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Clickfunnels Email Automation: Save Time while Growing Business!

clickfunnels email automation

Your email list will grow in size as your company grows. However, to maintain your business’s success, you must keep your customers informed about the latest developments in your products and services. Again, you may choose to send various sorts of emails to different audiences. Organizing a massive number of emails without using an autoresponder will make your job more challenging.

There are several autoresponder solutions accessible on the internet.ClickFunnels includes an autoresponder with one of its packages, and it also integrates with several well-known email service providers.

However, since autoresponder is a built-in tool of ClickFunnels, ClickFunnels email automation provides you ease in your work. It is briefly discussed how ClickFunnels email automation may help you succeed and save time.

What Is An Email Marketing Funnel?

An email funnel depicts how a receiver progresses from a potential customer to a paying client via instructional and marketing email contacts. Under the demands of their subscribers, marketers must send an email at the right moment to evoke a response.

An email marketing funnel represents a customer’s experience. It demonstrates how the subscribers progress from being familiar with a brand to purchasing it and eventually turning brand promoters.

These are the five steps of any primary email marketing funnel: brand awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy. An email marketing funnel is not the same for every business. Modify it to reflect the particular essence of your brand and how your potential customers generally engage with your brand.

What Is Email Automation?

Email automation is a process of developing emails that deliver the appropriate individuals with the right message at the right time—without having to do the task again, by sending automated messages using a marketing automation platform.

While you connect your performance metrics and email marketing tools, you can reach customers based on their activity, interests, and prior purchases. Then you can tailor each consumer’s experience by improving the relevancy of your automation marketing.

What Is Clickfunnels Email Automation?

The email automation functionality in Clickfunnels is excellent for keeping in touch with the client. It allows you to add and remove an email address from your lists and add and remove tags with a single click. Also, deliver email and SMS with automation systems more easily if you have SMTP connected.

The automation may be tailored for each funnel or landing page and can work its way into multiple marketing channels based on the visitors’ activities. Also, you have the option of using the embedded ClickFunnels autoresponder or third-party integration. Follow-Up Funnels, ClickFunnels’ autoresponder, is a highly advanced function for generating, scheduling, and sending emails via Email Messenger. ClickFunnels offers a variety of email templates that you can customize to your taste.

Clickfunnels Autoresponder: Follow-Up Funnels

Follow-Up Funnels, formerly Actionetics, is a ClickFunnels built-in autoresponder tool. Actionetics is above simply an email autoresponder because it communicates with your consumers as they progress along the sales funnel. With Actionetics, you can monitor who is entering into your funnel and promote to them depending on who they are, from where they are coming from, and the activities they perform in your funnel.

Follow-up funnels Features –

  • The contact profiles serve as the primary contact point for all your customers. Each subscribed contact’s data will be provided in a clean and well-organized table. You’ll also receive some other information to go through with it. You can see the number of new subscribers, the number of new contacts, unsubscriber’s information, customer buying history, and the ability to import contacts using the import contact option.
  • You can separate email addresses in the same way you do it in other autoresponders. Aside from adding and creating email lists, their smart list feature allows you to drill down into more specifics. Edit the email list based on various criteria such as tag, purchase, engagements, etc.
  • The broadcast function allows you to send many emails at once. If you believe a specific product will be appropriate for the intended email list, you can easily do it. You may also organize your emails to be sent at the most convenient time for the recipients. This is perfect if you’re working with many goods simultaneously. Broadcast feature of Follow-up funnels, implying that you’re much more efficient and less worried.
  • The Action Funnel feature allows you to automate everything. It also allows you to examine the email list more logically and rationally. When you purchase the Platinum package, you are primarily charging for this.
  • Follow-Up Funnels can be cloned or shared.
  • Customize the Follow-Up Funnel by including a third-party app.

How To Add Clickfunnels Email Automation: Follow-up Funnels 

A funnel is required for automating a Clickfunnel. You have to investigate your customers’ activities and behaviour. This will provide you with more information about what they seek from a service or product.

Investigating customer’s requirement enhances the efficiency of your funnel and saves both you and your buyers time. The email automation will make choices based on customer activity.

Steps to add new follow-up funnels 

  • Make a New Follow-Up Funnel
  • Select Follow-Up Funnels from the navigation menu.

Start clickfunnels Follow Up Funnel

  • Select New Follow-Up Funnel.

clickfunnels Select New Follow-Up Funnel

  • Give a name of Follow-Up Funnel

clickfunnels Give a name of Follow-Up Funnel

  • Create a Group Tag or select an existing one.
  • Choose an Email List(s) to link to the follow-up funnel.
  • And choose to Send To All Existing Contacts On List from the dropdown menu (optional).

clickfunnels Follow Up Funnel

  • Select the “Create Follow-Up Funnel” button.

Clickfunnels Autoresponder and SMTP

SMTP, elaborately Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is a program used to transmit, receive, and route outgoing emails between senders and recipients. When we send an email, it is sent from one server to another via the network utilizing SMTP. In simpler words, an SMTP email is an email delivered through the SMTP server.

SMTP support is fundamental if you need to create a consistent experience for your clients without failure to send emails. ClickFunnels provides its “ClickFunnels Transactional E-mail” SMTP along with the option to use third-party solutions. The benefit of utilizing ClickFunnels SMTP is their team provides support to people who utilize it. It also has a wealth of information on how to improve your SMTP reputation.

SMTP reputation is necessary because the server validates that the email is being sent from a real account. More significantly, SMTP reputation may significantly influence message delivery, which is crucial in any promotion. ClickFunnels starter plan has one SMTP provider associated with their account.

Clickfunnels Third-Party Autoresponders

You may combine a third-party autoresponder, such as GetResponse, Aweber, ConvertKit, etc., with your ClickFunnels account. This service is ideal for anyone who does not want to pay for the Platinum plan yet requires to make contact with their clients. You may link your preferred platform to ClickFunnels to rout contacts from ClickFunnels to the autoresponder.

Steps to add Third-Party Autoresponder

  • Navigate to “Settings” and then “Integrations” in the page editor.

clickfunnels Integrations

  • Choose the autoresponder integration under “Integrations.”

Select Integrations

  • Select the option from the dropdown menu “Action,” “Add to List,” and “Confirmation Emails “

Integrations and actions

  •  Save your work.

Advantages of Clickfunnels Email Automation

  • Sending relevant information to many consumers at once enables you to gain their trust in your brand enhance engagement and conversion.
  • If a consumer abandons their cart, you can ask them why and give them alternative solutions.
  • The integration procedure is simple because this autoresponder is incorporated into the package. Having your autoresponder and funnel developer on the same platform is a huge benefit.
  • Follow-Up Funnel is a function that is available in the ClickFunnels Platinum subscription. A third-party autoresponder can be expensive, so the Platinum package might save you money.

Clickfunnels Email Automation Pricing

You can always start with a 14-day free trial, but then, there are three price tiers available within Clickfunnels. ClickFunnels Platinum package costs $297/month and is one of three options. This plan offers all of the functionality of the conventional approach with no limits.

This package includes two unique ClickFunnels elements:

  • Actionetics (email advertising and promotion).
  • Backpack (affiliate management system).

You may access your email list and send email broadcasts using Actionetics. If you spend more than $1,000 up the advance, you’ll receive six months – 1 year of ClickFunnels Actionetics, Funnel Scripts, Loads of Coaching, and a lot more for free. Registering on this advanced subscription is one of the most certain ways to utilize ClickFunnels fully.


Autoresponders let you save time by automating email systems. And emails arrive in your clients’ inboxes at the particular time you choose. Various businesses require various kinds of autoresponders based on their niches. ClickFunnels autoresponder contains more functionality with ease of use, whereas certain platforms need higher learning curves over others.

Clickfunnels email automation can aid you to boost your earnings. If you introduce a new product or service, all you have to do is modify the email automation, and the entire email list will be notified.No wastage of time or programming are required. You also do not require any design skills. 


Is email automation available in ClickFunnels?

The email automation function in Clickfunnels is excellent for keeping in touch with customers. You may add or delete contacts from the lists and add and remove tags with the tap of a button. You may also deliver email and SMS text automation if you have SMTP incorporation.

Does ClickFunnels offer email marketing?

ClickFunnels is a marketing automation tool that is focused on funnels. Without code, you can develop a sequence of web pages, email, marketing automation, and seminars with ClickFunnels.

What exactly is autoresponder integration?

Autoresponder is an automation tool that sends a bunch of emails automatically to your mailing list customers. They are ‘triggered’ depending on the laws and the different times you specify.

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