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80+ Email Newsletter Subject Lines Examples

Newsletter subject lines examples

Are you searching for newsletter subject lines examples? A smart subject line may pique people’s interest and get them to respond to your email marketing funnels. The subject line also influences the email open rate.

Every day, we receive many emails, but we rarely read them all. This remains true for every recipient. Keep the following ideas in mind to stand out from the mass and enhance the likelihood of people opening your emails.

I’ve talked about email subject lines, how to write an attention-grabbing subject line, and newsletter subject lines examples in this article. To know more, read out the article. 

What Email Subject Line?

While individuals get the email, the subject line is the first section of text readers see. Ensure this specific line of text is tailored for the target since it may frequently influence whether an email is viewed or sent directly to the trash.

According to research, 47 percent of emails are opened based on the subject line, while 69 percent are moved to the spam folder for the same reason. Moreover, using a customized subject line increases the email response rates by 22%.

Individuals either open or trash the emails depending on the subject line. The effectiveness of opening and reading an email is increased when the subject line and email template best practices are combined.

Why Is The Email’s Subject Line Significant?

While receivers get the email in the mailbox, they will only see the subject line and preheader. The sentences you use in the email subject lines may significantly influence the effort you put into it.

Every day, email inboxes get a large number of emails. This single line of the content may frequently define whether or not an email is viewed or sent to the spam bin.

Investing more effort in your email subject lines will assist you in finding more customers to view your emails and escape spam folders.

Best Practices for Email Subject Lines

It’s crucial to make a good first impression in your email inbox. Here are a few things you can do to improve email open rate.

  • Use Short, Simple, And Precise Sentence

To ensure readers can read the whole subject, maintain the lines around 50 characters long. Consider keeping essential lines and leave out any extra information.

  • Remove Spammy Words

Sentences with excessively sales subject lines are more likely to be tagged as spam. Spam emails contain marketing wording in the subject line, such as “Buy now” or “Free.”

Rather than solely relying on promotion, share your insight and knowledge that your readers would appreciate.

  • Avoid All Caps Letter

According to a study, 85 percent of receivers like lowercase subject lines. Subject lines with all capital letters appear spammy and skipped by receivers.

  • Add Numbers

A subject line that contains digits will attract more attention than something uncertain. Our brain prefers numbers over text.

  • Make Urgency

Nobody wants to think about losing something. So, if you can generate a feeling of urgency in your email, your receivers will be more willing to open it and discover your offer.

  • Add An Emoji

Since some letters induce sending emails to spam folders, emojis may draw attention and provide significant meaning. The key is to choose an emoji that is simple to understand, topical, and professional.

  • A/B Test Subject Lines

A/B testing the subject lines is usually a good idea to see what works best for your reader. Email A/B testing is designed to figure out what makes people click on the emails so you can make changes based on the findings.

  • Relevant Content 

If the information in the email appears to be irrelevant, it will certainly be discarded. Focusing on a particular topic is one approach to make it more relevant to your readers.

  • Add Deadline 

A series of emails will undoubtedly be part of an effective advertising campaign for an occasion or a special deal. You can make an initial declaration, informing people of an upcoming event.

  • Sort Your Lists 

Sending emails that are related to the receivers is a good idea. As a result, personalization is the best approach to boost open rates. List segmentation is an essential part of email marketing because it distributes relevant information to the correct people.

Email Newsletter Subject Lines Examples and Types 

Depending on the sector, there are numerous forms of email subject lines. I’ll go over all of the different sorts of email newsletter subject line examples with details here.

1. Types of Subject Lines

Subject Lines by Type can take several forms. Here are some examples of various sorts.

Subject Lines for Individuals

Personalized email is no longer confined to using a person’s name in the subject line of an email. Instead, speak to your receivers as if you’ve acquainted them for a long time. It’s one way to use a person’s name, but it’s quite another to come up with a different nickname for every receiver. 

Examples of personalized email subject lines:

  1. We Love You (too)!
  2. Want to sell more? We think you’ll 💜 these recommendations
  3. Have you decided on applying for fall 22 or spring 23 intake?
  4. Sarina, how do 30 days of free reading sound? 👂
  5. “Did you catch out on all these innovative features?”
  6. Your Envira account will be deleted.
  7. You deserve nothing but the finest, Sery!
  8. Ray, we’d love to hear from you!

Subject Lines for Promotions

Promotional emails are most impactful if they’re tailored, surprising and consistent. The customer had previously placed many products on her wishlist, and the shop was now alerting her that those goods were available to purchase.

From my viewpoint, marketing subject lines are pretty helpful when they are customized, unpredictable, and timely. A Distinctive store produces a subject line that is both personalized and commercial, whereas its opponents bombarded their subscribers with generic emails.

  1. Get 20% off all lighting in this sale.
  2. You’ve stocked up on elegance, and now you can save $20!
  3. STOP RIGHT NOW! ALL dresses 🚨👗 are on sale for up to 50% off.
  4. 50% off comfortable underwear. It’s TRUE.
  5. Spend less. Don’t get off the seat.
  6. 20% discount on your favourite jeans!
  7. Get a $20 discount on orders of $25 or more.

Subject Lines That Are Entertaining

When individuals are in good mode, they are more ready to purchase goods. Although fun may not be appropriate for your industry, don’t be scared to experiment when it does. People will pay attention.

  1. Looking a little cheeky? All those pinks are perfect for making you blush.
  2. What else do you strongly dislike as much as the yearly progress report?
  3. SAAALE! An incredible 40% off! I apologize for shouting!
  4. Get Matchy And Overlook Your Problems!
  5. How do you enjoy your morning socks? 🍳

Subject Lines With a Final Chance

If you want to entice your audience to take advantage of a great deal, send them an email. It may be a discount, a limited-edition product line, or a one-time promotional code.

It is a good idea to tailor your last-minute emails and let people know while their favourite things are at a discount.

Examples :

  1. Sign up! This deal will expire in two days.
  2. This deal is about to expire. 
  3. It’s time to wrap things up!
  4. This discount is too hard to pass up.
  5. It’ll be gone the next day!

Creative Subject Lines

To stand out in the viewer’s mailbox, you must go beyond the trend and exceed their assumptions. There are several different approaches to writing innovative subject lines. However, the golden rule is thinking against the viewer’s perceptions.

  1. a deal of ❄ and 🔥
  2. Set. Sit. Get it! ✈️🚗🏖️💩
  3. Quite looooong, milk(shea)ke. 👋
  4. Vegan eyeliners are available now.⚡

Subject Lines of Eagerness

When we encounter a gap, curiosity stimulates the urge to gain new information to connect what we understand and what we want to learn. You have to look at the subject lines of your email to see how this plays out in real life.

Meanwhile, don’t forget the golden rule of creating themes that pique your interest every time provided in the email body. Indeed, no one likes to be tricked into reading an email that might have been overlooked anyway.

  1. While life hands you a box of muffins.
  2. Shhh… keep it secret.
  3. Is today optimistic for you?
  4. It’s the first time you’ve witnessed an outfit like it.

Subject Lines for Social Proof

Social proof is a tactic for evoking a target customer’s instincts to encourage them to go further in the email marketing funnel. It provides buyers with a real-life example of someone utilizing a product and their overall impression.

Examples of subject lines :

  1. Not just believe our speech for this.
  2. Learn why such a favourite is selling every ten seconds.
  3. It’s been confirmed.
  4. We’ve Read Some Interesting Stuff
  5. Maybe you have some inquiries.

Subject Lines for Follow-Up

Cart departure is an issue that affects online shops. 7 out of 10 visitors abandoning their carts before checking out, there’s a huge opportunity to recoup a previously lost purchase.

Follow-up emails encourage prospective consumers to come to their shopping cart and finish their purchase.

And, based on the number of other businesses that employ similar strategies, it’s a strategy worth exploring.

  1. Have faith in your intuition.
  2. We’re still looking for you.
  3. You dropped your goods at our location.
  4. Your spot in the queue is filling up.
  5. Are you still wondering about this? Hopefully, it will be helpful.

Subject Lines With Numbers & Lists

Since human neurons are instinctively inclined to digits, including digits in the subject line will catch the eye. That’s why the top ten entries are still so popular – these are quicker for the human brain to interpret and attract our interest, furthermore promising a fast and convenient reading.

  1. 50 indications that you are an introvert
  2. 17 items that will be ethically wrong within the next decade
  3. 5 crazy ideas for your next vacation spot
  4. 10 New Year’s Resolutions for 2022

 2. Industry-Specific Subject Lines

All sectors have a specific set of customers. And also, how you communicate with that target is critical in achieving more excellent email open rates.

Nonprofit Newsletter Subject Lines

Developing the most significant nonprofit email subject lines might seem a little insignificant in the grand scale of things. However, email marketing efforts have become an essential aspect of funding, and subject lines may seriously affect your initiative.

  1. This season, 5 things couldn’t have happened without your support.
  2. 3 terrible incidents with good outcomes.
  3. You’ve certainly played a vital role.
  4. Scoops are sizzling! The most recent updates from the Jaago Foundation.
  5. Contribute your abilities to help rescue the planet.


  1. How to Maintain Your Fitness.
  2. You’re only 5 steps apart from having beautiful skin!
  3. Learn these brain-boosting strategies.

Real Estate

  1. What do you want to discover about the housing industry in Newyork?
  2. Is it the most lavish mansion in Chicago?
  3. The factor that increases the price of the property by 30%


The most successful strategy to attract new followers and maintain current clients is to send out an email announcing new arrivals.

Include specifics to the fashion subject lines, including the quantity of products stock available, to make them click-worthy.

  1. A Special Present for You!
  2. Congratulations on cutting; here’s the first 25% discount.
  3. Save a TON on best-sellers.
  4. Let’s get this party started with a freebie: get 10% off your first shopping.
  5. A great offer exclusively for you

3. Subject Lines by Seasons 

Seasonal emails are used to inform customers about specials or the latest arrivals. These subject line samples can work for your upcoming email campaign. 

Spring Subject Lines

Incorporating current and seasonally appropriate headlines into your emails might help you turn in more customers. The use of relevant emojis aids users in understanding what email contains. Choosing flower emojis, for example, makes people think of spring.

Consider using certain spring emojis in the subject lines only when your brand tone permits this, but don’t exceed limits. If you do, you risk the chance to be detected in spam emails.

  1. The spring sale has begun! Get a 20% discount.
  2. This spring, what’s exciting?🌼

Summer Subject Lines 

The summer subject line is determined by your business, goods, and, most crucially, your clients. Your customer’s emails aren’t empty just because it’s summer.

In such instances, the summer subject lines must grab attention.

  1. That’s all you’ll want this summer!
  2. Summer skincare habit in 2021: a guideline
  3. What’s popular this summer?🔥☀️🔥

Fall Subject Lines 

Fall brings fascinating holidays, with Halloween being one of the most popular. Now it is the chance to be innovative with emojis and fun.

Online stores put a thrilling spin and assist customers with Halloween concepts.

  1. Check out the largest fall deal ever!
  2. The first sign of autumn 2021
  3. This fall fell in love. 
  4. Whoop, you fit perfectly in the Halloween faves!

Winter Subject Lines 

While visitors are seeking the best bargains on winter items, use interesting winter-themed promotional subject lines to persuade people to enter the shop:

  1. 3…2…1! The Winter Sale Begins!
  2. Pick up your shovel with a 3-day shipment.
  3. The Warmest Winter Clothes will warm you up this season.
  4. New winter additions will add warmth to your home.
  5. Winter Arrivals Have Come!

Black Friday 

Black Friday was an important online shopping day of last year. You must use email marketing strategies to increase your business sales throughout the holiday season. It’s possibly one of the most effective methods to communicate with prospects.

  1. The game clock to Black Friday has finally started!
  2. Here is your guidebook to surviving Black Friday.
  3. Mark the day on your calendar.
  4. Get a good start on Black Friday!
  5. The sale begins on 3 ..2.


Email is a fantastic method to interact with your customers and develop credibility and trustworthiness. You must provide your audience with a cause to read the email, learn about your business, and take action to establish such a connection.

Email subject lines examples can assist you in writing effective subject lines. But, in conclusion, you must put up your effort to create the best one.

I’ve included a variety of newsletter subject line examples in this article to assist you in gaining success with your upcoming email campaign. To achieve your objectives, think about best practices for developing winning subject lines.

If you Interest an email marketing funnel create you can try 30 days free trial to GetResponse.

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