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How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat?

How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat

Have you ever pinned someone on Snapchat and then decided you do not want to keep them on the pinned option anymore? If it is the case, you may be interested in learning how to unpin someone on Snapchat. Also, if the individual blocked you, you may want to know how to unpin someone on Snapchat that blocked you.

As it turns out, two distinct issues are essentially identical. It does not matter what the issue is, but the solution is straightforward. I will briefly describe how you may fix these problems easily.

In this context, I will discuss how to unpin someone on Snapchat and someone who blocked you. Stay with me if you don/t want to miss any details.

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How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat?

To begin, check to see if a newer version of the Snapchat app is available for your device. If not, then update Snapchat from the Play Store immediately. Now, follow the instructions below to unpin someone from Snapchat:

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat application on your phone.

Snapchat Launch app

Step 2:Then scroll left or click on the chat option at the bottom left side of the camera.

Snapchat Chat interface

Step 3:The pinned conversation may be removed by pressing and holding on to the user’s name in the list. A pop-up window appears when you keep pressing on a chat name for a while.

Step 4:Select the more option.

Snapchat More

Step 5: When you select “More,” several options will appear. But click on “Unpin Conversation” to unpin that particular conversation from the chat list.

Snapchat Unpin conversation-1

That sums it up well. You may unpin a conversation with a person by following these steps.

Snapchat Chat unpined

How To Unpin Someone On Snapchat That Blocked You

To unpin someone who has blocked you, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: First, open your Snapchat app and click the chat option.

Snapchat Long press pinned blockedchat

Step 2: Tap and long press on to the conversation that you would like to unpin. A pop-up window will display after a long press. Click on chat settings from the window.

Snapchat Chat settings

Step 3:The option “Unpin conversation” will then appear.

Snapchat Unpin conversation

When you click it, you will unpin the conversation from the pinned conversation.


After refreshing the conversation multiple times, you will see that the pin symbol is no longer shown. This indicates that you have successfully unpinned the Chat that blocked you.

Final Words

There are instances when we do not want to miss anything. After a while, the same text messages may start to bother you. Here’s when pinning and unpinning messages come in handy.

I hope I have given you a thorough overview of all the issues. Also, I hope you now know how to unpin someone on Snapchat and how to unpin someone on Snapchat that blocked you.

It is straightforward and requires a few basic steps to complete. Please share your thoughts on this topic and any difficulties you encounter when trying to achieve it.


What does Snapchat’s pinned feature mean?

When you pin a conversation on Snapchat, it will appear at the upper level of the chat list. You may get the chat notification without having to search for the contact. It is pinned and means that you are putting the conversation at the upper level of the chat list on Snapchat. Even if other individuals text you, it will still display above someone else’s notice.

Can someone see if you have pinned them on Snapchat?

If you pin someone’s avatar on Snapchat, They will not inform them about it. There is a limit of three pinned chats at a time. To remove a pinned conversation, tap the conversation again while keeping pressing your finger, then go to Chat > Settings > Unpin Conversation. Pinning a user has no effect outside of Chat.

How many days does a Snapchat chat stay pinned?

When you pin a contact name on Snapchat, it will remain at the upper level of your Chat page regardless of what other conversations are going on. A pinned conversation will always remain in its position, even if you have not spoken with that user in more than a year.

Can someone on Snapchat know if you unpin them?

You don’t have to think about hurting the feelings of your friends and family members by unpinning them since Snapchat will not inform them of your decision.

Pinning conversations enables you to continue following an absurdly large number of Snapchatters while also ensuring that the individuals who are most important to you are always shown at the very top of your Contacts screen.

How many conversations can I pin on Snapchat?

You are only allowed to have a maximum of three chats marked at any time. You can only pin three people at a time on Snapchat. If you want to pin more than three individuals, choose your priority and put the most important people first.

To remove a pin from Snapchat’s chat list, just press and keep your finger pressing until a pop-up window appears. Then go to Chat Settings and choose Unpin Conversation from the menu.

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