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10 Best PLR Membership Site Review in 2022

Best PLR Membership Site

Isn’t it true that creating unique content requires a good deal of time and money? Original and helpful content persuades the reader’s attention, Whatever topic you are advertising. If you are searching for the online business growth motto, you will invariably encounter the phrase “content is king.” So you should never neglect the strength of PLR sites and PLR items.

PLR (Private Label Rights) items include various products such as ebooks, applications, web-based learning videos, real worth articles, etc. The most significant part about PLR items is that you can retail them under your own identity and retain 100% of the revenues. You have the license to transfer the property rights to such PLR items.

Not all of the sites are the best PLR membership site which devote the time and money in introducing valuable PLR material to their subscribers. Do you know how to choose the best PLR membership site to purchase PLR items online?

Many PLR sites promise to give high-quality items, but few are value for money. In this article, I’ll let you know about the best PLR Membership websites.

What is PLR Membership?

PLR is an initial for “Private Label Rights.” PLR items are typically available in digital formats like content, films, applications, electronic books, podcasts, etc. If you own a PLR product, you will have complete authority to utilize the product using your identity or brand, and you may even sell it for real cash.

You have to pick a PLR site, sign up for a membership, purchase the things you desire, and begin selling. It is just like trading items in a store, but it’s simpler since everything happens in real life.

There are many PLR websites to select from, each with a different offer. I will introduce you to various items each service provides to its subscribers on such websites. You will also discover how to obtain a membership and pay for the PLR items you choose.

How To Select The Best PLR Membership Site?

As PLR items avoid wasting time and may be used to make income, the need for PLR items has risen. As a result, the quantity of PLR sites has skyrocketed. There are many PLR sites available. Choosing the ideal site from a sea of options is a challenging task.

When a PLR site contains the following aspects, it may be regarded as a high-quality PLR site.

  • When shopping for a PLR site, keep the authenticity of its developer in mind.
  • Look for a company with a demonstrated reputation for delivering high-quality content. Don’t be swayed by number; instead, think about quality.
  • Search the web for some time, evaluate the recommendations, and you’ll notice a difference.
  • You may better understand by browsing other sites’ portfolios.
  • Conduct research to see whether you can discover credible testimonials.
  • The pricing aspect is critical. Some websites sell more things at reduced prices, while others sell fewer products at higher rates. Choosing the best one might be challenging.

10 Best PLR Membership Site: In-Depth Review 

  • Best PLR Membership Site: IDPLR

IDPLR is a website that offers PLR-licensed stuff. Although this is not the sole website that offers PLR content, it is one of several. Nevertheless, among several other excellent options, IDPLR is also one of the best. IDPLR’s library has a massive selection of articles. Private Label Right now has over 200,000 articles accessible, most of which are ready to use without any retouching.

It comes with hundreds of pre-designed templates, allowing you to quickly establish a web page and generate money using PLR content. In their collection, you’ll discover over 6,400 eBooks. Hundreds of fully prepared banners, images, slideshows, and other resources.

It might be a rich resource if you are a marketer because most of IDPLR’s video material is in the marketing speciality. 


  • IDPLR provides a lifetime subscription, and it contains a massive collection of PLR items in categories like eBooks, movies, blogs, tools, layouts, audio, and more.
  • IDPLR also has a free membership alternative, and paying membership is superior. You may still benefit from a free tier.
  • IDPLR includes not just PLR items but also resources that may help you develop and succeed.
  • A video lesson series will explain how to use all PLR items appropriately.
  • On IDPLR, they will combine all goods with additional essential PLR elements to maximize sales.


  • A few out-of-date and poor goods.
  • The website has previously experienced several severe technical challenges, many of which have been resolved recently.
  • Items Detail is inadequate.
  • When utilizing IDPLR, you may meet certain queries and difficulties. Please don’t assume the moderation team will respond fast once you drop them an email.


IDPLR is available in four distinct price levels. To use IDPLR without restrictions and at the maximum download speed, you must subscribe to Gold Member.

  • You may join for free with restricted access to hundreds of PLR items.
  • At USD 39 for a three-month subscription, this package provides you full access to IDPLR for three months.
  • At USD 69 for a one-year subscription, for 12 months, you will have full access to IDPLR.
  • Only USD 89 for lifetime access; you’ll have unlimited downloads for the rest of your life.

IDPLR Gold Membership Plans

  • Best PLR Membership Site: has been providing PLR items in many genres as of 2008. Their products include training and consulting tools for health and wellness professionals. may substantially aid the content creation process, beginning with the product creators. There are several brief action tips on various issues, from generating money online to dating and relationships.

PLR Affirmation Reflections are effectively one-page coaching which aids with a big impact. Members presently get access to around 5000 PLR articles and blog entries. These pieces are well-written, with no language or fundamental issues, and the information they provide is astounding. Because of the design of PLR goods, you may need to change or recreate this content if you are prepared to do so.

Wealth, weight reduction, relationships, and self-improvement are all covered.Fables and short stories differ significantly such that they are presented in a narrative style, which draws the attention of particular groups of readers. has a large selection of PLR presentations on a variety of topics. These presentations are handouts intended to convey important information to your audience in a short period. They are typically in PowerPoint form and can include up to 200+ pages.

Private label rights courses are product bundles. Courses, coaching programs, and seminars are all available.They comprise several sections that comprise various customized courses, promises, objectives, presentations, and personalized tests.


  • Prices are affordable.
  • Effective marketing solutions available.
  • Excellent user experience.
  • Products of the highest possible quality.
  • Active help is available 24×7.
  • The source file is immediately downloaded together with the PLR material.
  • You may find products in a wide range of topics and niches.
  • Many web-based solutions assist you in moving ahead in the industry.


  • Unclear pricing scheme.
  • The content collection should be increased further.
  • Certain PLR categories are missing.

Pricing’s price structure is considerably distinct from those of other options. If you see this type of pricing for the first time, you could be perplexed. Anybody can register here for free with restricted capabilities, but anyone who wants to take full use of this site must purchase credits. Everything in this section is computed as credits. You must first purchase credits in USD before using them to download stuff. now offers six different membership plans- pricing

Resell Rights Weekly is a prominent PLR membership site that offers productsl with various licensing. It has a big collection of best quality content. A member may use these items immediately to generate money and profit 100% of the selling price.

As previously said, Resell Rights Weekly has a plethora of PLR, MRR, and Resell Rights items that are accessible to both paid and free subscribers. On the other hand, being a GOLD member grants you entrance to even more content of higher quality.

With each RRW product, you will also enjoy extra items that’ll aid in the sales & marketing procedure, such as sales letters, a developed website, a prepared downloadable page, and graphics.

If the item is a PLR item, you will also obtain the product’s main files, including a text file, a Word Doc file, an audio file, a video file or source code for software. These may be quite handy in terms of recreating content into various formats.


  • There are almost 300 helpful utilities.
  • Every week, RRW releases new content.
  • A discussion site dedicated to assisting newcomers.
  • The price scheme appears to be appropriate to me.
  • A massive content collection is available to free members. Explore almost 11,000 pieces of material.


  • The UX is pretty awful.
  • Several free contents are of poor quality.
  • The website requires extensive updating.


While you may continue to be a free member, the GOLD membership on Resell Rights Weekly charges $19,95 per month, which, in my perspective, is expensive for the goods you receive.

It also provides a 1-dollar trial for seven days that allows you to access goods and functionality without limits.

PLRProducts’ collection is jam-packed with high-quality material like audio, videos, graphics, reports, articles, layout designs, landing pages, WordPress themes, etc. The site has established positive relationships with numerous major PLR and MRR companies to receive new content and products each month. Nothing is worse than buying a poor PLR product that needs time to modify. That is not the scenario of, which prioritizes excellence above number.

PLR Products do not allow you to see things before downloading them; nevertheless, managers give detailed explanations for each product so you can obtain a thorough grasp of what they are about.

The fee may be expensive for beginners, but it attempts to deliver incredibly essential information. It involves many marketing sub-niches, tools, and software solutions. Moreover, it provides you with excellent PLR in cryptocurrencies.


  • You will receive 100% original and real stuff.
  • Cover hundreds of areas ranging from marketing to business, and so on.
  • Most significantly, it provides you with a place for individual specialities.
  • The product features are fantastic.
  • Every month, hundreds of fresh pieces of content are uploaded.


  • There aren’t many free things to try as a sample.
  • PLR items can be purchased on an individual basis.
  • Pricing schemes are somewhat on the expensive side. Not suitable for newcomers.


The cost of an ebook varies from $4.99 to $9.99.

The cost of each article varies from $299 to $9.99.

The cost of software scripts fluctuates from $5.99 to $7.99.

The template package costs between $4.99 and $7.99.

InDigitalWorks is a private label rights membership platform with more than 100,000 members across the globe. It is jam-packed with hundreds of PLR items organized into multiple types and niches, and the items are frequently updated.

There are plenty of PLR items available in areas such as eBooks, blog posts, movies, software, designs, artwork, music, and much more. Aside from an incredible assortment of miscellaneous PLR items in various areas, InDigitalWorks offers exceptional benefits that can assist you in the PLR rebranding, reselling or promotion strategy.

Compared to other PLR suppliers, InDigital Works charges a membership fee rather than a fee for each product downloaded.Within the subscription, you’ll find many high-quality eBooks on various topics. Around 200k articles are accessible for subscribers to browse and save, and they encompass every area. The eBooks are an excellent feature with at least 30 pages of text. Several PLR software items are available, including promotional tools, instruction manuals, WordPress themes and plugins, and landing and squeeze page builders. 

PLR videos include explanations, how-to tips, and lectures, and the items are provided in the form of a video series. This area has a wide range of PLR layouts, including sales letters, WordPress themes, squeeze pages, landing pages, minisites, HTML & CSS layouts, etc. PLR headings, banners, action buttons, logos, feedback boxes, logos, and add-ons are included in the graphic sections.


  • It is one of the biggest PLR membership sites on the web.
  • A free membership package is available to test their products.
  • You may get 200 PLR goods free from IndigitalWorks.
  • Around 200,000 prepared PLR articles are available.
  • The UX is excellent.
  • It provides 137 video tutorials to assist novices in every stage of setting up and growing their internet presence.
  • Users will receive 10 GB of site hosting space on a dedicated server.


  • There are fewer examples of people not receiving appropriate assistance.
  • A few of the articles are of poor quality.
  • There is no monthly subscription plan.


Unlike other PLR sites, you never have to spend for each PLR item on IndigitalWorks since you can join one of the premium membership options and gain infinite and complete access to all of the PLR goods offered on the network.

It includes 3 Gold membership options:

  • Membership for 3 Months – $39
  • Membership for a Year – $69
  •  Lifetime Membership-$74

The price structure is designed to accommodate anyone from a novice to a professional in the internet business., which was founded in 2010, is a website that has almost 12,000 different PLR items. Each month, the firm aims to offer new PLR items, and they often guarantee that the product is original.

That is how they got to be among the most excellent PLR providers. There are several content types to pick from. If you’re looking for anything in a specific field, you won’t have to look far.

There are many PLR articles available for use as content for your website, email marketing, social media postings, membership site, and other platforms. This area includes details about numerous WordPress themes and plugins, instructional and how-to tutorials, landing and sales page builders, and various other critical promotional tools.

PLR graphics may be highly effective tools for enhancing your company and advertising strategy. Graphical headings, advertising and promotion graphics, product eCovers, certificate layouts, and many more items are available.

PLR Assassin members can quit their membership at any moment, with no inquiries asked. Within the membership, there are hundreds of good quality eBooks in various areas. In general, each eBook has roughly 30 pages.

PLR Assassin gives a free membership option for individuals who cannot possibly pay for membership. This offers access to several free PLR eBooks and articles and new items added weekly.


  • Each day, PLR Assassin uploads fresh stuff to its collection. New goods are introduced regularly for the free membership.
  • For newcomers, a free plan to test out the service they providing.
  • The VIP membership includes access to over 12,000 goods.
  • With a VIP subscription, you will receive 100mb/s download speed.
  • The advantages of Gold and VIP memberships are infinite.
  • Excellent customer service is accessible 24/7 .cent


  • In the collection, you’ll discover several out-of-date PLR items.
  • Free members have a limitation on download speed.
  • The free membership does not include any rebranding options.


This PLR subscription offers much-reduced price choices when compared to other PLR memberships:

Free Plan: Get access to a particular set of services for USD 0 only.

  • VIP Monthly: $19 per month
  • VIP Quarterly: $55 for each three months
  • VIP Yearly: $117 each year
  • VIP One-time fee of $129 for a lifetime subscription.


Mr. Geoff and Mrs. Susan O’Dea established Master PLR, one of the most excellent PLR companies. They created the site to provide the best quality PLR material. The most pleasing aspect of this website is the top-notch of its information. All articles on this website are 100 % real and authored by experienced professionals. MasterPLR provides high-quality PLR goods in various categories, including social posters, infographics, reports, articles, digital books, and eCovers.

All PLR Products on the membership site are subject to private label rights, which indicates you must not trade the products with PLR, RR, or MRR rights. However, with PLR, you may tweak the items, grow your list, use them as gifts, and utilize them on your website and social media.

Master PLR furthermore includes various solutions to assist you in investigating niche products, email platforms, hosting services, and become organized: GetResponse, Web Hosting, Website, Amember, Aweber, Design, Roboform, Facebook Advertising, and others.

What sets Master PLR wonderful is that its website is highly interactive, and you will not feel confused when looking for different items. Also, since the founders are creating their original PLR, they may focus more on the products than usual, considering their reputation might be harmed if their items were not of the best quality. Then you’ll see the excellence of their PLR offers before purchasing. They also provide a free PLR bundle.


  • Native authors will create a properly written article. All articles have been appropriately reviewed and are prepared for publication.
  • It includes significant topics as well as several subcategories.
  • The articles on the site are of the highest quality in terms of originality.
  • Topics are chosen with care, taking into account market requirements.
  • Free PLR product bundles include a Health PLR pack and a Self-help PLR pack.


  • There is no refund policy at Master PLR.
  • The articles are not comprehensive.


  • MasterPLR has two price packages, which are as follows:
  • Monthly subscription – $14 per month
  • Annual subscription – $137 per month

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BigProductStore is a PLR company that has been in operation since 2012. It is not a product shop wherein you make purchases independently, but rather a membership site where you spend for a subscription to have unlimited access to things for the time of your choice.

BigProductStore now has around 10,000 PLR and other license sorts of items. Many items are subject to Private Label Rights, which enable you to do nearly whatever you want with the product, such as modifying, rewriting, rebranding, combining with other products, claiming authorship, and so on.

The website covers all of the relevant PLR product kinds, which are as follows:

Audios, Articles Packs, eBooks, Turnkey Webpages Scripts, Software, Templates and Graphics, WP Themes & Plugins With a Big Product Store subscription, you will have accessibility to all currently accessible items and any new products that Big Product Store may publish soon.

The only method to learn about the special terms that apply to a particular product is to look at other product license agreements. If any product does not come with a particular licensing, you will be given the common regular license rights indicated on the product information page.


  • Mostly every month, eBooks, Videos, and Software are upgraded. The website is continuously updated with new PLR material.
  • If you have any inquiries or problems, these people will respond swiftly.
  • Users may use PLR items to earn, as incentives for the affiliate promotional strategy, rebranding to develop new original products, etc.
  • If you’re seeking reasonable quality PLR items for the long term, the Lifetime Membership package can save you money.
  • You may resell the items to your clients directly and make an endless profit.


  • Since product information is not brief, it might be challenging to understand what you’re receiving.
  • Specific product categories, such as WP Themes, articles, and Turnkey Websites, are no longer available.


BigProductStore offers different  membership choices:

  • The monthly subscription is $19.90 per month
  • A lifetime subscription is $98.50. Per month
  • Monthly Ultimate costs $29.90 per month
  • OneTime Payment Ultimate $198.50 per month

PLR Database is among the most rapidly developing PLR membership platforms on the web. The most comprehensive directory of legally obtained resellable digital assets. PLR Database is ideal for many people and organizations searching for more straightforward solutions to publish content. Affiliate and email marketers, writers and digital marketing marketers, YouTubers, online coaches, freelancers, and other digital businesses are all served. PLRDatabase is also suitable for individuals on a low budget since their subscription levels are not the most costly in the industry. has almost 25,000 goods in a variety of genres and categories. Concerning market categories, there are nine in total: articles, audios, software, videos, websites, ebooks, graphics, scripts, and packages. offers five different forms of product licensing:

  • Private Label Rights (PLR) licenses allow you to do nearly anything with the product, including changing, and so on.
  • Personal Use
  •  Commercial Use
  • Master Resell Rights (MRR)
  • Resell Rights (RR),


  • On the website, items are simple to find.
  • The items on PLRDatabase are perhaps the most affordable on the market since you spend cheap membership fees to have unlimited access to the products.
  • provides an abundance of free PLR items to all subscribers.
  • For varied advice, there is a free learning option, an active forum, and a blog area.
  • Excellent assistance from the team.
  • Downloads are unlimited, and Licenses are available for over 20,000 products.


  • The standard is satisfactory.
  • There aren’t enough Private Label Rights.
  • There are a lot of obsolete items.


There are four price options:

  • Free membership
  • $10 per month
  • $25 for three months, and 
  • $49 for a whole year.

Sharyn Sheldon’s Content Sparks is well-known for offering high-quality white label courses, particularly for companies and digital marketing niches. Content Spark started in 2010 to provide great information to help people expand their companies while also assisting their customers.

Although ContentSparks was not presented as a source of PLR products, the business creates and builds e-learning solutions that you may sell to your audience. They provide customizable and re-brandable information synonymous with the PLR market. It is one of the most intelligent and time-efficient PLR websites where you may make a significant profit by selling its material.

The platform covers the topics such as professional growth, marketing, business, and sales.


  • PLR modules are fully prepared for trainers, writers, and other professionals.
  • It offers excellent PLR courses, particularly for coaches. Also, creates webinars and short courses.
  • Minimize time & expense on course development that you would have spent on course design.
  • It always produces a lead, which draws a large number of customers.
  • It contains product funnels that can help you make a lot of money.


  • Contentspark’s pricing system is rather expensive for many.


They offer high-quality training, so I have mentioned their pricing structure. The cost of the courses ranges from $19 to $1448. There isn’t a lot of free material here. If you wish to examine sample information at once, you can have it for free.


If you want to get into Private Label Rights(PLR ) and Resale Rights, here is the starting point.  My article has presented the 10 Best PLR Membership Site in which you can buy high-quality PLR content and provided you with a summary of their perks.  The majority of these websites provide free plans. Test their product to see whether it is a good fit for you. Moreover, it would be best to adopt precautions while utilizing any PLR content. Before using them for personal purposes, carefully read the exclusive rights.

Don’t forget to share your thought about which was the best PLR Membership Site for you and want to try soon.


Can you sell PLR items?

It’s another excellent chance to offer PLR items in ebook stores or digital asset trading websites. Gumroad, Payhip, Sellfy, and other marketplaces sell some of the top PLR items. By revising and renaming the PLR ebooks, blog posts, programs, online courses, and so on, you may sell them.

Is it a good idea to use PLR articles?

It may be a helpful tool and a quick way to create customized content for your customers. However, cutting and pasting PLR content onto the website will provide almost no results. It depends on the quality of the resources you obtain and what you do with them.

Is PLR copyright free and open?

In brief, based on the agreement, when a person purchases PLR content, they are permitted to use the content, edit it, sign their names on it, and even resell it, for instance, as an ebook. There are several aspects why PLR material is appealing to marketers.

What is the MRR ebook?

MRR is an abbreviation for Master Resell Rights. You do not have copyright, but you have ‘Master Rights.’ MRR essentially implies that you can own or sell the stuff or sell the same privileges to others, but you are not permitted to transform or edit the item from its initial form.

What are giveaway rights?

The buyer of the item has the option to offer it away. The buyer must not take rights to the content or pay fees. Most of the time, the material cannot be considerably adjusted.

Can I earn money from PLR products?

You may make a profit from PLR items. All PLR items grant you the right to resell the items by your own identity or brand and profit from them. You may even modify them as needed to improve the quality of its products.

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