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Best SERP Email Scraper Spylead Review In 2022

serp email scraper spylead

Do you need an email address from each of your prospective customers? If this is the case, I believe that SERP Email Scraper Spylead is the best choice for you. Not only will it help you find email addresses, but it will also assist you in finding vital data that is relevant.

Why are brands fully embracing email marketing? It is because email marketing helps to directly communicate with the audience,

Spylead is a program that may help you check emails and locate emails using Google Maps and LinkedIn. It can also help you find emails using search engine result pages.

Spylead supplies email addresses and allows users to acquire personal information such as phone numbers, website links, and meta titles and descriptions of websites that appear in SERPs.

I hope you are interested in learning more about this program and want to know how to collect such a large quantity of data. I will cover the incredible SERP Email Scraper Spylead tools in just a moment, so I will not keep you waiting any longer.

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What is Email Scraper?

Email address collecting, also known as scraping, is acquiring collections of email addresses through multiple means. Those are then often utilized for bulk email or spam.

Spylead can scrape email accounts from a website, website, or social networking site using a program called an email scraper.

The email scraper comes equipped with an email lookup browser extension. It offers downloadable software that, if installed, will enable you to extract personal data from a website, including email accounts, contact numbers, or other data.

Scraping email addresses can be advantageous since email marketing efforts requires an extensive client list and up-to-date data. A good database of prospective customers can have a vast number of contacts.

What is Spylead?

Spylead is a program that searches for emails and extracts information from Google maps, LinkedIn (Sales navigation, group, network, and search), and Google search engine results pages (SERP).

Spylead is quick, effective, and simple to use. It is possible to locate any individual’s email address from any location.

One interface with many scrapers to accommodate a variety of different use cases.

Suppose contact is collected from LinkedIn, Google Maps, or SERP and possesses a confirmed email address. In that case, the information regarding that contact is stored in the lead management segment of your profile. You can then keep track of your contacts and organizations’ data and organize it into customizable listings!

Connecting Spylead to Zapier expands your possibilities. Integrating Spylead to Zapier allows you to automate your workflow and interact daily with all the marketing and social platforms you use.

Best Features of Spylead

What can you expect from Spylead’s SERP email scraper? This platform provides access to a wide variety of remarkable features, all of which are at your fingertips. Let us explore how it will help you.

Identify the ideal applicant.

If you are a recruiter, you can check the email addresses of suitable candidates by using the email finder on Spylead and the Sales Navigator on LinkedIn.

Contact those who are relevant to your business.

Locate employee or generalized company emails, and ensure that the relevant email is sent to the proper location.

Make your cold outreach unique.

In addition to extracting emails, Spylead gathers essential data on contacts, which you can then utilize to personalize your email marketing campaigns.

Discover the emails of local businesses.

Locate emails, obtain company information from Google Maps or search engine results pages (SERPs), and verify deliverability.

Create a specific list of contacts.

Make several targeted lists, and place each of the contacts you gather on one of those lists.

Create a workflow to save time and increase control.

When you connect Spylead with Zapier, you can develop amusing automation that will help you save time and improve your productivity.

SERP Email Scraper Spylead: How Does It Work?

Before getting started with SERP email scraper Spylead, you have first to install the extension of Spylead.

spylead extension

Then head over to the platform from where you want to generate emails. Let me tell you how you can work with Spylead’s email scraper.

  • Google Map Email Extractor

Open your browser and first go to Google Maps. After that, choose Spylead extension.

spylead gogle map

You will see a pop-up that gives you choices for the Campaign name, the number of listings to be scrapped, and the starting position.

Once these fields have been filled out, choose “Launch” to begin email scrapping.

spylead Google map list

Spylead will then show a list of websites, emails, phone numbers, and categories. These results may be sorted based on your choices. You may download these results in CSV format.

In a matter of seconds, you can launch the chrome extension, input a keyword into the Google Maps search bar, and scrape the information and emails for each entry.

  • LinkedIn Email Finder

Open a browser, then go to LinkedIn connections. After that, choose Spylead extension. A list of your connections may be seen there. If the profile has an email address, clicking the (+) button will display the emails.

spylead linkedin search

Following that, you may choose the contact for whom you want an email address. Selecting the “Reveal and save” option may complete this process all at once.After searching for emails, choose “Create a list.”

spylead linkedin list

After constructing the list, you will have a list of profiles, connected business names, headlines, emails, phone numbers, and locations. The list may be sorted based on your choices.

  • SERP Email Finder

Click “Email Finder” to see email results from search engines. Then you may choose the campaign name, search queries, country, region, device, and the number of results you wish to scrape from the keyword. Choose your preferences, then click “Start Scraping.”

spylead search engine scraping

After scraping, you will discover a list of websites with positions, emails, search types, meta titles, and meta descriptions.

spylead search engine result page

This is how an email finder works, and using Spylead makes it quite simple to locate the email addresses of websites.

  • Verifier

Syleads email verifier lets you verify emails easily. All you have to do is enter the email and click on the search icon. This is for one email verification. Spylead also allows you to bulk verification of emails.

spylead Verify email


Spylead offers three price tiers: Basic, Standard, Business, and Corporate. For these programs, you will pay $39, $99, $199, and $399 each month.

spylead pricing

If you think this pricing is too expensive, you can get lifetime access to this fantastic tool for only $59! You got it correctly.

spylead appsumo pricing

This offer includes access to all features and upgrades, 500 credit that is renewed each month, all plan updates, and many more benefits. Since Customers cannot stack Appsumos deals, if it appears good, you should get it as soon as you can.

Final Words

You will be amazed to know how can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy.

Spylead is an incredible tool to have at your disposal when gathering the required information about prospects.

Using Spylead makes it incredibly simple to locate siding emails. You can see from the tutorial that you will need to give some information, showing the data pertinent to your inquiry within a few moments.

I am sure learning about this SERP Email Scraper Spylead tool will amaze you as much as it has me.


Does Spylead Provide Personal Email And Phone Number?

Personal emails and phone numbers are available by Spyleads at no additional charge. Their scrapers and artificial intelligence contribute to the high quality of the data they deliver.

What Kind Of Data Are Extracted From Linkedin?

LinkedIn data is retrieved in many ways, including personal and business email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, headlines, current employers, current jobs, previous positions, locations, genders, and other vital details.

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