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How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram?

How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram

Are you trying to figure out how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram? You can learn how to see who recently followed someone on Instagram in this post.

One of the most popular social media platforms and one that many people use is Instagram. People can use different tones and filters on photos and upload those on the platform. You can see how to use moody tones on instagram to know more.

However, It’s intriguing that most of our friends and family also utilize these platforms to maintain a social presence. But what if you want to follow their Instagram activities? What if you want to find out who is following them and who they follow back?

Is this possible with Instagram? No, it does not. Instagram won’t give us information on their activities, but you may utilize third-party apps to view someone’s activity.

Nothing to worry about. Several incredible services enable you to know who is following someone, even if Instagram doesn’t allow you to do so. Going to ask how? Let’s proceed to learn how it works.

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How To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram?

It is possible to use various third-party programs to see someone’s Instagram activity. I’ll go through about Snoopreport. Snoopreport may provide you with information on someone’s activities.

This is an Instagram activity tracker that various people and businesses use to monitor someone’s Instagram performance. You may maintain track of your loved ones to learn about their brand preferences, or you can leverage information from Instagram activity to modify your content.

Let’s look at how to keep an eye on someone’s Instagram activities.

You must first register to open an account. Sign up for Snoopreport at their website by clicking “sign up.” 

snoopreport sign up

After that, you’ll need to enter your email address and password and agree to the terms of service. Then press the sign-up button.

Instagram email and pass

The dashboard will now appear. Then choose Buy Subscription after clicking the Add Account option.

add account Instagram

Choose your preferred plan, and click subscribe. Then, click the “Subscribe” option after providing your card information. That concludes account creation.

card info

Now that your Instagram account is complete, we’ll go on to the most crucial part of the app: monitoring someone else’s behavior on Instagram. To do so, select “Add Account,” input the profile username whose activity you wish to watch, and then check the box. Snoopreport will then monitor their activity and provide you with a report of the week.

Instagram username

The report includes an overview of the activity from the prior week and information on how often the user used the account the prior week. The previous week’s activities are also visible at the top; you can tell when the upcoming report will be released by looking there.

week activity Report

Next, there will be a section labeled “Likes,” which displays all the likes that the person we monitor has gotten from other users. The posts that the user loved the most will be at the top.

Instagram Likes

There will then be a section titled “New Follows” after that. This part lists the user’s new followers and the date and time. This indicates who began following the user most recently and who has been following them for a specific time.

Instagram New Follows

Then there is a section called “Liked Media Tags,” which showcases the tags the user liked and how many times they liked them in the past week. The bigger something is, the more the user selects it. You can either hover over the tags to see how many times they have been used or scroll down to get a list of all of them.

Instagram Likeed media tags

Finally, a user interest segment will appear. You may learn here how passionately a user feels about a particular category. You may also download the report. Click “Download Report” to begin getting your report.

Instagram Download report

How Does Snoopreport Function?

Snoopreport monitors Instagram user behavior using publicly accessible data. This indicates you may use the platform without users entering your Instagram account. Additionally, Snoopreport may be used without registering for the app or having an Instagram account. You may use this tool to track the activities of any account, including the one you are not following.

Add the username of the Instagram account you want to follow, and you’re ready to go. However, keep in mind that you cannot track the activity of any private account; it only works on accounts that have been publicly accessible. 

Manual Method To See Who Someone Recently Followed On Instagram

Since purchasing premium plans is required to monitor someone’s behavior, that is not the best option for many individuals. You should buy such programs if you believe doing so would benefit you in any professional way. On the other hand, the manual technique is an option if you want to know who recently followed someone on Instagram.

Keep an eye on the postings they post if you want to know who the person’s most recent followers are. Check out who has liked their Instagram photos and if any new people have added likes and comments. You may also look at the person’s list of followers and follows. You will likely recognize new followers quickly if you are acquainted with the person.

Select the user’s most recent three posts, then hit the “like” option. Compare the list of “likes” from your earlier post to the list of persons who have liked this one. You might learn more about your Instagram’s most recent followers from this.

Remember that if an account is private, you cannot search the user’s activities. Either you need to be connected to the person being watched, or their profile must be in a public setting.

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Final Verdict

You may follow individuals on Instagram, regularly check who is following them, and discover how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram, even if the platform does not enable you to keep an eye on their activities.

Often, Instagram modifies its algorithm, but it has never created a setting to know about its followers. However, doing so is simple if you use the third-party program Snoopreport. You may also do this manually, but it will take more effort to discover who is following them.

I hope this post was useful and that you already understand how to see who someone recently followed on Instagram.


How can I see an Instagram user’s list of followers?

To begin, you must enter the username into the search field on the feed page. Let Instagram take you to the user’s account profile page by clicking on the account that best fits. Select the “Followings” tab on the profile. Then a pop-out window will appear showing the account’s list of followers.

How can you view someone’s Instagram activities?

Looking at someone’s profile allows you to view their Instagram activity. You may see their favorite posts, responses on posts, and followers if they have a public profile. You can also check the last time they used the app.

Does Snoopreport monitor Instagram profiles with the private setting?

While Snoopreport provides you with a thorough report on the IG user’s actions for that week, it cannot investigate private accounts. Snoopreport will only provide information for the public accounts.

What is the chronological sequence of someone’s Instagram followers?

launch your Instagram account and search for the person whose followers you want to monitor. Then click on the profile of the person you want to see the followers on Instagram in sequential order. Next, at the top of the profile page, click the “followers” option. This will display a list of their followers, beginning with the latest follower at the top.

Can you determine who views your Instagram?

Instagram is not yet equipped to provide these details to viewers. Currently, you can not see when someone visits your profile.

How can I see if someone follows me on Instagram?

When someone follows you on Instagram, it’ll notify you. If you look at the list of people who follow you on Instagram, you won’t be able to determine exactly when they started doing so.

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