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InDigitalWorks Review: My Honest Review 2022-How Good Is It?

indigitalworks review

As you’ve arrived here, I predict you’re searching for the best PLR website. I’m quite sure you’ve heard of InDigitalWorks review as one of the top PLR sites. InDigitalworks offers significant PLR items that you can be proud to sell to your clients. They have the trust of over 100,000 Digital Marketers, Website owners, and Bloggers.

If you are seeking the best PLR membership sites with high-quality content, you should check out InDigitalWorks. Before investing money, you should know what you can expect from InDigitalWorks.

In this InDigitalWorks review, I will talk about this PLR website, its product categories, the extras they provide to their users, and whether or not you should utilize this platform for your online company. Let us now go into the depth of the topic.

What are PLR Products?

PLR stands for Private label rights.PLR goods allow people to rename original content, such as articles or videos, by tweaking it. Private label rights (PLR) allow members to save time when developing content by purchasing the rights to tweak and, in most scenarios, take possession of materials. PLR licenses are available for articles, ebooks, applications, video, audio, and graphics. Since you’re generating wholly new work, you have the right to impose your brand on it and claim ownership.

What Is InDigitalWorks?

InDigitalWorks is a renowned PLR website with over 100,000 users that provides free and paid memberships to access large numbers of PLR products offered on its platform in several categories. IndigitalWorks was launched in 2008. It is jam-packed with hundreds of PLR items organized into various categories and genres, and the products are updated regularly.

While you join InDigitalWorks, you’ll have access to a library of thousands of up-to-date, high-quality digital resources, many of which you can’t even find on other PLR websites. You may sell their products when you don’t have anything to sell. There are plenty of diverse PLR items available in areas such as eBooks, articles, movies, software, designs, graphics, music, and much more.

They also provide some valuable incentives to new members. Extra bonuses include PLR training, eCover maker & editor, site hosting, etc.

What kind of Licenses Does InDigitalWorks offer?

InDigitalWorks licenses on items in five categories. Each one has its own set of permits and prohibitions. In this InDigitalWorks review I’ll explain what these legal rights usually allow and do not allow concerning the products:

MRR (Master Resell Rights):

MRR permission gives you the ability to sell the product, bundle it with other items, sell the RR  and the MRR rights. On the contrary, it does not permit product customization or substitution or allows unfettered distribution.

Resell Rights (RR):

RR means selling the product, packaging it with other items, and selling the Resell Rights. However, this privilege does not permit altering and adjusting the product or offering it out for free.

Private Label Rights (PLR):

PLR provides the right to sell the items, bundle them with other products, and sell RR and MRR. PLR does not permit transferring and selling PLR, adding to free membership sites, or offering the product for free.

Giveaway Rights:

This license lets you offer products away for free, sell them, integrate them with several other products, sell the RR and MRR. It does not permit product modification or change, nor does it impart or sell PLR.

Personal Use:

This one is self-explanatory and you may only use things for personal use.

IndigitalWorks Review: What Does The Gold Membership Plan Offer?

InDigitalworks Offers various prepared digital products that members can sell straight away. Their products category are described below :

indigitalworks products

  • Ebooks

Within the membership plans, you’ll find around 6.5k high-quality eBooks on various topics. The eBooks are well-written by industry experts and have about 30 pages. You may modify and trademark these eBooks and sell them back as your own, or you can give them out to your followers to build the email list.

  • Software

The software product category comprises landing and squeezes page builders, WordPress themes, plugins, promotional tools, etc. There are over 1300+ PLR software applications on the platform. The total quality of software items is pretty excellent, and you may use them for resale, gift, or even personal usage.

  • Videos

PLR videos include tutorial videos, how-to guides, lectures, and the items are delivered in the form of a video series. Most of the items are in the digital marketing area, but you may also discover various video items covering different industries.InDigitalWorks has over 1700 videos on the site.

  • Templates

This area has a wide range of PLR templates, including landing pages, sales letters, WordPress themes, minisites, squeeze pages, HTML & CSS templates, etc. Templates might be an excellent lead generator for potential subscribers. You can also use templates for different purposes.

  • Graphics

InDigitalWorks contains over 1200 graphics. The graphic section includes banners, logos, icons, headers and footers, badges, and other items that may be utilized as gifts, personal use, or resold.

PLR headers, cover designs, titles, guarantee boxes, add to cart buttons, guarantee badges, order/buy buttons, testimonial boxes, price tables, credit card & membership card templates, and additional graphics.

  • Music

There are audio lessons, instructional videos, music tracks, hypnosis, inspirational, anxiety, and hypnotherapy audio files available for marketing, brand recognition, resale, and video creation purposes.

Features of Free Membership 

The main attraction about InDigitalWorks is that you can join for free. InDigitalWorks provide a great deal of potential in the free membership, such as 200 great quality PLR items including free eBooks, free software, free movies, templates, graphics, and music.

Additional Bonuses From IndigitalWorks?

You won’t need to search elsewhere for assistance as an InDigitalWorks Gold member. Your subscription gives you access to materials that will help you create your internet company from the ground up and an additional bonus, even if you’re just getting started.

The following are additional benefits that Gold members receive:

Web Hosting

There’s no need to look elsewhere for hosting a website. Gold Lifetime Members receive access to fast, and reliable web servers. InDigitalWorks sister site,, provides website hosting. The service genuinely is a top reseller hosting service.

  • You can host many domains according to your wish for yourself or others (PLR).
  • To operate your website, utilize the most updated cPanel.
  • Using the servers, you may start your own hosting company.
  • You may install WordPress plugins, help desk forums, and various other programs with a single click.
  • Their powerful web builder includes hundreds of professional layouts and drag-and-drop functions making it simple to utilize even if you have no design experience.
  • The web pages are maintained on industry-leading Intel Enterprise SSD drives for appropriate load performance and SEO optimization.

Video Tutorials

Discover anything you need to discover to begin selling PLR items, even though you’re new to the online market. Their video tutorials contain the following benefits:

  • The video program will teach you how to alter a PLR product sales page with a personal name or brand, build and include a PayPal payment button, and post it all to the web so you can keep selling it right away.
  • You can learn how to use PLR to grow an online business.
  • Educate users to find the most out of the PLR products in various ways.
  • Tutorials will teach you to get started easily and quickly using PLR lead magnets.

eCover Software

In 15 minutes, you can build beautiful 3D covers for eBooks, DVD cases, membership cards, virtual software boxes, and other items. The most user-friendly, rapid, web-based, all-in-one eCover creation program is available with this feature. Although you have no design skills, you can develop eye-catching eCovers for your PLR items. 

The 3D rotation feature allows you to view your 3D cover from any angle. Also, any angle of the eCover can be exported as a picture. There is an image manipulation option for beginners in photo size. You may easily add text and background pictures and overlay images and adjust their opacity.

To trademark products, you can use your graphics. You can the cover looks appealing by using a reflection, various background colours, and other effects. You may see how the eCover will look on your website by previewing it.

WP Landing Page

Using “WP Sales Copy,” you can quickly create scalable, high-converting squeeze pages, sales pages, and landing pages. WP Sales Copy plugin functions with any WordPress theme and does not interfere with other plugins. It is compatible with various autoresponders. You need to paste the code of the service to WP Sales Copy.

WP Sales Copy will ensure that all website pages seem stunning on tablets and mobile devices. WP Sales Copy can produce any form of marketing web page in minutes, allowing you to save energy and effort on the business.

PLR Articles

Avoid the time and expense of generating your blog, email, or ebook content. InDigitalWorks now offers accessibility to ContetntXpress, where you may resell, edit, and use over 200k PLR articles for your business.

Use the article, break it into sections, or change it as you feel appropriate. You can use the material to produce blog entries, email newsletters, social media postings, ebooks, reports, and anything else to help you get more consumers and grow your sales.

IndigitalWorks Review: Pros And Cons


  • There are over 200 items to pick from with a free membership.
  • There are around 12500+ digital goods to choose from.
  • 6-+139 training videos to help you build up your internet company.
  • If you’re a product producer, you can get your items in front of InDigitalWorks’ 100,000+ members.
  • You will gain exposure to over 200,000 articles that you may use as your own.
  • Every day, more goods are added.
  • Each product has a brief description.
  • You have the option of requesting new items.
  • It provides incredible customer service.


  • The downloaded documents are format and must be extracted with WinZip or JZip before using.


Although the pricing strategies may appear a bit pricey to some, I consider this a genuine bargain.

It provides three Gold membership packages :

indigitalworks Pricing

  • $39 for three months of subscription
  • $69 for a one-year subscription.
  • $79 for Lifetime Subscription

The price structure is designed to accommodate everyone from a novice to a professional in digital marketing.

Alternatives to InDigitalWorks

InDigitalWorks is a solid choice for PLR items. However, if you’re seeking an alternative to these websites, I recommend has been providing PLR items in many genres since 2008. Courses and coaching resources for health and wellness experts are among its products. The company produces only high-quality items., in comparison to most other PLR websites, provides a complete solution.

You can pay per download or subscribe to a monthly or yearly membership plan, which permits saving a substantial amount of money. To know the details, you can read the review.

Final Words

Over 100k people rely on InDigitalWorks as freelancers, bloggers, and website owners. They are constantly updating information on their website while also assuring the quality of the content. If you’re not sure what to do, I encourage you to explore their free membership and then consider if you want to upgrade to Gold membership choices or not.

If you want to utilize PLR items regularly, I recommend you to try InDigitalWorks’ lifetime subscription. I hope this InDigitalWorks review was helpful to you. I will appreciate your opinion about InDigitalWorks, and let us know what you think about InDigitalWorks.


Does the InDigitalWorks Weekly Updated PLR Membership Function Properly?

For the past ten years, InDigitalWorks has added new goods for users to sell practically every day. Furthermore, if the product does not function, users are entitled to a full refund.

Is InDigitalWorks Offers a Genuine Product?

Since 2008, InDigitalWorks has been delivering its services. They have been able to sustain themselves in the market due to their services and reputations. They ensure the quality of their products. This website is trustworthy and legitimate for purchasing PLR stuff.

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