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Sniply Review: How Does Sniply Work


Are you looking for a tool that will shorten your URL, add a CTA button on the page, and help you monitor the URL’s performance? Well then, the Sniply review is for you.

Sniply is the tool that helps you to shorten links, manage links, share content, drive traffic, and attach a call-to-action to every link you share. Provide you with link analytics to better evaluate the performance of your links.

This article is to let you know about what sniply is, how sniply works,sniply URL shortener, how to use sniply,sniply competitors,sniply free alternative, and all the relevant information. Let’s move forward and see what Sniply can do for us.

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What Is Sniply?

Sniply is a simple application that you may use to shorten URLs. Since this tool enables you to impose your unique message on every piece of content, you will have the ability to incorporate a call-to-action into each link that you publish.

The URL shortener offered by Sniply is packed with the program that gives you the power to modify your shortened URLs and construct the ideal call-to-action, in addition to providing you with the means to monitor, analyze, and connect with your followers whenever you publish articles.

Sniply Features

Sniply provides different amazing offers to its users. Here is the list of most significant features that snippy provides :

  • Sniply Url Shortener

Sniply is a URL shortener that you can customize to fit your needs, and it enables you to add a unique call to action (CTA) to each article, blog post, or website you share. 

You may personalize your own call to action (CTA) and embed it on any URL you post to attractively divert people to your site.

  • Call-to-Action URL Shortener

It is essential to have user-friendly URLs to encourage repeat visits from users to your website. Personalize each shortened URL that you post with Sniply by adding a call-to-action button.

Sniply allows you to modify the shortened URLs you generate with many call-to-actions that you can effortlessly include on the articles and sites you share.

You may personalize each of the call-to-action buttons associated with your Sniply short links to reflect the aesthetics of your business.

You may customize short links of CTAs in terms of color, style, positioning, the custom short link, and domain. With the help of these URL shortener tools, you can perform A/B testing, generate a variety on shared websites, or just design your CTAs to fit your brand’s style.

  • Link Analytics

Sniply is an online tool that enables users to observe and evaluate the results of shortened URLs.

Sniply analytics monitors various metrics: clicks, time invested on the page, engagement with a custom call to action, facilitating effective content curation length choices based on what keeps your customers engaged, conversion, and conversion rate, as well as many other metrics.

Sniply enables you to track the performance of the shortened URLs you create instead of just making them and then forgetting about them.

  • Link Management

The link management solution offered by Sniply is not only about just URL shortener software that includes tracking capabilities. You now have the data necessary to improve your link marketing activities more effectively due to the URL management solutions that Sniply places at your fingertips.

The Sniply dashboard tracks how your audience engages with all the unique URLs you shorten and post with them.

When you post linked information, the URL management software gives you improved link management features, the opportunity to customize those links, and the capability to experiment and communicate with your followers.

Using the intuitive dashboard Sniply provides, you can quickly get an overview of how well all the other links you publish on various platforms are doing. 

The tools for managing links track how your readers engage with any and all links you publish across all platforms. You’ll be able to monitor your link metrics with Sniply, including conversion rates, clicks on the links, and more.

How To Use Sniply

Let’s imagine you come upon an excellent article. Rather than just sharing the content, you can utilize Sniply to add a personalized call-to-action button to the site itself. 

To do this, you have to get the URL and bring it into Sniply. Once you are there, you will have the option to create your personalized call to action, which may include the message, the button text, and the button link.

Use Website Link

Sniply will produce a one-of-a-kind sniply link as soon as you press the snip button, and you will be able to post it on social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others.

Create a Snip

Anyone who clicks the link can see the article for which you have produced a sniply-shortened link. You will also notice a call to action included on the page. You may use the call to action to direct traffic to your website, collect emails, or carry out any other call to action you want.

Sniply CTA

Sniply analytics will retain a record of the snips you produce, as well as clicks, conversions, and conversion rate, allowing you to monitor the performance of the link you have shared.

Sniply Analytics

You can now enhance your website’s traffic by including a call to action on each page you want to publish on social media.


FREE, BASIC, PRO, BUSINESS, and AGENCY plans cost $0 /mo,$29 /mo,$79 /mo,$149 /mo, and $299/mo, respectively.

Sniply Pricing

However, Appsumo has three pricing tier that is also one-time purchase deal. Their pricing starts at as low as $69.00, which is affordable for businessmen.

Apsumo Life time Deal Sniply


  • The UI is simple and straightforward to use.
  • CTA buttons may be added to any link.
  • Content distribution and sharing, as well as website landing pages, are very effective.


  • The free tier has limited features.
  • A more detailed analytics dashboard might be offered.

Sniply Free Alternative

SocialOomph, Brandwatch can be a great alternative to sniply. Here is a short description of these amazing tools.

The program SocialOomph is aimed to improve the amount of work you may accomplish via various social media platforms. Automate social media activities on various social media networks, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others.

SocialOomph provides you with the capability of Content Management, Conversion Tracking, Keyword Filtering, Monitoring, and Post Scheduling. They offer Business Suite, Professional Suite, Advanced Suite, and Personal Suite, .which is a free plan. is a one-stop destination for all of an advertiser’s social media monitoring, posting, interaction, evaluation, and benchmarking requirements. As a result of Brandwatch’s enhanced consumer profiles, brands can create more tailored brand experiences throughout all digital touchpoints.

Brand Tracking, Audience TargetingCampaign Analytics, Automated PublishingCampaign Management, Collaboration Tools Management, and many other outstanding features.

Final Words

As you can see, Sniply can help you better achieve your goals to drive traffic to your website. You can easily use this tool for shortening URLs, adding a call to action button with custom messages, analysis the performance of your CTA button and links.

How this Sniply review helped you to know and better understand what sniply is, the sniply URL shortener, how sniply works, how to use sniply,sniply competitors, and sniply free alternative.

If you like this tool, you easily purchase these amazing tools from Appsumo at an affordable price.

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