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How To Build Email Marketing Funnel

email marketing funnel

Email marketing has a higher return on investment(ROI), but you won’t see returns until your emails are read and opened. You only need to create an efficient email list to achieve successful online sales.

Email marketing is the go-to conversion tactic for 73 percent of marketers. Each email marketer wants to expand their email lists and transform viewers into customers. For B2B or B2C conversions, an email marketing funnel is still very effective. Is there any doubt here? We’re around to assist you in sorting through the trouble. First, let’s look in-depth at email marketing funnels.

What is the Marketing Funnel?

The marketing funnel is a technique for visualizing the customer experience or the journey a customer proceeds as they get acquainted with your organization, from the introduction into conversion.

A marketing funnel describes your customer’s experience with you. Marketing funnels chart the path to convert and beyond, from the time people learn about your company to when they purchase.

What is the Marketing Funnel

After rigorous investigation, a marketing funnel may tell you what your organization has to do to influence customers at different stages. By analyzing your sales funnels, you may possibly increase sales, loyalty, and brand recognition.

What Is An Email Marketing Funnel?

An email funnel illustrates how a consumer proceeds and a sales technique via promotional emails. The funnel reflects your customer’s journey. It demonstrates how your customers proceed from being interested in the product to purchasing and becoming brand advocates. Business owners frequently create email marketing funnels to market a product or service using informative content and compelling marketing.

What Is An Email Marketing Funnel

Before creating an email marketing funnel, you must first understand it and why it works. An email funnel depicts how a subscriber progresses from a potential lead to a paying customer via instructional and promotional email communication. Marketers must predict subscriber demands to send an email at the right moment to prompt action to achieve effective email funnels.

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  • Stages of the Marketing Funnel

A well-thought email marketing funnel strategy contains content at each stage of the email marketing funnel. You can enhance the user experience and offer your audience relevant content as they progress through the buyer journey by customizing your email content to every funnel point.

  • Brand awareness

Except if your business is well-known, potential consumers at the beginning of the email marketing funnel are still learning about your brand, and comprehensive, product-specific information will just overload the reader.

You may attract leads by providing free value. It offers your customers to experience what it’s like to conduct business with you while also building a strong client connection. Explain your product’s various advantages to customers and present it as the answer.

Once you’ve informed them, offer them a cause to care. Your emails will drive them to the contemplation phase of the funnel.

  • Consideration

Effective email marketing captures the reader’s interest with awareness and ends the promotion considering the content. After interacting with your awareness content, the prospective customer should be motivated to search out more information. Offer them whatever they want! Blog articles, workshops, and case analyses may all be used to assist buyers in learning how the product will perform and why they should get it. Include this information in your emails, or include links to your website so that potential consumers may learn more.

Assume you are an online psychology coach looking for additional leads to purchase your 8-week  course to improve mental health. However, what sort of material should you deliver to your subscribers throughout the consideration stage? Here are a few samples of email content you might include:

  • A testimonial or case study demonstrating how other clients have achieved success with your program.
  • A health webinar in real-time.
  • Your free webcast episodes, in which you discuss many of the ideas taught in your course.

When offering additional information for evaluation, be specific about :

  1. Outline the concrete benefits of your goods or service—make them believe as though they can’t live without it.
  2. Identify targeted consumer segments and concentrate on the problems your product answers.
  3. Make a compelling case for your goods or service.
  • Conversion

Your lead is now sales eligible after successful interactions and grooming your potential customer through the previous phases. At this moment, the prospect is prepared to buy your product or a product identical to your competitor’s. Show them how you are superior to your competitors. At this point, you can simply turn a prospect into a customer.

Instead of only describing characteristics, emphasize the benefits of your product/service. Invite subscribers to a webinar where you demonstrate your product and explain its benefits. Provide a free trial or samples to prospects to justify the advantages. Send an email advertising a deal or discount for purchases made during a specified time window. Freshly make your subscribers feel compelled to make a purchase.

Maximize conversion by keeping the purchase process as simple as possible. You may:

  • Remove any obstructions to purchase.
  • Try adding “Buy Now” links within the email.
  • Check that the website interface aligns with the email content.

A normal “Thank you for your purchase” and transaction update email is enough for this stage of the email marketing funnel.

  • Loyalty

You have turned the potential into a customer who has now accepted your brand. If the consumer continues to get value, they develop loyalty. Your email marketing funnel must take them to the next level to stay.

Deliver follow-up emails with seminars or tips and tricks for getting the most out of your product to keep your consumers engaged. This phase in the email marketing funnel is to affirm the customer’s choice to purchase your goods and, perhaps, persuade them to do it again.

While developing email marketing funnels, keep in mind that the more loyal your customers are, the higher the ROI you’ll receive. Send more customised emails and provide value to improve your customer’s experience.

  • Advocacy

A stronger marketing campaign is defined by getting customers to recommend a product. If you’ve persuaded your consumer to buy anything, the next step is to transform them into brand advocates.

When consumers feel strongly delighted about a product or business, they post excellent feedback or share their recommendations with friends, and social clout bears a massive amount of weight these days.

What is the Purpose of an Email Marketing Funnel?

You’ll create fresh leads constantly if you use an email marketing funnel. Consider the following advantages of creating email marketing funnels:

  • It’s ten times more difficult to acquire a new customer than selling to an existing one. You’ll be able to generate new leads while maintaining control over your existing email list.
  • Your email funnel may keep selling for you on autopilot, much like a full-time salesperson with the right technology.
  • Suppose you consistently provide your customers with a positive brand experience. In that case, they will become your own personal super-fans who will recommend your products.

Benefits of the Email Marketing Funnel

With an email marketing funnel, you can be assured that your email marketing attempts are directed at the correct individuals at the right time. Here are some additional reasons why your company requires email marketing funnels:

Benefits of the Email Marketing Funnel

  • Personalization is Possible in Email Marketing

A simple way for customizing your emails is an email marketing funnel. Email marketing personalization has promoted open rates by 29% and click-through rates by 41%. Develop content that your customers can relate to at their current level in their journey. For instance, if a subscriber is in the brand awareness stage, you must send emails that will assist them in getting acquainted with your business.

  • Streamlines the Customer Experience

Email marketing funnels portrays your customer’s journey in detail. It depicts your consumers’ decision-making process at each point of their journey. You can design an marketing plan without guessing a simpler client journey since you have access to information.

  • Improved Customer Engagement

When connecting with your potential customers, you must interest them sufficiently to convince them to remain and engage with your company. A sales funnel or email funnels is an excellent technique to stimulate your audience’s demands for goods and services. Email marketing funnels may also assist you in determining which lead magnets to utilize for different types of subscribers.

  • Measurable

It’s a positive thing to track the effectiveness of your email marketing activities. The email marketing funnels allow you to see how the emails sent affect your ROI. For example, if you consistently lose subscribers right before they convert, you’re most likely not persuasive enough.

  • Affordable

Email marketing does not need to spend a large portion of your cash. An email marketing campaign might be absolutely free at first. Even if you want to buy software or collaborate with a marketing firm, you may still operate under a few hundred-dollar budgets.

  • High ROI

Email marketing is among the most amazing ways to promote your business. An email marketing campaign’s return on investment (ROI) may be significant. In reality, the typical campaign yields an ROI of 4400 percent, or $44 for every dollar invested.

  • Nurture Leads

Use the right email marketing platform. Depending on someone’s engagement with your website and general demographic data, you may change your email messages. You may target consumers who have just discovered your company, are studying their alternatives, or are about to make a purchase. When someone completes an email form on your website, you can utilize automation to deliver emails targeted to progress them along the purchasing funnel.

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How to Build An Email Marketing Funnel

  • Develop a Customer Journey map

The customer journey you design must be distinctive to your company. The first step in developing email marketing funnels is to map out a precise customer journey. As a result, understanding how your prospects become paying customers is crucial. Your marketing goals become clear as you map out the customer’s path. Track your progress as well. You’ll also be able to avoid appearing overly sales in your communications.

  • Generating Leads

To see your email funnel up and going, you’ll need real email addresses. It’s important to remember that you might collect a million email addresses and have little or no conversions to show for it. Ensure that you acquire the email addresses of “potential customers”.

Be sure that anything you do to gather email addresses, such as content production, is specifically targeted at your potential clients. It’s preferable to have ten subscribers who reply positively to your emails than 100 who are uninterested in your company. As a result, these are the two ways to generate leads for your company.

  • Create opt-in forms

Opt-in forms are an excellent approach to direct visitors to your marketing funnels. They may be distributed throughout your blog entries, positioned above the fold on your Home page, or even after your About page. You may also tailor the opt-in content for each lead generation form. This allows you to test which copy and position work efficiently.

ConvertKit produces these conversion rate statistics automatically, allowing you to quickly understand which elements stand out. Finally, you will already have email subscribers intrigued by your email funnels.

  • Design a Landing Page

A landing page is just a particular website’s page where a user arrives at after following a link in an email, advertising, or other digital sites. Users are inspired to take action after arriving at your landing page, such as subscribing to your mailing list or purchasing your items. If the user takes the necessary action, your landing page has succeeded in converting them.

Landing pages are also an excellent spot to emphasize the benefits of your product without mentioning the product itself. You may design your landing page to capture more of your potential customers or clients by utilizing the same advantages of the email campaign and product. Nurture the visitor via email funnel once they’ve joined your email list.

  • Examine How Your Audience Is Behaving

Find out something about your potential clients. The more information you have, the more successful your sales funnel is. According to the notion of quality leads, we don’t have to sell to everyone. Only advertise to those who are a great fit for what we offer.

Examine your prospect’s actions closely and respond to the following questions.

  • Where do they connect?
  • When do they start scrolling?
  • What is the average amount of time they spend on each page?

Behavioural targeting is more personalized and produces better outcomes.

  • Behavioural emails

To divide the list based on actions, you must first select which behaviours should determine the content of your emails. There are various conventional techniques for this, but some calculated ones may be built by evaluating the data.

Consider followings for analyzing behaviour :

  1. To determine how your email should appear, consider demographic groupings such as age, gender, and occupation. Simply inquire if you don’t have this data.
  2. Their behavioural information contains information such as what they are clicking on your website, how long it took visitors to click, and how they trimmed down their alternatives. You may also find out how many times they’ve visited your page. This will reveal the depth of their desires.
  3. You may also evaluate a prospect’s registration information. Did people sign up for your emails to receive answers or acquire a free download?
  4. Was it a PC or a mobile phone that they used to register?
  • Grab the Interest of The Audience

You should capture your audience’s attention. After you’ve categorized your list, send carefully prepared emails to your prospects. Your sales funnel can only function if you put yourself in their shoes.

Your emails should be written to provide value to your prospect while also impressing them.

You may go the straightforward approach and send out various content by using infographics, client orientation videos, and other forms of content.

Select an Email Marketing Software

Select the most appropriate email marketing funnel tool for your company. You may automate your email marketing with the aid of email marketing solutions. Consider using these tools to design an email sequence for each client group in your email funnel. All emails will be delivered to your subscribers automatically.

Select an Email Marketing Software

Here’s a selection of email marketing platforms that offer free plans to select from:

  • Getresponse
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Hubspot
  • Sender
  • Sendinblue
  • Omnisend
  • SendPulse
  • Benchmark Email

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  • Build Leads Magnets

A lead magnet is a solution that encourages potential consumers to click on it and learn more about your industry. If you employ this free stuff, visitors are more likely to sign up for your email list and eventually become paying clients.

The most significant part of any content marketing strategy is lead magnets. Lead magnets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they always have the essential characteristics:

  • Promotes your company (generates leads)
  • No cost requires
  • A high perceived significance

The simplest way to figure out what lead magnet to provide is to research your target market. This should comprise their desires or requirements, preferred solutions, and the condition of their issues. You should also know how your offer would fix their problems and be attracted to what you have offered.

  • Create A Drip Email Campaign

Your sent email types impact how smoothly your subscribers move from awareness to purchase in their purchasing experience. Allow people to discover your brand and develop a relationship with it.

Make sure to underline the advantages of the product or services to them at this stage. Make a series of emails, each addressing one topic. Here are some topics you may discuss in your first round of emails:

  • Inform your subscribers about the type of information they will obtain from your content and how frequently you send emails.
  • Educate them about your company’s mission, goal, and basic values.
  • Deliver useful, instructive, or instructional articles to your readers.
  • Discuss their difficulties and how your business is equipped to help them solve problems. Make sure to underline the advantages of the product or services to them at this stage.

Create A Drip Email Campaign

  • Make Contact With Both New And Old Customers

Your current consumers have the opportunity to become brand ambassadors. It’s a bad move to believe that existing clients can easily go through the customer journey. You must make an effort to keep your current consumers. Sending them sales emails without being pushy or spammy is one simple method.

How to generate lifetime customers using email funnels

For email subscribers, specifically, those who are new to your list, email marketing language is a major turn-off. It’s not that limited-time discounts and enticing subscribers to buy are terrible things; it’s simply that they’re frequently offered too soon. You don’t want to go directly into the sale when creating content for your marketing funnel.

Here are a few more guidelines to assist you in turning your subscribers into long-term customers:

  • Read And Respond To Newsletter Feedback

Emails work best when they function as a dialogue instead of a monologue. Even if you don’t have time to respond to every newsletter response, you may turn them into inquiries for a Q&A video or a FAQs newsletter.

  • Don’t Go Completely Mute

Your connection will go unproductive if your subscriber likes to see you in their email during a launch, a few times every week, but then doesn’t notice from you for several months. Between launches is the perfect time to genuinely nurture your subscribers since you have the chance to educate customers without attempting to make a sale. People don’t enjoy being treated as if they were a money sign.

  • Make An Email Series Out Of Past Content

Subscribers to an email series with repurposed content can help you expand your email list. Make your content stay longer with an automatic email sequence. Not all have read every piece of material you’ve ever written. You may still expand and maintain your list after the sales funnel if you don’t want to commit to sending a weekly newsletter.

Steps to Improving Email Marketing Funnel

  • Remember Business Objective

Anything you do in your business should be guided by your business objectives. If you want to make sales, ensure your funnel is set up to guide your customers and prospects through the buying process. Reexamine your email funnel from time to time and make any required changes.

  • Construct Your Own Funnel

Email marketing funnel templates aren’t awful, but you should make sure they accurately reflect your company’s customer journey. You’ll need to tweak it by adding missing stages and/or removing those that aren’t relevant to your business.

  • Set Measurable Goals

You can quickly assess if your email funnel is effective by setting clear and quantifiable goals. This way, you’ll know when you need to adjust your content marketing plan, send fewer emails, or do anything else to keep your business moving forward.

  • Quality Over Quantity

You would not want to suffocate your subscribers since this would cause them to get dissatisfied and unsubscribe. Focus on giving them high-quality information that they will find useful. You’ll maintain their interest in a product and move them across its customer journey this way.


You’ll be forming relationships and gaining clients in no time if you use the appropriate method. Every time place the subscriber first with your emails using the VAC (Value, Authority, Call-to-Action) formula. In the email marketing sales funnel, you track the customer journey. In contrast, email marketing funnels allow you to reach a specific goal.

You can convert your potential leads into recurring customers with an email marketing funnel tool. An email funnel may help you increase your ROI while reducing time-consuming duties. The automation software helps you grow an email list and deliver value to your leads with the stroke of a button.


What Email Platforms am I Able to Use?

Any email platform that enables you to automate your marketing. Such systems include Getresponse, Mailchimp, Aweber, Hubspot, Sender, and others that fall under this category.

If you’re searching for a powerful yet simple tool to automate your email marketing, look no further. Getresponse is the right option. This tool provides email analytics, ensures 99 percent email deliverability, and allows A/B testing. There are over 500 newsletter templates to pick from and a slew of other great features. Getresponse was a tool that I thoroughly enjoyed using.

Another fantastic tool is AWeber, which allows you to establish an email list and generate data. Build newsletters that will be distributed to your list’s subscribers. Using ‘autoresponders,’ you may automate your email marketing. Aweber also has a lot of other cool features and is reasonably priced for what you get.

How Often Should Emails be Sent?

Maybe once every month, send an email to establish your existence in someone’s thoughts. Twice or once a month creates a connection while being unobtrusive. However, sending emails four times per month establishes regularity.

What Defines an Acceptable Email Open Rate?

The number of persons who read your email is the email open rate. If they don’t open your email, there’s no way for someone to engage with your content and brand. The sender benefits from open email rates of 10-15%.However, everything is dependent on your industry and target market.

How do I Attract People to Visit My New Funnel?

You may create visitors in various methods, such as SEO, PPC (pay-per-click), content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Will My Revenues Increase as a Result of an Email Marketing Campaign?

Email campaigns may increase sales if you can motivate and excite your audience to invest in your brand/products. Create an email that connects emotionally and intellectually with motivating text and aesthetically compelling photos.

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