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Klaviyo Best Time To Send Email For Marketing

klaviyo best time to send email

Are you concerned about your email open and click-through rates? This might be because you haven’t done your homework to determine the optimal time to send emails. Finding the best time to send emails necessitates experimentation, research of many factors, and, most crucially, consideration of timing.

However, do you have enough time to devote to doing everything? You guessed correctly. Managing things on your own is quite tricky. You may employ tools to save time on consumer research.

Klaviyo best time to send email can assist you in determining the optimum time to send an email. Klaviyo’s smart send time function helps you increase the open rate of your emails. Go through all of the facts described in the article to learn more about Klaviyo’s best time to send emails.

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What is Send Time Optimization?

The function of automating the identification of sending an email at a suitable time is known as send-time optimization. To enhance your email open and click-through rates, send time optimization necessitates a comprehensive business data analysis.

Trying to find out when the best moment to send an email requires a massive amount of time. Manually doing tests, analyzing results, iteration, and determining time is required. Using digital tools ease the task.

What Is The Ideal Time To Send Emails?

Organizations must remain informed with appropriate data to decide the optimal time to send emails as customer preferences change. A campaign’s successful implementation is determined by its scheduling.

An email sent at the right time may turn your subscribers into permanent clients, whilst an email delivered at improper timing can result in higher unsubscribe percentages.

When you’re emailing with a deal or offer, deliver them at the audience’s lunch breaks, so they’re more inclined to check their emails then.

While determining the optimum time to deliver emails, consider:

  • Who do you want to reach out to?
  • What are their occupations?
  • What are the primary issues?
  • How would they describe a regular day in their life?
  • How can your goods help them tackle these issues?

The following are the most significant email sending time findings:

Morning: Opening rates increase by 21.35 % around 9 -10 a.m.

Noon: Open rates increase at 1-2 p.m., with an average of 22.09%.

Afternoon: Opening rates rise between 5- 6 p.m., hitting an average of 20.74 percent.

Considerations For Choosing An Appropriate Email Delivery Time

When determining the optimum time to send emails, keep the following variables in mind:

  • Demography and Personality

Before sending an email, it’s critical to know the target and demographics first. For example, the best time to send an email to one audience group would not be the best time for another.

Marketers must pay careful attention to and research their clients’ attitudes and behaviours in diverse geographical places.

  • Products and Services 

Another important thing to consider while deciding when to send your emails depends on products and services. Maybe Wednesday is the ideal day for B2B solution providers. On the other hand, Friday or the weekend is a good option if you work in the entertainment business.

  • Subject Line 

Email’s subject line is the first impression to a receiver. Subject lines are often the only thing that determines whether or not an email will be opened.

  • Email Recurrence

Receivers may become irritated if they receive an email too often, and if you send too few, you may not have the desired impact.

Try to send the email regularly that is best suited for your business.

  • UX

When a person receives and views the email, their experience will influence whether or not they will check it later. The email should be created in a user-friendly manner, with attractive images and simple language. It must also be responsive to mobile devices.

Klaviyo Best Time To Send Email For Marketing

What is Klaviyo’s Send Time Optimization? 

Klaviyo’s model for optimizing send time differs from others. First, Klaviyo collects data on your clients’ email opening times using a sophisticated testing framework.

Smart Send Time is a Klaviyo feature that employs an intelligent optimization method to analyze the actions of the email receivers and inform you of the time to send subsequent emails to enhance open rates.

It will also react to any alterations in your clients’ activity. So, the ideal time to send your emails will update immediately as their actions shift.

While understanding when to transmit is essential, employing this tool wisely is even more essential. Stop giving time-sensitive stuff, including a flash sale or a notification about an upcoming deadline, since they deliver emails in the user’s local timezone. As a result, you shouldn’t do Smart Send Time testing during significant vacations or events for your company.

How to Utilize Smart Send Time Feature?

You may construct a Smart Send Time test by using the Campaign Wizard and the Smart Send Time Reporting page.

  • Exploratory Send 

In this stage, Klaviyo will send an email within 24 hours. Receivers will get an email at a random time throughout this period. Emails will be delivered at local time.

Such email categories should be used for emails with a broad audience and ignored for time-sensitive emails. You may need to utilize the smart send time option several times based on the volume of your email list

  • Focused Send

Klaviyo will proceed to confirm the time obtained from the exploratory send’s findings and adjust according to consumer’s behaviour in the second phase.

A focused send involves sending one email at the ideal send time, and two emails within a specific time range of the ideal send time. These emails are sent in the receiver’s local time. For example, if the system determines that 9 a.m. is the best time to send, your receivers will be divided into three segments, sending at 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. at local time.

  • Optimal Send

Klaviyo will deliver your promotion at the specified period in the receiver’s country time when this feature is enabled. Consequently, the campaign will send for up to 24 hours. Nonetheless, the results will not influence your Smart Send Time because the emails will only send once in each region.

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How Does Klaviyo’s Smart Send Time Function Work?

Assume you want to know when is the best time to send emails for corporate promotion. You may use the best time to send the email function of Klaviyo. The following is how this feature works:

Select the smart send time and the exploratory option from the menu.

Klaviyo Smart Send Time Function

It will send campaign emails over 24 hours to see how your consumers respond to them at varying periods of the day. The first campaign will be sent at frequent intervals throughout 24 hours to assess open rates. Klaviyo will automatically evaluate the data once it has found all of the data concerning open and click details.

Klaviyo email open and click details

You might then send emails to your audiences based on the evaluated data and increase email engagement. Klaviyo isn’t done yet. When you use the smart send time function to send an email, it will evaluate the outcome and verify that the send time is optimal.

Klaviyo verify that the send time is optimal

Klaviyo does this by sending emails within a four-hour difference of the optimal send time. Businesses who sent their emails utilizing the enhanced optimal send time option noticed open rates boost by 10% on average during their experiment with clients.

You can acquire an analytically optimal send time without wasting hours working it out manually by enabling Klaviyo to handle the data science aspect of the system.

Final Word 

Consumer habits are constantly altering, and effectiveness differs depending on the measure you’re aiming for. Try different approaches to know what is best for your target.

It is necessary for marketers to investigate, try different timings, and draw their assumptions about what succeeds and what doesn’t.

Your readers are indeed keen on your products and services. They value what you are offering as a business. So when you send them an email about it, you’ll have a decent chance of getting positive results.

However, determining the ideal time to send emails is also essential. Klaviyo’s best time to send emails feature aids you in achieving your objectives.


Should I send out emails on weekends?

Email marketing on weekends isn’t a good idea because it results in low email open rates and earnings per receiver. Sunday appears to work considerably better if you want to send an email within that period.

Should I send emails late at night?

Emails delivered late at night have a lesser likelihood of being viewed or responded to. Although no law says you shouldn’t send an email late at night if you have to, do it as early as possible because email open rates drop dramatically after 6 p.m.

What is the optimum time to send an email during the day?

The results of various studies are vastly different. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you deliver your emails around 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. That’s because most work time starts at this hour, and many individuals tend to view their emails when they get to work.

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