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Tiktok Branded Content Examples | Tiktok Marketing

Tiktok Branded Content Examples-Tiktok Marketing

If your target demographic is between 13 and 60, you should use TikTok to reach your audience.TikTok has enormous growth and engagement possibilities for companies in the future. Because of this, Tiktok Branded Content is getting more and more popular on social media platforms.

To assist you with TikTok marketing, I will discuss Tiktok Branded Content Examples.

Do you want to learn more about TikTok marketing, branded content, and Tiktok Branded Content Examples? Then you’ve come to the exact place. Let’s move forward.

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What Is TikTok Marketing?

What Is TikTok Marketing

TikTok, formerly known as and now owned by ByteDance, is a social networking app that allows users to post short videos. Brands, producers, and influencers all have a voice in this space, and it’s a great promotional tool for their products.

Tiktok can be a great way of inbound marketing to reach the right audience at the right time. Want to know about marketing? You should read about  Why Is Social Media An Important Part Of Inbound Marketing

To advertise a business, product, or service, you may use TikTok marketing. Influencer marketing, TikTok promotion, and the creation of organically viral content are just a few examples of the many strategies that may be used.

Compared to other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, TikTok’s user experience is optimized to keep users inside the app for the longest possible time.

In general, teens are the first to embrace new social media sites, and TikTok is no exception. For marketers, TikTok is a fantastic way to connect with younger consumers worldwide in a fun, unique, and engaging way. TikTok’s followers interact with the app more than those on other social media sites.

For doing effective marketing in TikTok, you should be aware of  keys to successful social media marketing

How Does Tiktok Work?

How Does Tiktok Work

The platform is built on 15-second clips that may be merged for 60 seconds, and users engage with videos by browsing over the feed. One of the most incredible features of TikTok is the ability to modify and add music to videos. As a consequence, various dance videos have become popular on the site.

People may engage with videos by “liking,” commenting on, or sharing them with other members using text messages, SMS, or other applications and channels.

The platform has a very high engagement rate. According to an Influencer Marketing Hub survey, TikTok outperforms all other media in terms of account interaction.TikTok also keeps consumers engaged for 45 minutes every day.

People may follow you on TikTok and set alerts to be notified anytime you submit a video. The challenging aspect is figuring out how to develop material that TikTok consumers would like. After all, TikTok video is different from other social media content.

If you utilize the app for a week or two, you’ll understand how it works as an analyst. This may ease the process of using the site as a marketing channel.

What Are TikTok Branded Content?

What Are TikTok Branded Content

When it comes to TikTok, branded content is anything that advertises a product or service in return for money, goods, or services from a third party, including a brand, or that you may be required to declare under the terms of your country’s laws or regulations. It might be a brand recommendation, a collaboration, or some other publicity.

It is a legal requirement that all TikTok branded material obeys every legal and regulatory requirement. There are strict rules set for branded content on the TikTok platform. Product producers and companies are disallowed from promoting items representing Prohibited Industries but may cooperate on Restricted Industry products.

Prohibited or Restricted items are not allowed on TikTok’s worldwide platform. The branded content must be precise about what the author is advertising without the user going to the profile page or clicking on any further links.

Creators can use music from the Commercial Soundtrack catalog may be used in promotional content. Suppose you (or your brand/advertising partner) have received the required media licensing rights to utilize music that isn’t accessible in the Commercial music collection.

In that case, you have to submit your Branded content post using the usual TikTok post upload process (not by the TikTok Creator Marketplace) and ensure you have the required permissions for using that music.

Globally Prohibited Industries are :

  •  Alcohol
  • Cigarettes and Tobacco products
  •  Drug-related products and services  
  • Weapons 
  • Gambling 
  • Sexual products and services
  •  Political content
  •  Products and services that enable dishonest behavior
  • Animals
  •  Professional Services
  • Other prohibited products or services

TikTok Branded Content Marketing Best Practices

Experts recommend posting content on TikTok from 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Not true for all. Until now, no one can rely on an exact timing that functions for everyone. Post contents at different times over a week to analyze what succeeds. You may check your engagement metrics at the end of the week to see what fits better.

One good strategy is to follow trends. On TikTok, you’ll always see a particular hashtag trending. To know about the right hashtag, you may use tools like Hashtagsforlikes.To know more about such tools, read out the content on Hashtagsforlikes Review.  If you use the trending hashtag in the video, it will probably reach a larger audience.

Add a comprehensive bio, so others know who you are. You may utilize the biography to get users to sign up for the email list or follow the account.

Linking other social media accounts may help you increase your following on different channels.

TikTok Branded Content Examples

Tiktok Branded Content Examples

Here are some TikTok branded content examples that have had a positive impact.

  • Dunkin

@dunkin So official, we put it in writing @charlidamelio. Order ‘The Charli’ on the Dunkin’ app!🙌 #CharliRunsOnDunkin #TheCharli #Dunkin ♬ original sound – Dunkin’

Reliability is more crucial than visibility when it relates to influencer marketing. Evidence suggests that influencers, including less than 1,000 followers, have higher levels of interaction with their audience.

App downloads increased 57%, and cold brew coffee sales increased 20% when Dunkin’ collaborated with Charli D’Amelio on TikTok. They worked on multiple films and unveiled new menu options at Dunkin’.

  • Elf Cosmetics

@brittany_broski I TOLD YALL TO HYPE ME UP !!!!! Smh #eyeslipsface @elfcosmetics #ad ♬ Eyes. Lips. Face. (e.l.f.) – iLL Wayno & Holla FyeSixWun

Elf Cosmetics has performed outstandingly on TikTok till now. For a TikTok ad, Elf produced a song exclusively. Taking its cue from Kash Doll’s 2018 smash single, “Ice Me Out,” the song, titled “Eyes Lips Face,” is thought to be the first-ever original composition commissioned by TikTok for one of its marketing campaigns.

The company then collaborated with a small number of influencers to get things started, and the outcomes were remarkable. Here you can find out how many videos have included the #eyeslipsface hashtag in their description.

  • Chipotle

@chipotle Dragon sauce walked so spicy queso could run. Try the Quesabrisket ft. new Smoked Brisket on the #Chipotle app or site. #chipotlehack #brisket #queso #quesadilla ♬ original sound – Chipotle

For the last year, Chipotle has been opening up new opportunities for how companies can increase their brand image on TikTok even while connecting with their fans entertainingly and genuinely.

Chipotle prefers a more informal atmosphere, usually uploading dancing challenges and great follower content. Additionally, Chipotle provides behind-the-scenes videos from actual Chipotle kitchen staff members. Leverage your customer base who may be interested in sharing personal experiences on social media.

  • NBA

@nba That time when Shaq went on Inside Stuff… and then this happened 😲😅 #nba #shaq #blooper ♬ original sound – NBA

When TikTok launched, the NBA was one of its first customers and early users. They have a history of putting out high-quality, relevant content on the web. There are 5.5 million followers on the app, which is the best we’ve ever seen from a business. They assist a lot by keeping things humorous.

This is a brilliant idea. Are you looking for some NBA highlights? Try it on Instagram. Are you looking for NBA news? Go to Twitter now. NBA humor, memes, and inspiration may be found here on TikTok. 

  • The Washington Post

@washingtonpostDelta Air Lines will require employees to be vaccinated or face weekly testing and a $200 monthly surcharge for health insurance.♬ original sound – We are a newspaper.

One of TikTok’s first brand users was the Washington Post. The publication utilizes its feed to publish memes of current events. These videos are excellent for TikTok since they’re humorous, relevant, and include some of the app’s craziest features.

The Washington Post demonstrates how companies may thrive on TikTok by speaking directly to their target demographic including youthful viewers who want to laugh via the use of humor.

If your brand is in publication, academics, or a related industry, experimenting with a video approach that showcases your positive side may be fun. It may assist new viewers in understanding your content and brand by making it less scary.

Final Words

If you seek new and innovative methods to reach out to your audience, TikTok is the channel for you. Now, TikTok marketing can assist you in expanding your audience and growing your company.

To make it even more helpful, we hope that these TikTok branded content examples will be of use to you.


What Kind Of Content Works Best On Tiktok?

There are many different types of TikTok videos, but just a few stand out as the most effective in capturing viewers’ attention. These are the ones:

  1. Entertainment 
  2. Lifehacks
  3. Dance videos
  4. Recipe 
  5. Educational

What Are Brands Most Popular On Tiktok?

Consider how some of the most popular TikTok advertisements were launched by businesses using the platform to its utmost potential.

  • Chipotle.
  • NBA.
  • The Washington Post.
  • Gymshark.
  • San Diego Zoo.
  • Red Bull.
  • Spikeball

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