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Principles of SMS Marketing Click-Through Rate

SMS marketing click-through rate

Do you want to know the SMS marketing click-through rate? Well, I am going to talk a bit more about it.

Receiving SMS is quite common since most people own a mobile phone. But do you know anything about SMS marketing?

If not, let me clarify that SMS marketing is getting more popular due to its efficacy. According to SMS Marketing statistics, the click-through rate and average open rate for SMS marketing are more significant than sending emails or other forms of marketing.

In this article, let me define SMS marketing, click-through rate, and marketing click-through rate. You may also learn how to improve the average click-through rate of your messages.

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What Is SMS Marketing?

SMS, or short messaging service, is a marketing method in which businesses send text messages to potential clients. This category of marketing efforts also includes updates on flash discounts, news, promotions, and more.

Customers must provide their consent for SMS marketing before receiving texts. So, if a company conducts an opt-in campaign, consumers have agreed to receive such advertisements. 

Understanding the medium is essential for a company to optimize value and results. With SMS marketing, companies deliver SMS to many potential customers.

According to buyers, texting is the best method for companies to communicate with them. It is simple to tell from a quick scan whether a text is more significant than a call from an unknown number.

What is a Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

The proportion of users who have clicked on a text message’s hyperlink is known as the click-through rate or CTR. If you employ SMS marketing to deliver 100 messages and 25 recipients click the provided link, the CTR score is 25%.

What is a Click-Through Rate (CTR)

What Is An Effective SMS Marketing Click-Through Rate?

What Is An Effective SMS Marketing Click-Through Rate

According to research and SMS marketing statistics, it has a higher click-through rate (CTR) for embedded links than email campaigns ( 2.80% ), search engine marketing (1.98%), and social media promotion (0.05%).

The average SMS marketing click-through rate is roughly 19%. The average rate is 4%, comparatively high than for advertisements received by email. Customers are more likely to open SMS messages than emails for promotions, flash deals, offers, and other reasons.

To calculate the CTR value, divide the number of recipients who opened the SMS link by the number of persons who opened the messages.

The terms SMS open rate and click-through rate are not comparable. The amount or number of people who opened the message is the open rate. However, the click-through rate describes the number of individuals that clicked on the hyperlinks of SMS.

Recent studies show SMS has an open rate of about 94%. As a result, SMS marketing is the most effective advertising method on the market.

Most individuals who receive SMS messages open them immediately, even from an unknown number. This is why SMS marketing open rates are so high.

How to Properly Measure Average SMS Click-Through Rates

How to Properly Measure Average SMS

There are no strict guidelines about what defines the measurement of a good CTR. A successful CTR will be determined mainly by the goals and targets established by the specific company. Every company has its own set of standards.

There are several ways to boost click-through rates. It initiates when you begin typing your SMS message. Rather than using a standard URL in your SMS message, shorten the URLs. Several websites may assist with link shortening. To shorten URLs, you may use websites such as TinyURL, Bitly,,, and other services.

You may then include the shortened URL in your message. With link shortening hyperlinks, you not only save characters in the message, but you can also watch in real-time the number of your receivers who click on the link once you deliver your SMS.

Reasons Why You Should Use SMS Marketing Instead of Email Marketing

Reasons Why You Should Use SMS Marketing Instead of Email Marketing

Why Are Brands Fully Embracing Email Marketing? Because it facilitates direct communication between sellers and buyers. Nevertheless, there are other reasons companies should use SMS marketing over email marketing. The following are the reasons:

  • SMS marketing is more likely to open and click-through than email marketing. These emails are the most likely to get read.
  • Sending promotional emails is considered spammy and less likely to reach the inbox via email. It often comes in the spam folder. SMS marketing is thus secure from this standpoint.
  • SMS messages may inform clients of local offers or notify them of upcoming promotional events.
  • SMS messages are promptly sent to your consumers.
  • Customers are often read and answered considerably faster than emails.

Final Words

Appropriate marketing has a significant impact on client acquisition and retention. Despite other marketing methods, SMS marketing has greater click-through and open rates.

SMS Marketing Statistics reveal that SMS marketing has a higher average click-through rate and average open rate than email marketing. Marketers often use SMS marketing due to the convenience of receiving and reading SMS messages.

The content on SMS marketing click-through rate demonstrates the value of SMS marketing. I hope this information was beneficial. Share your opinion in the comment box.


Which is more effective for marketing to previous customers: SMS or email?

Email and text messaging (SMS) may work together to form a powerful marketing weapon. The individuals on your SMS marketing list have opted in or permitted you to send them text messages.

It shows that this is a preferred mode of communication. Keep in mind that not everyone has access to email, so if you want to reach a larger audience and expand your consumer base, SMS may be the solution.

When should you send an SMS?

When it comes to the optimal time to send out an SMS campaign, there is no hard and fast rule. We advise senders to consider rationally when the receivers could be most enthusiastic in your SMS to answer this question.

According to a study, the use of mobile phones peaks between midday and six o’clock. Generally, the best time for sending your SMS campaign is in the late morning until the middle of the afternoon. However, carefully considering the time of the text message delivery for your content can help you improve the likelihood of a favorable reply and decrease the probability of rejection.

Can startup use SMS marketing?

When compared to email or postal advertising, delivering a text message is a faster and more cost-effective choice. Within minutes, your message might be in the hands of your clients or potential clients.

SMS marketing is effective for any company, regardless of size. With discounts, alerts, coupons, and encouragement for special events, you can connect with your customers in a very personal manner and bring in money for your company.

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