within an annual payment. AppSumo announces three new deals each week; thus, multiple deals might function efficiently. They negotiate exclusive one-time payment agreements with those stakeholders for a lifetime. Eventually, they make those cheap deals financially viable on the AppSumo marketplace.

At AppSumo, however, each deal is about to be available for purchase for a limited period. The tools on offer are mostly (although not always) from pretty new SaaS startups with a product that you would otherwise pay for every month. Instead, they’ll sell their stuff on AppSumo for a much cheaper one-time pricing. You’ll be able to see how many days are left until the offer expires.

AppSumo offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of its goods. So if you buy anything, try it out for a time, and then decide it’s not for you, you can quickly request a refund.AppSumo also has the top-notch return policy among any of these types of sites that I’ve come across.

In short, AppSumo searches out software firms to collaborate with, engages in agreements with them, offers incredible discounts on their products, and aids its customers in saving money. You can get even more discounts on your favorite products by stacking codes. If you purchase several codes for the same product, you will have access to even more amazing deals and enterprise-level features. It allows you to quadruple to tenfold your feature stack.

Is AppSumo Legit?

Appsumo began its venture in 2011 and is still running a booming business with excellent client feedback. AppSumo is a credible source for those buyers looking to save money on their preferred software. They have a flexible return policy within 60 days. If a customer is dissatisfied with their purchase, they can always ask for a refund.

AppSumo poses little risk to a customer, and there is no doubt that this platform is totally legit. Nevertheless, there is a cost to the software producer as they must provide AppSumo with the majority of their profit (up to 70%) for marketing their products. This perfectly illustrates why AppSumo has an eight-figure income.

They are a genuine, professional marketing firm. Their digital goods provide excellent value for money, and there is no obligation to buy now. So you can search for your favorite tools before the offer time runs out!

Why Is A Lifetime Deal Awesome?

Things become distressing for a novice entrepreneur when it’s a question about staying financially stable. To grow businesses, they will need different tools. But most of the tools or digital goods come with a monthly subscription fee.

An entrepreneur may need an analytical tool, form builder, sales funnel builder, lead generation tool, customer relationship manager, email automation, and so on.  Using various tools with monthly subscriptions may become a burden for entrepreneurs. In addition, it is challenging for novices to use those products and services due to the subscription hassle. That is when lifetime leases come conveniently. AppSumo offers a lifetime deal at a significantly reduced price.

Why Should You Buy Software From Appsumo?

When it is possible to have the ideal software packages at an economical price, purchasing a pricey one is not a smart choice. AppSumo offers digital items to its clients at a reasonable price. They also offer a 60-day money refund guarantee. If you don’t like or want to use a certain product or service, you may simply ask for a refund. Why wouldn’t you buy software from AppSumo when you have so many benefits?

To be more explicit, let’s say you require software for lead generation. Bietplay is a program that targets YouTube viewers. It will cost $2388 for the entire year if you buy it from their website. However, you can purchase this program for $99 only with a lifetime license from AppSumo.For established people in business, a $2388  yearly payment for a single software may not be a huge deal, but for newcomers, it is. But AppSumo made it affordable for novice entrepreneurs. Indeed, it is the most remarkable offer you’ll ever have.

What is AppSumo Plus Membership?

AppSumo Plus Membership

AppSumo launched their membership plus program for customers who often buy software from the marketplace. Plus, membership brings extra advantages to AppSumo users. With this membership plan, users will get a 10% discount on any purchase. It’s an excellent chance for tech-savvy individuals to save money and build their businesses quickly.

AppSumo Plus membership includes the following services:

  • Get a 10% discount on all purchases.
  • Opportunity to connect with Appsumos team members, crowdsource new solutions, and talk shop.
  • As previously said, their deals are only available for a limited time. However, that period is extended to 72 hours for plus membership customers.
  • Entrance opportunity to exciting digitalized events.
  • KingSumo giveaway access
  • The last call in which AppSumo brings back some of its most popular purchases.
  • Receive all of the benefits for just $99 per year (less than $8.25 each month).

Customers with AppSumo Plus Membership have extra opportunities to save money. However, this is an appropriate program for those individuals who need to purchase software regularly. If you are one of those who require software regularly, consider becoming a Plus Membership program member.

What is AppSumo Briefcase?

AppSumo Briefcase

Appsumo Briefcase is a three-month subscription and discount program in which you have to spend $147 in exchange for $196 in Appsumo credits. That’s a 25% discount straight away. Those certain credits may be used to purchase items from the AppSumo marketplace. In addition, you will receive a 10% discount on all purchases. This suitcase is a resource for company owners, freelancers, and new startups looking to expand their businesses. It enables the acquisition of many high-quality resources at a lower cost. The best thing is you can cancel the subscription at any time.

It is a more developed alternative to AppSumo plus. The downside is that there is no refund policy for the AppSumo briefcase. Also, there are fewer resources available on the product page.

If you are running your online business and need digital goods most often, then It’s wise to buy all your tools from one place at an affordable price. Spending for each software from the developer’s website costs way more money than buying from a marketplace like Appsumo. Moreover, they have different plans like AppSumo membership plus and Appsumo Briefcase, which allow users to purchase products at a more affordable price.

The benefits of using the Appsumo briefcase are :

  • 10% money back on every purchase
  • Subscription cancellation
  • No need to agree on contracts.

How can you optimize your savings when purchasing Appsumo deals via Appsumo Briefcase?

As you know, AppSumo sells software tools at lower prices. As a result, you can now scale your business more efficiently. In addition, there are various categories of software available in the marketplace to choose from the list. Now I’ll discuss how you can maximize your savings from AppSumo.

  • Code-Based

To optimize your savings and acquire the packed offers, you can use multiple briefcases. For example, if you buy five codes that costs = 5×$79 =$395,

To gain maximum discounts, Register for two Appsumo accounts and two Briefcases. So you will pay only $296 instead of $395. This is really a significant saving.

  • Tier Based

If you buy a briefcase and register a new account, you are going to have $49 from the briefcase along with a 10% discount for the new account and a  10% reduction from the briefcase. 

What Does AppSumo Offer Additionally?

$10 Discount

AppSumo offers a $10 discount for new subscribers and first purchases. To receive $10, sign up on the AppSumo website, choose your favorite products, then use your $10 discount code during the checkout process.

Freebies Collection

AppSumo offers freebies collections on their website, including courses, video, graphic content materials, etc. All future AppSumo deals will be delivered to you through email once you have subscribed. It will show you how to redeem the coupons and give you a sense of how the AppSumo platform works.

Key Considerations Before Making Lifetime Deals

  • If you are a content developer, you should take advantage of AppSumo’s extensive collection of stock content material. You can save a lot of money.
  • This is not to mean that website reviews aren’t accurate; rather, before making a decision, you should evaluate both the most positive and negative ratings.
  • Certain lifetime deals are for firms that collapse rapidly, and often the terms of an agreement modify unexpectedly. This is unusual these days but worth mentioning as a concern for people who spend considerable time and effort learning the new software product, such as the AppSumo platform.
  • Integration of tools can save time on a variety of business procedures. Check to verify which integration tools are live and in the product roadmap before purchasing a new lifetime deal.
  • It helps to be a member of a non-biased community of lifelong deals to discover good AppSumo reviews.
  • AppSumo is well-versed in its customer base, including solopreneurs, small teams, and even some agencies. Hence, before you interrupt your current workflow and the tools you’ve already learned, ask yourself if this shiny new thing is truly essential. After purchasing one offer and then witnessing a better one come onto the market, this tends to provoke another type of fear of missing out.


  • The marketplace is pretty easy to use. Novices can easily navigate on the webpage.
  • They offer an extended money-back guarantee of 60 days. Anyone may securely purchase the software.
  • Lifetime offers at the cheapest price look like a breakthrough.
  • Sumo Day presents incredible products, deals, freebies, and giveaways.
  • Grab great deals that could save you thousands of dollars in the long term.
  • Quite sometimes, you may pay for another piece of software but then notice a comparably better one on AppSumo, letting you switch and save money.
  • You may find some pretty inventive young goods available there.


  • Offers are only available for a limited time.
  • Non-digital goods, such as event tickets, books, and other things, are subject to various constraints for AppSumo Plus membership.
  • Only Plus members have the opportunity to request extended access to deals.
  • The majority of AppSumo’s goods come from early-stage entrepreneurs. So, while deciding to purchase the product, you have to do so at your own risk.

Accepted Payment Methods

AppSumo accepts payments by Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, American Express, and AppSumo Credits. AppSumo does not charge sales tax on their services as they follow Austin, TX legislation, and these services are not subject to taxation in Texas. As a consequence, the customer is responsible for reporting and paying all relevant taxes relevant to the use of the services.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, now you are well aware of many aspects of the AppSumo marketplace and how you might profit from it. This AppSumo review will educate you on everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

When you have several opportunities to seize, it is not a sensible choice to pass them up. Instead, you should prioritize selecting the best product among many similar products. It may appear enticing to obtain tools at a cheaper cost, but before investing your money, think about it and conduct comprehensive research, taking into account unbiased customer reviews.

Consider the above-mentioned vital points or recommendations before purchasing tools from AppSumo. Finally, I wish you an incredible entrepreneurial journey with AppSumo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Why should you be an AppSumo’s Plus member?

An AppSumo Plus Member receives various benefits, including a 10% discount on every purchase, an extended 72-hour timeframe to take advantage of deals, and a variety of other perks for only $99 per year.
People who frequently buy software from AppSumo may become members of AppSumo plus to save even more money on their favorite goods.

  • Why do businesses list their products on AppSumo? 

It is logical to wonder why companies provide their products at low prices. Even though companies may profit from their products, they sell them at a discount on Appsumo. Because this platform has a vast customer base, businesses may generate money swiftly. AppSumo offers businesses an extensive email list, affiliates to promote their product, and user data.

  • What if I don’t like the deal?

The most remarkable aspect of AppSumo is the ability to request a refund. If you buy a deal but don’t feel fascinated by the software, you can return it. You receive 60 days from the date of purchase to obtain a refund., regardless of the cause. This allows the flexibility to choose the right product for oneself.

  • Are AppSumo deals worth the cost?

It is up to you, your industry, and the deal you made to determine whether or not the AppSumo deals are profitable. Some deals may not be in use right now, but you may need to utilize them soon. For example, if you work with WordPress, any plugin for which an offer arrived in AppSumo that you don’t need at this moment. However, that plugin may be valuable to you in the upcoming months or years.

Some deals may not be worth your money, while others may provide you with extra value.

  • What deals are on offer?

AppSumo works with various software businesses to offer their products on their website. Initially, they were limited in quantity, but now rapidly expanding. Their website includes everything from SaaS products to WordPress themes and plugins.
To get the deals, you must stack codes. There is an opportunity to purchase numerous codes in order to gain more features. However, they offer far more discounts to trust if all deals are credible. 

  • Can I link multiple Briefcases to one account?

AppSumo does not permit the addition of several briefcases to a single account. Therefore, only one briefcase is usable for a single account.

  • What are the tools that come with Briefcase?

Briefcase subscriptions include a few tools, Missinglettr, Kingsumo, and others. You are not required to pay for such tools.

  • If I cancel my Briefcase, will I lose the LTDs I purchased on Appsumo? 

The briefcase is a discount program that has nothing to do with your lifetime deal. Your purchased deals will stay with you in terms of years.

  • Can I enjoy a free trial for Briefcase? 

Unfortunately, AppSumo doesn’t allow a free trial on Briefcase or any program.

  • What is the distinction between Appsumo Plus and Briefcase?

All of the features of an AppSumo Plus program are available to briefcase customers. Also, the customer earns an additional 47 credits.

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